What is "Your Justification" for being a Vegetarian/Non-vegetarian?


Some people buy meat from slaughter houses for religious reasons.


That sound just cruel. Even as a 25 year old the least reaction that situation would cause for me is a quick lose of appetite. He definitely has some sick sense of humour or whatever that was supposed to be.
Tho maybe it all depends on the lifestyle. For someone who lives on a farm where they keep animals for a living it might seem natural that they kill off animals which they saw growing up and stuff.


My bottom line is that no one has to justify their behaviour in this regard. You can eat what you want to eat within legal boundaries. If you want to be vegan, all the more power to you. If you want to be an omnivore like Nature designed us to be, sure why not. What I do not abide are people trying to foist their choices on other people. It is my sincere belief that the histrionic and honestly obnoxious fringe that get in your face about your choices because it seems wrong to them do more harm than good for their cause. This is why many liberal causes died on the vine in my country; the activists promoting them took such a moral superiority from their stance that it simply turned off so many others. In a culture where respect is a big thing, telling people “I am better than you unless you agree with me” is not a winning strategy.


I really like meat, and I find that I really don’t care. I hate vegetables. Not much else too it. I always kind of thought it was a stupid idea when people called me an animal murderer though. Plants are alive, are you a plant murderer?

“But plants don’t have higher thinking.”

I really doubt this chicken cares about my taxes and the fate of the universe. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Ovo -lacto vegetarian here.People can eat whatever they want,as long as not in a extremly cruel way.(I do know some extremely cruel dishes which used to exist in my country to satisfy the morbid appetite of rich people.But I’m not sure whether they are still there)


I eat meat because that’s just what I eat. I eat my fair share of vegetables and fruits too, but I just don’t feel full if I haven’t eaten from the 4 food groups. Besides, it’s easier for me to pick up some meat at the local gorocery store then get some expensive organic stuff in the store like 50 miles away. Also I believe animals were put on earth to sustain us. No matter how selfish it sounds, animals were meant to be eaten.


I eat meat, and in fact I’m a hunter. When I look at people, myself included. Everything about us points to us being omnivores. Not to mention, as far as I’m concerned humans are counted amongst the apex predators on earth.

Basically, I see nothing wrong with killing animals and eating them. Its the needless cruelty and unsustainability of our ways that I have a problem with. I’ve been fortunate, in that, I grew up on a free range farm and I hunt, so I’ve always known where my meat came from.


Our muscles contain mainly protein, so to maintain them we need to consume protein(which humans mainly get it from meat)
Basically what I’m saying is : in order to live healthy, one must eat meat and vegetable


I don’t have a justification or need one, I eat what I eat and don’t care.


I’ve been vegetarian for over a decade. My personal standpoint is that I don’t begrudge others eating meat whatsoever, provided it’s done in an ethical manner, with awareness of where your food comes from. Although there’s a growing movement towards ‘giving animals a good life’, letting them run free in fields and such until they’re ready for the slaughterhouse, the unfortunate truth remains that most animals bred for food are kept in horrific conditions. And most people don’t care, so long as they get five minutes of satisfaction from their cheap chicken nuggets. Just like they don’t care if their clothes were made by impoverished children in sweatshops, et cetera.

So long as we live in a selfish, capitalist society where humans struggle to afford the necessities, and animals are seen as disposable objects, nothing’s going to change.

I’m not sure where the idea that we’re saving the planet from being overrun by herbivores comes from, since it seems to presume that the only thing to do with farm animals is release them into the wild, as opposed to saying ‘hey, so once this current generation are gone, let’s just not breed any more to replace them’. We shouldn’t pretend that humanity is anything but a curse on the natural world, really.


Now, this. I agree with.

I think it’s less that people don’t care and more unaware or “what are you gonna do about?” kind of attitude. What I mean is, for the people who do know that animals are kept in bad conditions, some think it’s wrong but that doesn’t mean they’ll stop eating meat. The general argument some people may use is that animals in the wild also torture their prey at times, or that it’s too expensive to keep large cows in spacious area’s before they’re killed. It’s sorta like “So many fast food chains and stores don’t keep animals in good or stable conditions before they’re killed, but they’re going to die anyways, besides what are we supposed to do? Stop eating meat because it feels pain before it dies?”

Yeah we shouldn’t pretend because humanity isn’t really a curse on the world, humans have messed up at times, but I think a curse is going too far.

