What is your favorite CoG/HG and why?


Favorite CoG is definitely Eerie Estate Agent, it’s the only game that actually made me laugh out loud and I always appreciate prose that manages that. I never got why some people didn’t really like it.

Favorite HG is Tin Star. I think I’ve replayed it dozens of times, and many times with the same character/choices just because the story was that good. It’s actually one of my favorite games in general. :smile:

There are so many great games though, really hard to choose!


I could name quite a few games but if I really have to name just one finished game, it is Tin Star. Don’t know if it was last Friday or Saturday but I just decided to play it again and…well I started at around 5pm and stopped sometime in the middle of the night. It is actually amazing that I played the game so often and still found new, small ways to play the game, small scence, bigger scenes or that you can actually win certain battles…This game is just massive.

And if I “have” to name a CoG Game it is Slammed. This game simply made me a fan of this gaming concept. As a huge wrestling fan it pulled me in and afterwards I bought quite alot of other games aswell. Even though I did not like that the game has so many “shoot” events, it is still an all time favorite of mine. And again, if I never played Slammed I would maybe never played any other CoG/HG Game and my life would be a little less fun. So thanks Slammed.


I would say Choice of Kung fu was my favorite CoG, because of the whole story it packes into one game and the imagery I see when I play the game.

For the HG I would have to go with the game that got my into this whole, not only site but types of games and that would be Marine Raider. While yes it was short it left you with a yearning for more, and I think that the most important party of a great game, the need for people to be wanting more and more and that’s what both of those games gave me.


You’re very welcome, and thanks for giving it a try! Bonus thanks and props for being a Minoru Suzuki fan :wink:


My current favorite is The Last Heir: The Fall of Daria. Formerly, it was Zombie Exodus, and both Life of a Wizard and Choice of Robots deserves an honorable mention. The reason I like them all is they all feature prominent stat building (including character relationships), with those stats have a big impact on available actions and/or the success thereof. Building on top of that comes plot, characterization, imagery, and so on (and is why, for example, the Last Heir is superior to Life of a Wizard). Having good game mechanics such as these games makes me feel like my character is growing, becoming more skilled, and changing in significant ways. It gives me a sense of progression, that my character is awesome at X because I’ve been choosing to be that kind of protagonist.

It’s these kinds of things that make me prefer the Choice Of style of game to, say, a regular novel. Don’t get me wrong - I love regular novels and am an avid reader, but if I wanted just that, I wouldn’t be looking at a Choice Of style of game. The best Choice Of games combine these game mechanics with the best aspects of writing mentioned above. They are also why, I feel, writing these games is more difficult than writing a similarly long novel.

What's your favorite game of Choice of Games & Hosted Games?

I would say my absolute favorite would be the first of the Heroes Rise Trilogy. I took my time building my first character and really enjoyed the storyline. Had me laughing, grimacing and spending a lot of time trying to see the outcome of each option. I admit I really struggled with what my character should do at the end. Be a good hero through and through or be the sort of hero who will get their hands dirty. Not much love for number two but three was enjoyable. I also liked choice of kung fu.

As for hosted I haven’t played many. Zombie Exodus was pretty amazing. Im a skeptic when it come to over rated reviews and zombies. But it was enjoyable. I was torn when I couldn’t save SPOILER uncle lou. No matter which way I tried that Tom always made it happen. :angry:

Pretty much I love the ones that make you think about your choices. The ones that make most choices account for something and has replay value. I like relatable themes and lovable/heinous characters. If anyone has any good ones they recommend let me know :smile:


Of course @Cataphrak’s Sabres Of Infinity. It was the game that truly made me fall in love with interactive fiction. Perfect setting, perfect story, perfect characters, perfect game. Cant wait for the sequel.

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Sabers of Infinity, Guns of Infinity, Lord of Aswick. Community College Hero, Choice of Robots, Choice of the Deathless and Hollywood Visionary.

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CoG: The Choice of Romance trilogy was so, so much fun to play and replay. That, followed by Choice of Robots, are my top few, with Creatures Such as We in third place. :heart_eyes:

HG: Waywalkers. Cannot wait for part 3!


Lords of Aswick is my personal favorite


Slammed: I loved the wrestling theme and how well written it was.

Heroes Rise Trilogy: It was extremely well written with very well fleshed out characters.


First of all! My Choice of Games favorites. For CoG, my favorites are the Heroes Rise trilogy and Creatures Such As We ;u;

Heroes Rise, I was avoiding for a long, long time before I actually played it because I didn’t like the idea of superheroes being celebrities. One day, I decided to try it on impulse and I really fell in love with the story and the characters! Especially Black Magic. Despite him being an irritating jerk in the second game, I couldn’t help but stay with him anyway because he was just that precious to me, and I’m a naturally loyal person, so… no matter how cute and nice Lucky was, I couldn’t give in to him because I was smitten for Black Magic. Sue me. The characters were probably the reason why I loved Heroes Rise so much, but the storyline is quite notable as well. It’s a unique take on the typical superhero game, and I was very delighted about that.

