What is "Your Justification" for being a Vegetarian/Non-vegetarian?


One small poll…
Before voting, please take a look at the following details,


Vegan diet : Avoiding all animal derived products including eggs and dairy products.

Lacto Vegetarian diet : No flesh, No Eggs, But has Dairy products.

Ovo Vegetarian diet : No flesh, no dairy products, but has Eggs.

Ovo-lacto Vegetarian diet : No flesh, But has Eggs as well as Dairy products.

Non-vegetarian diet : Has flesh in the diet.

  • Vegan Diet
  • Lacto Vegetarian Diet
  • Ovo Vegetarian Diet
  • Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian Diet
  • Non-Vegetarian Diet

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Pretty easy for me. I like animals, so I refuse to eat anything that requires killing an animal. Things that come from animals, like eggs and milk, I have no problems with (as long as they’re not from one of those horrible places that mistreat their animals). But, no meat, or anything else that requires an animal to die (such as gelatin).

(The eggs you can buy from the store aren’t fertilized, so as far as I’m concerned, those don’t count as ‘killing an animal’ since they had no chance of actually becoming animals.)

I also refuse to have anything made of leather for the same reason.


Like @OtherGrimm my reason for my diet is my love for animals and nature.

From a very young age I started to eat the diet of a vegetarian, not so strange since my mother has been a vegetarian since before I was born. But she was adamant that I eat some meat whilst growing up, since a child needs the nutrients of the meat of fish and animals. To grow up healthy and strong. Though she made sure it was always biologic dynamic meat (that the animals had a ‘good life’, before they were slaughtered).

I have lived for more than two years as a vegan, but my body could not handle it. I became sick often (and I am never sick) and I felt incredibly weak. So I am back on eating dairy products because my body obviously needed it. But I still avoid (unconsciously at times) cheese most of the time. It is only yoghurt which I eat in the mornings, really.

I also eat the way I do because of the strain animal livestock has on global warming.


I just do it for the animals, I think that every creature feels pain and fears death, so I want to avoid that as much as possible. I do consume milk and eggs but I try to buy biological when I can.


I just…really like meat :neutral_face:


I feel weirdly obliged to chime in in this thread, in response to comments about animals’ life.

In Islamic perspective, certain rules must be adhered when it comes to slaughter. The goal is to let domesticated animals live their best, and to not prolong any unnecessary suffering.

  1. The knife, sword, or any tools used in slaughtering must be sharp; all critical vessels (blood, nerves) must be cut in a single cut. No back-and-forth cutting.
  2. The cut must be made at the “base” of the neck. In case of a long-necked creature, the closer to the head, the better.
  3. In case of a mass slaughter, the area for slaughtering must be kept separate from the main gathering area where animals are kept, waiting for their turn. At best, this slaughter area must not be in the vicinity or in the view from the main area.
  4. The animal must be fell down before slaughtering, and be laid sideways to allow the blood drains without interruption.

Of course, there’re other rules in regards to slaughter, but those are the practical ones which I think follow the logical thinking as well as emotional thinking, if that makes sense.

But then, I know some slaughterhouse prefer lining up poultry and drive them to sawblade-machine to kill them, or electrocuting cattles until they’re unconscious which is surely isn’t a quick process.

You know, for profit.


My choice of diet is a bit complicated.

I am an occasional Non-vegetarian.
I eat non-veg once or twice a month.

Normally I avoid meat, not because of some concern for environment, but because of my Health and Faith.
I think Vegetarian food is the best thing for my Body and Mind.

So most of the time I prefer a Lacto Vegetarian diet.

I don’t consider egg as a vegetarian food.
Still I eat eggs for getting protein.

Sometimes fish, chicken or goat meat also.


Let’s add another poll for those who are Non-vegetarians.

  • Egg
  • Fish, Crab, Prawn etc.
  • Meat of Chicken, Turkey etc (Poultry)
  • Goat meat
  • Sheep meat(Mutton)
  • Pig meat(Pork)
  • Cow meat(Beef)
  • Others

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Those who choose Others, please mention it by replying to this post.
Just curious to know what people do eat.


Are plants living beings yes. Vegetarians kill them yes. So until people don’t bring me a non living beings only diet I wont accept being called assassin or other mean things by vegetarians. Here vegetarians are rude and go restaurants and called other people assassins by eat meat.

I understand that is a way of life and their reasons even if I doesn’t share them But another different thing is the behaviour some of them have insulting everyone else.

