What is the name of this pirate themed game?


I played this game in my childhood on Windows XP around the 2000s. It´s a Pirate themed game that follows a
a pretty straight story line. I am not sure but i think Captain Hook appeared in this game but just as an random Pirate Captain. You played a young boy in the third person perspective. You had a few enemies but the game also focused on Puzzles. At every end of a section of the game there was a Endboss. On of them was a huge Knight. The other one was a Monkey or sth. There was a huge octopus. And there were quiet some cut scenes in which i can remember captain hook. I think you there were about 100 coins or bananas (not sure) that u could collect as Collectables. On section of the game was at a ship port. The other at a beach. Another one at sth you could call a jungle island(with the monkey endboss).
I would be really happy if someone can help me with this ^^


It sounds a lot like one of the Monkey Island games. Is it one of them?


I know the Monkey Island series and it is not the game i was looking for ):


Maybe this can help: https://www.ranker.com/list/list-of-pirate-video-games-/video-game-info


I think “Booty” looks like it might be the game you’re talking about. :blush:


nope, unfortunately );


couldn´t find it
there … :sweat:


Was the game in english?


So… it was a german version. I actually dont know if there are other versions…


Pirate 101?
20 caps required


Wrong game. But im actually going to play the game u mentioned because it was made by the same developers as wizard 101 ^^


Is it Puzzle Pirates?


Have you tried asking reddit? They have a subreddit called “tip of my tongue” for exactly these scenarios. :slight_smile: Someone found a 30-second clip of a TV series from the 90s from a one-sentence description I posted one time!



I know it’s off topic, but that reminds me of Bango-Tooie. Can’t remember the bosses but this is what I think of.

Also!! There was a game that was Disney I think. Disney Villains.