So basically your saying, don’t release them into the wild, but don’t let them breed, let this generation of farm animals die off and that’s that, resulting in those those animals going extinct…


Non vegan here, my “justification” for not being a vegan is that I don’t consider meat eating or consuming animal based products to be inherently wrong. Unless we’re talking about a plant not surrounded by other plants or maybe a mushroom, no organism in this world will exist without taking life or causing harm towards life. It’s just a fact. Herbivores devour plants, ceasing their existence. Carnivores devour other organisms, ceasing their existence. Even the damn trees can end life, creating canopies so thick that the plants beneath them die off from a lack of sunlight. What I’m getting at is that causing some sort of negative effect towards life is a part of living in a world of limited resources.

Now, it’s true that many animals are kept in utterly shit conditions and that’s wrong. But that’s not inherent to the consumption of animals or animal based products.


I know the meat I eat at home isn’t kept in painful or terrible conditions because we’re fortunate enough to get our meat, eggs, milk and greens from my aunt and uncle’s farm. I’ve helped out there and I know the animals have much space and room. Yes I have befriended some of the animals and Iv’e eaten them too, but I’m not going to cry over it. I’ll be a little sad yes but that’s life. People sell meat for a living, and they survive off it too, so they don’t really care if you became friends with tonight dinner-I had to learn that the hard way. The question “why do you eat meat” really puzzles me, not the actual question, but the person asking it. It’s like asking someone “why are you wearing a sweater?” when it’s like 5 degrees Celsius outside. I wear the sweater because I’m cold, yeah I could wear a jacket, but why would I got to the trouble of finding jacket to buy when I already have a sweater? I eat meat because it was meant to be eaten and I have it available, I could eat wholly vegetables and fruits, but why eat only that when I have meat available? Just like how fruits and vegetables were meant to be eaten. The two go together. I don’t feel bad after eating an animal or a fruit- both are alive but I’m human and need something to eat, just like a leopard won’t feel bad after eating a gazelle. It’s life, and no matter how much that chicken meant to me or you, it was going to be eaten, and it doesn’t know any better.


Until a chicken does my taxes, Imma be eating chicken nuggets. :poultry_leg:


Oh you know, that selfish capitalist society where the average person has the living standards of a 16th century European monarch. Such a struggle to afford the necessities, am I right?

We shouldn’t pretend you are anything but a curse to society, really
That’s about as much sense as you are making. We didn’t choose to suddenly come into the world. Millions of years of evolution put us here.
If we get the chance to make our lives easier, you’re damn right we’re gonna take that chance. The average person in medieval times lived off less than $1/day in modern terms. Can you even imagine that level of hardship? People give industrialization a bad rep but almost no one is appreciating what it has done for us


How can you throw in the other users face that they complain about the world we live now, and at the same time defend that humans do what is best for them? Do you see the contradiction?

This is how I interpreted what you said: how dare you complain about the world we live, we used to be so much worse.

Followed by: we do whatever is best for us.

So, if this user is complaining about some of the things about our society that are fucked up, isn’t this person pointing out the things that could be better? Isn’t that what you really defending? That we try to do what is best?

I couldn’t care any less about the conditions people had centuries ago, we don’t live there anymore and is really stupid to use the argument of “it could be worse” when someone points out many of the problems we have to deal with.

It really has no relation at all. Do we live better compared to the past? Yes, we do. But what? What about that? That means absolutely nothing. People centuries ago had it harder, that doesn’t mean we are not going to try and get even better.

A century ago things were worst than now, but they were better than 4 centuries ago, that didn’t stop anyone to want to get better and thanks to that we are here today, and thanks to people that keeps pointing the problems of today and working to fix it, we can be better off in the future.

And if this is not what you meant and I took it wrong, I apologise. But it really annoys me when people throws the “it was harder before” as if it actually was a good point.


That’s certainly true in some cases, but others in this thread have plainly said that they don’t care. I don’t think people should stop eating meat, it just feels too unbalanced if an animal goes through months of misery beforehand. Death is inevitable, but suffering isn’t.

Honestly though, how does the world benefit from our presence? Pollution, deforestation, overfishing, fracking, poaching, spreading invasive species and diseases… I don’t believe we do anything good enough to compensate for all of that.

All of our domestic farm animals came from wild ancestors, and I think there’s a big difference between letting an artificially bred species die out, compared to a wild species which has naturally evolved. If all our domesticated pigs died tomorrow, there’d still be wild ones running around (plus I’m not actually adamant about them all dying out, just treat 'em nicer before it’s time to turn them into bacon).

Multiple people in this thread have mentioned food expenses as a factor in choosing their diet. Even in developed countries, many don’t have enough to eat, or can’t afford the sort of healthy diet we’re all recommended. Children go to school hungry because their parents couldn’t buy groceries. People set up gofundmes begging for help with their rent or medical bills. The privileged rich buy third and fourth houses, while homeless war veterans beg on the streets. If you think the system isn’t broken, you are massively deluded.


I like meat


Who doesn’t like that greasy taste of bacon? Other than vegetarians of course.


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