What makes a likable character?

I mean, that does sound like a reasonable expectation (as long as the character in question is willing to say something hurtful ever).

Sure. Not really the point of the example though :slight_smile:

The point is that character interactions often feel like a direct predictable result of whatever I choose, instead of characters having their own believable personal and unique thoughts.

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I think at the very basics, a likeable character is interesting and motivated. And by motivated, I mean, they move the plot, the plot doesn’t just happen to them, because that’s boring and boring isn’t likeable in fiction. What makes people interesting isn’t an answerable question imo, because everyone will have a different answer and only the author can really make that decision. But generally speaking, subverting tropes is interesting. Secrets and mysteries are interesting. Tension is interesting. I don’t know, am I even being helpful? :sweat_smile: