What is your favorite food dish you made or someone else did?


Let’s be honest the way to the heart is through the stomach, plus I was hungry and made this post.

My favorite has to be this stew-thingy🍲 i make it has Fresh chicken breast watch you put in a pot, with water and let it boil to make chicken broth, then i season the water with salt, soy sauce, ground pepper, creloe seasoning, chop up green pepper and onion to give the broth some flavor, and put cabbage in it, with carrots, and cut up patotoes. And then i cook rice in a different pot (not instant) and cook it and then when it’s done I put rice in the plt with the other stuff, stir it and wait a couple of mins. Then its all done and ready to eat, it take forever but its good.

Than I also like salmon burgers🍔. Which I use fresh salmon sprinkle with so seasoning and let it sit a bit for the season to get through, than batter and fry it, and put it on a Hawaiian hamburger roll with some speacial sauce that i make, and put lettuce, and tomatoes and fried squash on it.

-But i hate cooking on everything, if someone else would do it, I would let them (but they never do) and hey you got to eat😥


Chili cheese fries are life :fries:


Salmon ramen… duck with orange… Uhojuhuhuhuuh I love food


Thats sounds jumping right now the salmon ramen, always wanted to try duck.


I read that as “what is your favorite food dish you made of someone else.”

I went in expecting a different sort of post. I think it’s time for more coffee.


Lmbo im glad you said coffee and not my poor grammer when I’m doing posts​:joy::disappointed_relieved:


Pizza is love.
Pizza is life.


My mums beef stew. Pure meat, not a vegetable in sight.


The only thing I can cook is a West African dish called jollof rice which involves cooking the rice in tomato sauce. Sometimes I fry plantains to go with it.


Better than me, the only thing I’m good at making is scrambled eggs.


That thing called buko pandan … I have no idea how to make it, but I like when my neighbor makes them and decides to share it, I try to hide it from everyone so I can have it all.


It’s kind of like jello?


Yeah something like that, but the dessert is semi-sweet. Not overpowering that you’ll have tooth decay when you eat it. I’m not even sure how they can locate good quality buko strips since that’s hard to locate when grocery shopping.


Thats sounds good my poppop use to make that.


Oh where was he from if you don’t mind me asking?


I’m not sure where the dessert originated from, I never asked because it was so good.


Yeah I know it’s from the Philippines. My question was directed at @AwkwardNature


I didn’t know it came from the Philippines so I at least now know lols.


My bad lol, im in a college meeting with one of my teachers lol. He is from Virginia travel to the Philippines for a bit when he was in the Navy, but also I think his mother use to make it for him when he was little. Idk where she was from though, never got a chance to meet her and he didn’t talk about the past that much.


Kedgeree with mushrooms and a nice flagon of cider.