What is your favorite classic and why?


I was watching to Disney and just got curious to see what you guys think.
By classics, I mean those stories that we all read and watched as kids, such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty and etc.

I have 2 favourites: Pinocchio and Peter Pan.
Pinocchio always touched me with his desire to be a “real boy”, probably for most trans people, Pinocchio had this special meaning. I also liked the scenes where he’d have fun with the other boys, even if he’d end up as a donkey (at least he was having some fun). And in general, I like quite a lot stories passing in the XIX and XX sec.
As for Peter Pan, I always watched to Return to Never Land when I was a kid. I didn’t have that Peter Pan’s Complex of never wanting to grow up back then, but the idea of a magic place where I’d be able to play forever with the Lost Boys was very attractive to me (specially because I didn’t have many friends). Then I reached to the start of puberty and more than ever I wanted to escape to a place where my body would never change. However, I like much more the concept of Peter Pan and its adaptations than the original story.
I really hope to make some adapted story of these two classics someday (as Steven Spielberg’s A.I).

What about you?

I hope this topics don’t ends up on a limbo ;w;


Beauty and The Beast, although I might admit I like some elements of it more as an adult than as a kid.

I don’t like the original fairy tale, which is just a story about Beauty having to learn to see the supposed beauty in something superficially ugly, and has been interpreted as a metaphor for arranged marriages. But I really love the way it was treated in the Disney film, especially how the characters are portrayed.

Belle was an interesting character and a good role model. She was kind and able to see the good in those around her, but she also had her limits and knew when she had to stand up for herself. She was adventurous and had a wish for freedom, she didn’t fit in entirely but she was able to do her own thing outside from people expectations.

I like how the story focuses on the character arc of the Beast in a way that he was the one who needed to learn a lesson instead of Belle. She wasn’t the one who tried to change him, but instead he was the one that decided to change, and Belle only got interested in him after that. It’s really beautiful how he only saw her as a mean to an end at the start, but eventually learnt to see the humanity on her and learnt to put the needs of her above his own wishes, and by giving up on trying to use her to become human again, he found his own humanity and he learned how to love.

Gaston on the other hand was a dark reflection of the Beast, he also saw Belle as a mean to an end and since he was never able to see her as nothing more he was the real monster. The twisted thing thing is that he could literally have any woman he wanted, but he only pursued the one that turned him down, not because he was really interested in her, in fact he despised her interests and ideals, but because he considered her a prize.

It’s really incredible how a modern update on a fairy tale could turn a story with a not so great message into such a great classic. I could keep talking about this movie for ages.