I only stop eating meat when a pure no living beings appear with our tech should it be possible soon.


I am very vegan, I have to say. Not because I love animals, though that is part of it, but because diary and meat have always made me sick and I didn’t realise this until I stopped eating everything. So it’s part health reasons part animals, though I have no issue with people who do eat meat. It’s their own choice.


That’s a very reasonable attitude and great you find what was wrong in your diet. Some people never find out


I am a pollo-pescetarian. It means that I eat only fish and chicken, or “white meat”. I ate too much red meat when I was younger, so I am better than my youthhood.


I don’t really follow any kind of diet. As far I know people are supposed to eat some amount out of everything (meat too). The only thing I’m trying to look out for is to avoid greasy food whenever possible.

And I agree with @poison_mara it can become quite annoying when vegetarians bother other people about their choice of eating meat. If I respect someones choice of not eating meat then I’d expect the same from them when it comes to my choices. No need to go and act like the choice of “not hurting animals” make them any better than other humans. It doesn’t, the way they treat other people is what can make someone better than others imo.


To be fair, that applies to all sorts of people, not just vegetarians. I’ve actually been on the other side of that, being insulted for not eating meat. It also applies to way more than just dietary matters - people will always find reasons to be cruel to each other for any perceived differences.


I was vegetarian for a time, as a part of a certain diet, but my choices were very limited because I’m kind of a picky eater. Long term being vegetarian or vegan is just not possible for me because of how many things I don’t like, and that’s not me being stubborn. I wish I liked the things I don’t like, that would make things easier, but I just can’t. I either don’t like the flavor, or the texture makes me feel sick - and I have a big issue with textures.

And I like meat, I just do. I know I won’t be happy if I force myself to change my diet. Your body can’t be sustained by a diet that makes you miserable. There’s a reason a change in diet is suggested when trying to manage depression and other mental health issues/disorders.

The diet I’m currently on to lose weight and be healthier is a high-fat low-carb diet, so I eat a lot of fat and quite a bit of protein, which means a lot of meat. It’s possible to be vegan on this diet, but much harder and not possible for me. Mentally, there’s not been a big change, but physically it makes me feel way better (which does help mentally) and has even helped making a certain health issue I have more manageable.

I’m on the same page as @poison_mara. I respect vegetarians and vegans, but I don’t respect people who won’t show me the same respect and presume to know anything about me and the way I live my life and decide they can judge me based on that. Insulting people who eat meat isn’t going to help animals. Supporting legit animal welfare groups that have actual scientists and research and lawyers on their side that can help animals will.

I love animals, I truly do, despite what some people might think based on the fact I also love meat, but forcing myself to push my already crumbling mental health isn’t going to help anyone. It’s just going to hurt me and I need to stop doing that.


Plants are living beings, but they’re not sentient.

I am not a vegan and love meat, but I haven’t considered the plant argument sensible tbh.

I do not consider it killing when an object has no nervous system even, or anything similar to a sentient being’s.


What sentient means vary. And you are killing because sentient is not what determine if something is killing or not. Some creature in brain death activity is still a living being and kill it is still an assassination. No one says no is brain death so i could slice that animal in pieces.
The sentient thing is a justification of the fact animals have to kill and eat living beings to survive. And I understand that from a moral view kill an animal is worse than kill a letuce. However is still killing so there is no reason to go insult me on a restaurant when meat is served and call me and my people assassins of cows and destroyer of planet and worse. And some plants have a primitive nervous sistem and react to touching.


To consider it killing or not, doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. Let’s say we’re murdering plants. Things with no sentient value - no pain, not even the minuscule of the emotions we go through, no flight or fight response. They feel nothing. What does it matter (for the plants themselves) whether they live or not? The difference is, they create oxygen for us.


Then you don’t value them as they deserve. they re the creators of all ive on earth they created the atmospheric system we are they nurtured everything else and let everything else survive. Agriculture makes the culture grow all thanks to plants. Animals we could come and go but without plants we would be nothing. We would not even be here i respect Plants and honour their sacrifice. So the fact people talking so merrily about them not being alive hurts me.


Never said they weren’t alive or unproductive for that matter. Plants are doing what they’re supposed to, they can’t really change their minds, can they?

‘Killing’ them ends absolutely no experience for them whatsoever. Because they didn’t have one to begin with.

How can they be valued as deserved, they have no control over what they do, and it’s not like the it’s the good will of plants to produce oxygen for us poor hoomans.