What is the average age when you attend college? (undergraduate course)


Hi everyone, there is a game that we’ve been planning on and we needed some data regarding something.

Higher education, post-secondary education, or third level education is what college is defined in other countries I think. Do correct me if I am wrong about this.

College in reference to undergraduate and postgraduate education.

However, I’m asking as to what age when a person took their undergraduate course and not their postgraduate education.

I also didn’t ask for vocational education because I think that is called further education or continuing education or in where I am we call it TecVoc course.

In this case typically when you go to college what is the average age?

  • 16 of age
  • 17 of age
  • 18 of age
  • 19 of age
  • 20 of age
  • 21 of age
  • 22 of age
  • other

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When in college are you guys required to have any Physical Education classes?

  • No
  • Yes
  • Optional

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Thank you everyone, this will help us a lot.


Well, during my time, my sister and I went to college at the age of 17. (I’m 21 while she’s 19 if you’re wondering). My country decided to change the curriculum so our younger brother who is 10 years younger than me would be starting college when he is 19.

As of Physical Education, my sis and I have to have four classes of it. Though in terms of time, mine was shorter because my college follows a trimestral schedule (3 terms per year) while her schools does a semestral (2 terms per year).


Do you mean the average age of first attending college? I haven’t got the local statistics, so I can’t answer that question.

The best I can do is tell when I personally started college, which was at 18, and my younger sister started college at that age as well. Around here there are no physical education classes in college unless it’s directly related to your education, so neither me nor my sister had any.


College can mean different things in different countries. Notably, in some countries it can mean the last few years of high school, while in others it’s only used for post-secondary education (university or vocational training). Which do you mean?


@Cecilia_Rosewood yes, something like that, only at your location. No need to elaborate as to what country, but the age when you attend college is also okay.

@Havenstone Higher education, post-secondary education, or third level education. Is what I think other countries refer them. They include undergraduate and postgraduate education. However, I’m asking as to what age when a person took their undergraduate course. Does this clarify it better? Should I add this for a more clarified definition?

I also didn’t ask for vocational education because I think that is called further education or continuing education or in where I am we call it TecVoc course.


The vast majority of people I know started college when they were eighteen. Most of my friends, my brother, and myself were eighteen; one of my friends was seventeen, however, because she graduated high school a year early since she took no electives after her sophomore year of high school and took only classes required to graduate with an advanced diploma. My brother actually just went back to school as a sophomore after taking ~four years off – he’s twenty-three now.

One of my friend’s friends took a gap year after graduating high school, which is almost always a bad idea but worked out for her. She started college at nineteen.

A co-worker of my mom had a daughter who graduated college at sixteen or seventeen, but that very seldom happens. She was extraordinarily bright and was part of a special program, I believe, for young geniuses to attend higher education institutions.

For reference, I live in northern Alabama, though I don’t think it’s all that different here than anywhere else in America.


I was 16 when I was a freshman, and currently 17 and in my sophomore year. Some even start at 15, I think? People start college a bit younger in my country are a bit younger than those in other places because we didn’t follow the K12 curriculum. At least, until last year.

At least six units of Physical Education is a prerequisite for graduation in my university, but getting one is a different kind of Battle Royale during the enlistment process. I was lucky that I got a PE class this sem despite (at that time) not having the 15-unit requirement to enlist. Others…not so much.


Currently in my exam year and if everything goes well I’ll go to college next year, at the age of 17. But I’d reckon most people ought to be 18, though it wouldn’t surprise me if there were a lot of 17 year olds as well.


It depends on the country you are studying at and your birthday. Here in Canada I went to college at January this year which was after my 18th birthday (which is in December). If I were in the Philippines I’d would be in college/university two years earlier and at the summer (so I’d be voting 15).

Physical education is not required at the college I’m at and I know it isn’t mandatory for universities in the Philippines (don’t know about colleges but I don’t think it is).


Tends to be eighteen in America. There are some factors that lend some variance- graduating highschool early or taking some time off after highschool before going to college. It can also depend on when during the year a person’s Birthday falls, because class cycles don’t care if they start before or after someone’s Birthday.

Based on the standard assumption that those interested in college go directly from high school into college, which is fairly common. Though there are also a lot of older individuals who decide to go -back- to college. And there was never any physical education required when I went- if someone wanted to stay fit they’d do so on their own.


Thank you everyone for sharing your answers, I’m closing the polls now.