What is "Your Justification" for being a Vegetarian/Non-vegetarian?


Most of animals don’t have absolutely no control and no though they are what they should do by their instincts. So that shouldn’t be a problem to treat plants as rocks or particles. But we could agree to disagree.


They still have a greater ability to think, also fitted with hearts and nervous systems. They want to avoid bodily harm. They can engage in fight or flight. Plants haven’t shown any incentive to do so.

Essentially, rocks are similar to plants. They feel nothing, and also have no organs.

Regarding vegetarians themselves — I haven’t seem many where I am from, and the few existing aren’t as aggressive to call others murderers.


I think legend had it told that there were intelligent Trees that can talk and move called “Treants” ?? :-):grin:


No Treants sadly.


Howabout Ents in Middle Earth ? :wink:


I wait eagerly for the day that we can simply vat-grow meat. Considering we can already create artificial cultures for human skin in order to create grafts for burn victims or test cosmetics, that day isn’t too far off.

That raises a question that I remember being raised in a game called Technobabylon. If the meat you eat is simply a culture-grown slab of muscle, fat and blood vessels, is it unethical?


I mean, why would it be?


Those cultures came from somewhere, right?

I remember hearing on NPR (it was a long time ago and Google is being unhelpful) there was a woman who had a medical treatment in the 30’s. She had little money, no education, and was a single mother trying to get by and live at the same time, and she had cancer.

The doctor removed the cancer, and realized that there was something remarkable about it: the cells would keep growing, given a stable environment, outside of the body. So he sold the cancer cells to a lab and pocketed the money.

That lab advanced understanding of cancer research for decades, giving neither recognition nor royalties to the woman whose miraculous cells gave them the ability to do so.


Im perfectly cool with people doing their own thing and being vegitarian, I’m rooting for you. But we have a problem when people shame others for eating meat. I’m certainly not saying all vegans do but peta is pretty well…In your face about how much they love animals. We get it, “chickens are your friends, not your food”. Some of the reasons why I’m not vegan are for one, it’s expensive af. All the organic food, and all that, its hella expensive for real. Second- I love meat. It taste good end of story. Also one thing I never understood about peta and how they want people to stop eating meat, where is the logic in that? Do people realize if all humans stopped eating meat ecosystems everywhere would collapse? We help keep food chains stable! If over 6 billion people stopped eating meat then vegetation numbers would plummet, and herbivore numbers would grow at an exponential rate, which would probably overwhelm what little was left of the plants. There are way less carnivores then herbivores in this world which is why us eating meat works. I’m all against animal cruelty but just eating meat isn’t cruel at all, come on- it’s food. Sorry if this came off as a little disrespectful but I’ve been meat shamed more than once, and I know vegans and vegetarians who have been shamed for not eating meat, it makes me sick. Let people make their own choices whether it’s not eating or eating meat.


That is an interesting story.


Personally I’ve been following a Ray Peat-inspired diet and it’s worked really well for me. “Yeah we get it, you Peat.” It’s not a strict regimen but centers around aiding your thyroid for healthy hormone production and minimizing cortisol (the stress hormone). If drinking OJ and eating organ meat appeals to you, I highly recommend looking into it.

I don’t have any issue with those who choose to be vegetarians, but there are some known deficiencies that I hope everyone who follows such a diet addresses: Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Zinc, Iron (for women especially) and one more that most people don’t even consider: Cholesterol.

You need cholesterol, though it’s been demonized just like fat used to be not too many years back. It’s what all the steroid hormones are made out of, it’s an anti-inflammatory, and 25% of it goes right to your brain. When we get older our cholesterol levels naturally increase as the body tries to compensate for a weaker thyroid. It eventually converts into progesterone, a lack of which leads to some nasty problems. I’d go so far as to say modern men have record low levels of progesterone and it’s killing them slowly.

Your liver and gut can make something like 80% of the cholesterol your body needs. That’s how important it is for your hormones. But how to find that other 20% is on you!


I’m an meat eater . when I was 4 , I refused to eat meat though . Dunno why , I only recall being put in a corner until I ate some lol .

Then in 1999 , I stopped eating meat for ‘reasons’ . And that was a disaster…I end up hallucinating and gotten so weak . baaad idea .

So pretty much , I eat everything . All meat save for : fido . I don’t eat that .

I don’t eat goat either .

I like fish but it’s so pricey . I love chicken !

here we have mostly beef meat . I also ate horse meat but thats cose back in the country its cheap in comparaison to sheep meat .

I don’t eat as much greene as I should…but I eat lot of rice . And I have my bottle of vitamins for everyday fill up .


Plants are the same as animal though. They still sense pain, and they know they’re being eaten. According to Jack Schultz from University of Missouri from Columbia plants are “just really slow animals.” For all intents and purposes.

Also I eat pretty much anything. But mostly chicken these days cause I’m trying to lose weight. I love animals, I’m studying to be a mammalogist. But animal follow their instincts and eat what they can do I’m just following their example.


Idk where you are but here I the states chicken is cheaper than dirt. It’s great if you love chicken.


I remember going to a childrens festival with my nephews and there were a group of vegans doing a protest or something showing videos of animal slaughter in their laptops like??? but anyways, they were so loud I was walking by and one screamed at me for eating my turkey leg “DO YOU KNOW YOU JUST KILLED AN ANIMAL!? ect ect” … i’m sorry but I was tired of their foolery and couldn’t help reply back … but yeah it’s always the loud one’s that give a bad reputation to xxx communities which is sad but imo as long as you don’t judge one another’s eating habits/choices or life in general because it’s different from yours, then you’ll get the same respect back


in Québec canada…



I’ve never felt the need to justify eating meat (not an attack on the question, I understand what you’re asking, but sometimes people do act as if it’s something you need to answer for). Predation is just a biological reality, and we are an omnivorous species. We’re designed to eat meat.


I like meat, and it’s good protein


I tried to be vegetarian a few years ago but for health reasons (not related to my diet but related to stress and other stuff) I had to switch back to a non-vegetarian diet.
I felt bad for eating animals again but I have to and for now I don’t have any other choice, however I don’t buy leather clothes or stuff like that that I don’t need and I can’t live wothout it.

My problem with a lot of people from this community (not everyone of course but a few groups) is that they don’t analyse the society we live in or they do a really general analysis and don’t unnderstand that most people can’t have the choice to follow a vegan-vegetarian diet because of healtg issues, money, time to prepare the meals,places to buy all the stuff… and also by following that kind of diet you’re also part of another problem of explotation of people (generally people of color) that are forced to cultivate all the substitutes and that things that you eat.

Anyways I jujst think that more than follow the diet we should focus first in abolish all the industries that exploit animals and humans,or at least make better laws to protect both because in a society like ours there’s no ethical market.


The question itself is biased.Supposes that there is need to JUSTIFY you only justify when you think something is wrong or immoral.
I think all life things deserves respect and admiration. Animals can’t make food by their own from inorganic sources so we eat others from the chain of life. as some natives and celtic culture my grandma taught me we should respect and praise the creatures that allows us to life be a cow or a lettuce.

I could understand for some people their morals make eating a creature near to them an animal feels wrong so they don’t do it.

Same I would not eat a cat.

My hope is technologically we found a way to create synthetic food as a viable diet Then I wouldn’t eat anything as it would be viable a not killingethic food


The question asks for ‘justification’ for being a vegetarian, too. It’s not biased towards either response.