As for Creatures, well, it was the first choice game I ever played. As such, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I enjoyed-- well, appreciated the philosophy of it all; it hit me hard. I almost cried when I thought Elegy died forever. Like, it seriously gave me several epiphanies, and quite a few tear stains on the desk. Creatures was so amazingly unique that I couldn’t help but fall in love with it, and I really can’t say anything more on the matter.

Next up are the Hosted Games. Ohhh boy.

The two which I adore the most are the Samurai of Hyuga series and Fatehaven. Oh god, Fatehaven. First and foremost, I would just like to say that Fatehaven really attacked me on a mental, spiritual, and emotional level. It drew me in with its humor and made me stay with its story. I love Fatehaven in ways words cannot describe, and really, the ending (or the parts leading up to the ending) were on whole new levels of what the hell for me. But I loved it. I loved the way it hurt. It just has this certain charm to it which I treasure.

Next is SoH. It’s not really a surprise that I love this one, too, given how much I love Fatehaven. The same things go for this one: I love the story, and I love the characters. From my above statements you can probably tell that the characters are very important for me, and they are especially great in SoH. Even the little side ones, like Ume-ume. I adored her, despite my PC’s distaste. Though I am a bit pouty over the fact that I can’t romance my chosen RO until far later, I appreciate the room it creates for character development.

for CoG

  1. Creatures Such As We (b/c of the thought put into it, and ELEGYYYY)

  2. Heroes Rise Trilogy (b/c of the characters, mostly)

for HG

  1. Fatehaven (b/c it f****ed me up, in a good way, SILVANUS man, I cried. It was very humorous but unexpectedly serious at the end!)

  2. Samurai of Hyuga (b/c of the personality of the whole thing, the characters and the distinct writing style, too, actually)

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I can only give you my HG favorite because it’s more sentimental value than me choosing one above the other(bc I love so many games it’d be so hard)

But I guess it’d be Zombie Exodus. I was playing it with my friend, and she created a character named Daddy Longlegs, who was a preacher, a marksman, a consumer of alcohol, and dabbled in carpentry. A real renaissance man.


Hmmmm difficult but I have to say Community College Hero for its wide array of memorable 3D characters, balanced mechanics, deep world building, good narrative and my favorite RO ever (Dirty Girl).

Edit: Also the artwork is just amazing.

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HG: Tin Star
Replay value is mesmerizing. Customization is decent, and the characters are well fleshed-out. The scene is set in amazing detail not to mention to chapters are extremely long. I counted and Tin Star chapter three have over 100k words. Times that by eight and that may reach one million.
CoG: Choice Of Robots.
I like games that have no fantasy elements and are sort of life sims, and choice of robots have great RO’s and good customization.

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I myself liked pendragon rising much more than any game on the site because it changes the concept of arthurian history in ways i could never imagine

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I’ve been playing a lot of Choice of Games lately and nothing beats Superheroes for me.

My favourite COG is The Heroes Rise trilogy. I grew really fond of both my MC’s through different playthroughs ofc, even the one that sided with the populars in the Hero Project to stay with Black Magic. The world that Zachary Sergi created (Millennia City) was just amazing and it’s just the type of word that I love to see superheroes in and how the mc wanted to live up to be like his/her parents, BRILLIANT. Highly Recommend! also I loved how despite the heroing it really felt like the mc had a personal life aswell for example maintaining friendships and relationships and the chance of annoying someone with a choice they didn’t like.

My Favourite Hosted Game is more difficult to decide but it’s definitely Paradigm City or The Lost Heir Trilogy. With the latter, I will say out of all of the COG’s and Hosted Games I have played recently it is clearly the one where you need to pay attention to the stats. I have played some other ones quite a while ago but none of them struck me to need to pay the most attention to stats but when you get the best ending which I did on my third try it’s even more satisfying. I loved the characters in this one. I especially liked how if you don’t romance someone they can end up with someone else. There are loads of choices with this and you can play loads of types of people. Do want to play as an evil mage?, you can, want to play the gallant and good swordsman? you can. There’s also love interests for the different alignments (good and evil) and some really great scenes between you and your LI. The Lost Heir trilogy also has some great tactical battles.

Speaking of epic battles, the final battle in Paradigm City between you and the villain is an EPIC battle if I ever saw one. Mr or Miss MC really comes into their power, Paradigm city is another superhero book <3 and I really pictured this battle and how much I wanted to destroy the villain - I got into the MC’s character really well especially during this battle. You really feel like you are part of a team like your mc is part of a group called SOLAR. I liked how could pick what happened to your character before ending up at Capetown ( a school for heroes) at the start; for example, deceased parents or your parents abandoned you because they were frightened of your powers. I would like the mc’s backstory to be explored more in future titles but I’m not sure if this is going to happen.


The lost heir series, due to the excellent balance of compelling, ability driven story play, and impressively varied and detailed character building that makes it so enjoyable to replay. The interesting characters and consequences of your choices help as well but it’s the first two that really sepperate


It from it’s fellows


Way walkers series is also a great series but I see that is also very understimated.I enjoyed it a lot.And also Nola is burning is a great book.
But my favourites are Tokio wizard and Zombie exodus safe heaven.