What is ur fav game so far?


Mine is lord of aswick it has a lot of choices and its very long like u dont even need to keep saying to urself that it will end this chapter… No this chapter sooo yeah

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Recs for a Newb ?....and Thanks
What's your favorite hosted game

Mine is probably Versus, though at this point it’s hard to tell because only the first part has been released yet.
Unnatural is in second place, but I have to admit I’m a bit biased on that one.

(Some similar topics, for those who are interested)


My favorite game is CS:GO, but I suppose you mean choice of and hosted games. In that case it’s Sabres of infinity + upcoming sequel from cataprakt… If you mean text based interactive games then I have to say “Eternal” by endmaster (google it, it’s free to play in your browser).

Have a nice day.

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Choice of Robots.

It was my first played, I really enjoy technological themes, and I feel it was well fleshed out without being too long.


Deathless games will always have a special place in my heart. I do hope we’ll get another one, somehow that seem unlikely but god I sure hope so.

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Zombie Exodus and Versus are my top picks so far. ZE’s sequel is looking promising too!


Creatures such as we or treasure seekers of lady luck (that’s its name right?)


Creatures Such As We, Life of a Mobster, Life of a Wizard, Sabres of Infinity, the Way Walker Series, Rating Wars, Choice of the Dragon, and Zombie Exodus.

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Mine’s Deathless series, I love the lore, the humor, everything in the story, just lovely.


all these three are damn close to my favourites, so im choosing all of them.

Zombie Exodus
Heroes Rise series

WiPs I’m most looking forward to:

Best of Us
My Imaginary Friend

I would give detailed reasons, but I’ll simply say this: play them and you will understand.


Sabres of Infinity for my favourite game no questions asked.

Lords of Aswick gets second place, pretty damn good game especially since I love the medieval times. Very few games do it justice and this does it well.

For wips…

Guns of Infinity
Best of Us (a better super hero game than Heroes Rise imo. I would really love to see this finished)

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Ah crap I forgot to mention way walkers (phew, thank god I didn’t wait 5 hours to change it)


Same cs go is the best


I will add sabre of affinity and life of mobsters good story and very long


Agreed on the BoU. Heroes Rise was a fantastic series but compared to this, there’s no competition. Full customisation and the feels like it’s going for the comic book style full force.

Time to replay the glorious demo again.


I find it good but i think its kinda short


knowing Goshman’s previous work, once the game is finished it will be long and enjoyable.


On this site, including Hosted Games:

  1. Mecha Ace
  2. Tin Star
  3. Champion of the Gods
  4. Zombie Exodus
  5. Slammed.

But if we’re talking about ANY interactive text based game, then Endmaster’s “ETERNAL” is hands down my favorite. The scope, length, branching and the different epilogues in it. Wow. Even the non epilogue endings are all unique and memorable. And it’s all free. Everyone should play it atleast once.

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I have a huge list! Now let me see. I remember loving the 1996 version of Super Mario 64 which made the jump from 2D to 3D,it was fantastic; then the PC version of World of Warcraft was also pretty good as was Assassin’s Creed (the Xbox version); there was also a time I used to enjoy playing Ms. Pac-Man as a young kid (so much so that I thought my son would love it too but he’s only playing his virtual pet games online all the time and refuses to look at any of the games I suggest). More recently, my favorites have been the physics-based puzzler called Portal 2 and also BioShock which is pretty thrilling.


I’m actualy playing eternal right now and I fail to see how people enjoy this. My character is only 25 and he already ordered the execution of countless civilians, almost raped someone, gouged some dude eyes out, had sex with his semi-mother (wich he also want to kill and obviously you instantly accept sex from people you hate in the middle of a battle) and was just worth dying since the begining.

What do people like in this story?