What is your New Year's resolution

  1. Learn how to draw humans
  2. Try to become more social
  3. Keep taking my medication
  4. Basically just try to get my shit together
  5. Not get dead somehow


I’m going to keep a Book of Happiness, filled with good memories, positive things about myself, and things I enjoy. Also things to look forward to.

I am going to try and be more positive. To look on the bright side of things.

I am going to try and find joy in things.

I am going to culture a list of likes. To accept that it’s okay to like things. That I do not need to be critical all the time.

I am going to stop being so negative about myself. I am not a terrible person. I am not the most boring inconsiderate useless person in the world. Ha. See I can’t even write my positive traits here. I will focus on the positive not the negative.

By this time next year I want to:

  1. Have my entire house fully redecorated and/or have moved into a better house.

  2. Have a medication regime that works for me. And work on learning to cope better with my mental health issues.

  3. Join some groups and actually socialise in person with real people.

  4. Get a pet. I think a pet would vastly improve the quality of my life. I’d love a dog. Actually I’d seriously love a Maine Coon cat but I’m too allergic for a cat.


:grinning: I love dogs! [details=:dog:]
I want a dog one day, but I probably can’t get one in 2017. Dogs unconditionally love you and you get to go on walks and socialize with people who also love dogs and walks. You can join a puppy class or dog training class with focuses on socializing you and your dog and cuddling other people’s dogs. There’s even dog parks which can be kind of dangerous, but can be fun. You can even train in rally, agility, dog dancing (best thing second to lure coursing). There are hairless dogs like the Chinese crested, and Xoloitzcuintli (small to large size) if you are not good with long hair or shedding. [/details]

I don’t like to seriously make plans because I’d be devastated if they failed, but…

  1. Win the lottery
  2. ?
  3. Profit

  1. Earn a little bit more money
  2. Spend a lot less money
  3. Give away / burn / box up / throw away a whole bunch of the unnecessary shit that I own
  4. ??? - some sort of big, real-life project for the year, yet to be decided.
  5. Deal with the admin crap that I just let keep dragging on and on


I love these but i never get around to doing them so

  1. At least complete one of these :sweat_smile:
  2. Live goddamnit. Put myself out there and meet people. Variety is the spice of life no?
  3. Get help. Its not embarassing or smth to be ashamed.
  4. All those dancing classes you were embarrassed of signing up for? Do it!


But this time, it’s going to happen.

  1. Finish things I’ve started before I start more things I probably won’t finish.
  2. Interact with humans more even if it is over the interwebs.
  3. Play MMOs more. Get out of my usual comfort zone, the same could be said for the above.
  4. Try to read at least twenty-four books.
  5. Write in my journal more often.

Let’s see how many of these I’ll actually do. :unamused:


I’ve not seen anyone pull the dad joke yet so here you are: 2560x1440 :smiley:


1)start a webcomic
2)finish writing Forgotten Path
3)write the short novella that I have been planning(could be used for Web comic)
4)practice more and improve my art more
5)try to be more sociable
6)lose some weight
7)create a work schedule and stick to it
8)expand my cooking knowledge
9)do more photography
10)try to be happy


To put two hours aside a night to work on my writing irregardless of my day.


I’m gonna try to keep my goals achievable since I constantly procrastinate. So…

  1. Start walking w/ my friends. Just around the park or something.

  2. Learn how to work in choicescript and (maybe) start and finish a game

  3. Improve my art skills enough to feel comfortable drawing things that I normally wouldn’t(like backgrounds or cats)

  4. Practice animating, both 2D and 3D in order to start building up my portfolio for college.

  1. Set aside time to work on Children of the Gods.
  2. Rediscover my love of writing again.
  3. Stop staying up until 3 AM due to a sudden urge to reorganize my closet or learn Japanese.
  4. Perfect my cremé brûlée recipe.
  5. Get serious about my art.


That would be “regardless” or “irrespective” :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Plan to go back to school.
  2. Learn to drive so I can go for my license in 2018.
  3. Make regular appointments for my health (physical, mental, etc.) and actually keep them.
  4. Read a book a month! I used to read loads and I miss it so much now.
  5. Legally ditch my deadname. I haven’t used it since I was fourteen but yeah… I forgot to make all that official somehow so its time to roll up my sleeves and just do it :muscle:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Be more social
  3. Be less of an ass
  4. Be less “creepy/weird”
  5. Not die

  1. Eat more responsibly (so take it as lessen general food intake or just junk food or have more vegetables and fruits in the diet)
  2. Try and contact my friends (college and high school) when I have more free time.
  3. Try to donate blood. (I’m still reluctant to do so since I take antidepressants.)
  4. Help my sister when she is going to donate her hair in the next weeks/month.
  5. Save money for food adventures.
  6. Be more enthusiastic in the photos especially since i’ll be graduating and will be taking two trips out of the country in 2017.

Edit: 3 in progress.


Quit smoking. Tho I don’t have much hopes for actually succeeding with this one. Starting a bad habit is easier than quitting it I guess.
Other than this I don’t make plans for the future I just prefer to go with the flow.

  1. Support my mom through her chemotherapy.
  2. See my brother graduate high school.
  3. Finish writing my book.
  4. Go to NB to visit my memere again.
  5. Tie up any loose ends that 2016 created. 2017 will be a year of healing!



(I think most can relate to this)

  1. Leave the house more.
  2. Stay on top of taking care of my health.
  3. Get better about deadlines and finishing things.

I’m trying to limit my resolutions so I can actually accomplish them. Willpower is like a muscle… it can get tired out if you use it too much.