What incorporations of supernatural in an urban fantasy work the best?

I kinda have to point to Final Fantasy on this one, because it’s consistently been my favorite adaptation of urban society and fantastical elements.

In particular, Final Fantasy 15 - you’ve got luxury yachts, hotels, bustling metropolises, a local greasy spoon right next door to a gas station and an auto shop, you can wear designer clothes - and meanwhile, monarchies are still firmly in play, swords and shields have not gone out of fashion, but rather been incorporated into the same battlefield as guns and grenades, upgraded and reshaped to keep up with the times. Dragons and godlike beings still roam the world, it’s simply that the smart people know to build their cities well out of their way. The major hub for all of the kingdom of Lucis’ power is a massive processing facility that uses shards of an enormous, mystical meteorite in order to give people their air conditioning and street lamps and phone signals and such.

For everything that one could fault Final Fantasy 15 for, the worldbuilding is far and away one of my favorites ever. That’s what I think the best mixture of urban and fantasy is. But it is, understandably, extraordinarily hard to get the facts right, so I’m not surprised, per se, that there aren’t more stories with that level of complexity.


If you consider how things work in the internet in our world, I don’t think you have to worry so much about it breaking the masquerade. The large number of crazy conspiracy theories and such circulating on the internet, seem to me to have made many people more skeptical to sensational “revelations” than they were before. Sure, there are also plenty of people who believe in crazy conspiracy theories and similar theories, but there are so many people who have grown skeptica/more skeptical to those kind of theories, that it would be hard to find any consensus on accepting revelations and theories that seem to out there. And, not to mention, it would be easy for authorities and all people with vested interest in keeping the masquerade secret to label those talking about the revelations and theories in question as crazy conspiracy theorists

That it’s become increasingly easy to manipulate videos and photos to show things that never happened also means that it’s gotten increasinly difficult to separate videos and photos that are the real deal, so to speak from those being manipulated. All of this means that, if your story takes place in a world similar to ours, it wouldn’t be that easy to prove the existence of a magical masquerade through the internet. Both because you’d have to convince all the people growing so tired of crazy conspiracy theories and “revelations” that your revelation is not just another hoax and because you’d have to find a way to prove that your videos and/or photos are real and not manipulated. I actually suspect that if someone found evidence of a magical masquerade, it would have been easier to convince the world at large of this in the 90’s and maybe even in the 80’s or 70’s than it is now.

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They do, and you can see exactly why in the trope namer. If even half-way credible news on vampires starts making the rounds, then people who are interested in turning vampires into piles of ash are going to check it out. Because you don’t have to convince everyone, or even a large majority of the population. If even only the crazies get wind of it, that’s a lot of dead supernaturals. And that’s before someone with half a brain takes enough intel to the government to make them take it seriously (and they will, because government run on the status quo being maintained, and “supernaturals all over the place” are a threat to the perceived status quo), because that’s how you end up with the Second Crusade.

That the crazies might be a problem, is a good point. But whether that would be enough for the government to take action is another thing, if they did I suppose they’d rather find a way to recruit them into their intelligence agencies and similar agencies, or, like in The Wayhaven Chronicles, start a new intelligence agency with selected supernaturals. Intelligence agencies and special forces branches have always seemed quite interested in trying out anything that can give them an edge, including quite strange things, as illustrated,to take just one example, in The men who stare at goats book and movie.

I do anyway suspect that with a magical masquerade intelligence agencies and similar governmental organizations would already know or, at least suspect the existence of such a masquerade.before any bigger large-scale revelations happened.

This is specific to VtM, but like, the majority of police chiefs in that setting are vampires. Yet the only thing most of the subordinates know is “so weird that our boss hates using phones”.

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