What is "Your Justification" for being a Vegetarian/Non-vegetarian?


Still biased due assume eating is wrong so you have to justify it. It is not Explaining why are you x or y is “JUSTIFY” WHY eating is a necessary part of an animal life.


Honestly, there is abuse there (in terms of the argument, not the thread) on both sides. There are the vegans/vegetarians who claim that meat-eaters are murdering animals while they can do no wrong, and there are the people that do eat meat who put down or otherwise brush off people who only eat plants with jokes that portray them as crazy in one way or another. Obviously, these are the minority, however they are the most vocal and as such they get the most traction and ears.

I’m just going to mention here that PETA is a sham of an organisation that actually contributes to the problem of miscommunication between groups and kills more animals than is actually saves, but I’ll say no more on the matter as it is getting off topic.


Yup, this. People just love their over-arching drama blegh.


No no, You misunderstood things.
Here, no one has accused anyone of murdering animals.
People are just narrating their experiences in the real life.
They are just quoting things that what other people were saying/thinking of them in their real life encounters.


that’s what I was saying. I wasn’t talking about here specifically I was making a generalisation to explain my point.


THIS, most of the negativity toward vegans is because of PETA. And PETA kills more animals then y’all think. They say all this shit about helping the environment and how they’re against killing and harming animals, when they put down hundreds of stray animals every year. But PETA doesn’t represent the vegan/vegitarian community, in fact I know a lot of good vegans who hate PETA because they’re just a fake lying company that lives of their false principles to make profits.


I eat all kinds of meat and meat-based products (but i have some things i don’t eat because i’m picky-such as egg yolk. I only eat the egg white because i dislike the yolk…also not raw or semi-raw, but fried on both sides or hardboiled) and i use leather unapologetically.

But i would never try to shame anyone into eating meat nor will i accept any shaming for eating it. What i eat is my business and what you eat is yours. When faced with any attempt at shaming for what i choose to eat, i simply reply with a “I don’t care.” and move on with my life. Because i truly don’t care.

I like meat and i’ll likely never be a vegan/vegetarian in my life, but i do respect people who are or even make an attempt to be vegan/vegetarian for i understand it takes a lot of effort.


I like meat, so I eat it, nothing more to it really. I do tend to go for fresh local produce if I can afford it, simply because it’s better quality and tastes better.


I eat everything. (Except strawberries to which I’m deathly allergic)

I’ve never had the opportunity to eat an endangered species. If the chance ever presented itself I’d decline. On the broader subject of eating animals, it seems like a perfectly natural thing to do. We are animals. Animals kill and eat other animals all the time.

I’ve never killed a land animal, but I’ve killed and eaten, fish, shrimp, crabs, lobsters…so on, and never felt any particular guilt about it.

All that said. I really don’t eat a lot of meat, and I’d never belittle someone for their dietary beliefs.


I’m pescatarian, so just fish for me, I’ve never had a steak, haven’t eaten a mammal in 10+ years


Being allergic to most greenery and such, well, I have to eat… :sweat_smile:

Used to love eating raw carrots (home grown, no poison or chemicals). If I eat one now it’d probably kill me. :frowning:


I didn’t answer the quiz because “non-vegetarian diet” feels so inaccurate. I was strictly ovo-lacto for about 15 years and I’ve been pescetarian for the last 5, but I only eat fish once or twice a week on average. I’m also obsessively careful about where my eggs and dairy come from, so I tend to just call myself “mostly vegetarian”.

As for why? It was the only choice I could live with. I don’t expect others to change their diet, and I’ve never lectured anyone. However, I have gotten into plenty of arguments with people who felt that me simply mentioning my diet in appropriate situations (like trying to decide where to get a meal together) was a battle cry. I used to get mocked too, but all that has gotten much better over the years. Feels like we’re all getting more accepting of different lifestyles. It’s nice.


No, it’s not possible to kill non-sentient things. If a creature cannot think/feel or won’t have the ability to do so, it is dead. For example plants, rocks… (I didn’t google any loopholes in medical definitions concerning death/brain function etc, but that’s besides the point). Also, I use “brain death” when there’s no chance of returning to life.

I disagree with this. An animal/plant with no brain activity is dead and can be eaten.

They are still different from plants. They can feel, do stuff etc.

by your logic, I draw the following conclusion:
plant life=animal life=(humanlife?)
this leads to
cutting your lawn=stuffing a live animal(/human?) into your lawn mover


I’m omnivorous. I eat basically anything.

I’ve never felt the need to change my diet. But I’ve lost a friendship over vegetarianism.
I’ve been friend fo years with a vegetarian girl. I always respected her, she always respected me. Than one day she started wanting to do like some veg group and go in a butcher shop and vandalize it with red paint.
I told her I would denunciate her for vandalism if she ever told me she did it. Since she would just have damaged a shop, and nothing else, not helping anyone.

She stopped altogether talking to me ever since :sweat_smile:


im not vegan but i try to eat a healthy diet, meaning i usually avoid saturated fats… animals like cow, etc
i think more than a justification people usually eat what they enjoy more, some people are vegans for some reason like “not killing animals” or something like that but in the end is also a matter of actually what you like and enjoy eating. (i know some people who loves animals more than anything in the world and they are not vegetarians, you cant say you love animals more because you dont eat some of them… :wink:)


One of my professor was once offered a bat from an indigenous person on the island he was working on. He declined, mainly out of concern of diseases.


Just to be clear, bats are definitely not endangered except for like that one breed but then again you can find a genetically disadvantaged breed that’s predisposed to extinction in any species


I’ve always been very strict about my diet. I did keto for about two years. Then I completely removed all carbs from my diet except for once a month where I allow myself some mouth pleasure.

Since January though, I’ve been on a carnivore diet and I must admit, it’s doing wonders for my physique. It’s actually pretty intriguing how the science behind it works but yes, you can theoretically live off only meat. And I’m loving it so far.


I’m vegan because animals are thinking, feeling, emotional beings and they shouldn’t be used as machines and commodities. Animal products are also terrible for our health, and are the leading cause of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. Finally, animal agriculture is the biggest culprit in climate change.

Documentary on why animal exploitation is bad for the Earth: http://www.cowspiracy.com

Documentary on why animal exploitation is bad for our health: http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com

Documentary showing us how barbaric animal agriculture is: http://www.nationearth.com


Iirc the bats on the island was endangered. Also bats are not endangered but they are also a unique case. Bats roost in massive colonies of millions. But that also mean that diseases or other threats can wipe out millions at once. So number wise they aren’t endangered but they’re also uniquely fragile.