What if Pokemon were really real


What Bad Guy Poke Team Would You Join?

Rocket to Magma


None. I’d be one of the independents, like Bug Catcher or Parasol Lady or Jogger.


Pretty sure the rules are both sides bet half the money they’ve got on them.

Abstractly you’re like a team of wandering knights-errant and their coach questing for glory and accepting challenges from other teams for wealth, fame, and experience; the fact that the challenges are unrefusable is a game mechanics conciet. Hence it only happening on the routes and not in town. You always accept their challenges because if you weren’t the type to pick up a thrown gauntlet you’d be hanging out around home with your starter.


What? if Pokémon were real I would consider them as animals, and what to do to animals?



Yep, even team rocket, and trainer types like the burglar(sure that’s a trainer type…in gen one right?) only take half your money, what nice criminals they are xd.

Edit: And since so many people have posted about eating pokemon, here is a video from my favourite poketuber to give you some ideas xd :


I’d get an army of Pokémon to protect me as security guards and some of them I would use as personal Assassins to attack people I don’t like. :crazy_face:
I would also get some cash with my private army of Pokémon and I could win wars cause Pokémon are powerful!


I would have a whole squad of tokipi.


See that’s the thing I don’t think it was ever explained how pokeballs work. Is it a tiny container or is it like a house inside etc.


The details are nonspecific as far as I know, but basically they’re digitized and put into the Matrix in a simulated environment of some form. I kinda assume it’s maybe several acres of mixed environments; seemingly a pretty big swathe of pokemon can fairly easily force their way out when they feel like it and a few are just always out because they refuse to stay in, so I figure it’s comfortable but gets dull or lonely. The PC is, I think, a more elaborate and shared environment, so they don’t get cabin fever from staying in it too long. A lot of NPCs and the anime characters are regularly chilling with their pokemon out, so I think it’s reasonable to infer you mostly rotate your six in and out and it’s just not displayed so as to avoid the annoying game mechanics issues with pathing. If you’re in an environment that’s not long-term comfortable for a party member you’re probably on an epic quest of some sort and they’re doing their pre-battle warmup waiting for you to call on them.

There’s a bit of vagueness about the capture process but it’s apparently more a demonstration you’re strong enough to respect and listen to because when you capture a pokemon they immediately start following your orders. When you’re traded a pokemon of high level it looks at your gym badges skeptically and decides it’s going to make the decisions. And Legendaries, being very proud, have extremely low capture rates.

I mean, when you get right down to it Nintendo is making a game about friendship and bonding and not forcing animals into brutal fights, so they have varyingly explicit levels of detail on why it is the first and not the second and if a question becomes widespread they’ll generate further answers.


I think if Pokemon were real I’d never leave my house again. They might be cute in cartoons and video games, but if they were real they’d basically be monsters right? It sound’s horrifying.


If Pokemon were real I’ll be the best and strongest hero cawp (cop) there is, catching criminals while being the hero of the whole region and become the police chief are loads of fun (hopefully they make a remake with more features).


Oh man, if Pokémon were real? I’d look for a place to hide, but then end up running into an Onyx…seriously guys a giant snake?! Made out of rocks!!! Oooor what about just casually swimming at the beach and suddenly a giant sand castle eats you??? Oooooooor say you happen to avoid the killer sand castle and then you meet a random magikarp that’s in effectivly splashing about, so you help the poor 22lbs dragonair bait back into the water. People are congratulating you on your kindness and bravery! all is well in the world! Except all those people are actually dittos!!! /cries

TLDR; id befriend a wailord or something and float away. They seem nice enough.

Ps: what ever you do guys don’t chase after balloons!!!


i would try to catch all the legendarys and become friend with them cuz well friendship and power of the world like just think about catching the creation trio Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. and you could prob supply the entire world with electricity if i caught Raikou and just let him charge a really big battery that would last for like 50 years not let him charge it forever i mean but like stand there an hour in high voltage then boom free energy for 50 year then we come back and charge it up again.


Alright, IF Pokemon in real life were like the anime where majority of them are passive.
I wouldn’t only catch 'em all, I’d go on those cool Pokemon adventures where it ends in a cool epilogue with that iconic narrator’s voice. Also I would probably close myself off from the rest of the world and only hang out with ma pokepals cuz it’s too much effort to form actually words and speak to other people :wink:


Pokemon are passive unless disturbed. Stay out of the tall grass.


Gotta catch 'em all


Interesting thought, but what would happen if a Rotom pokemon possesses a computer, car, radio or an Ipad?!
I just saw an episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon called The Dex Can’t Help It! where a talking Rotom possesses an oven, a fridge and a lawnmower and caused chaos all over the tropical island…

Plus since it’s sentient, that would mean if the Rotom possesses any electronic object, it could talk to its owner similar to what Siri does! :hushed:


Well there goes any other life I hadn’t planned out yet. I’d be a cross between Ash and Red. You’ll call me Black (on account of my afro of course) and I’d catch everything like Red to get their info but then release them like Ash because I’m no slaver. I’d keep any grass, dark, bug, water, electric, ghost, or psychic types that wouldn’t mind constant food, shelter, and training though.


Eh, I’d probably board up my home because some are quite terrifying, and not to mention dangerous. But if I weren’t such a wuss I would totally try to befriend them. My favourite would be Pangoro, their ears twitch when they’re happy and they can be quite nice when they’re not angry.


Generally there seem to be human-designated areas wild pokemon don’t often intrude on, where any pokemon you run into is probably with a trainer and quite friendly (less-friendly ones stay in their pokeballs in town) and if there is an intrusion by angry wild pokemon someone will do something (often nearest competent trainer) so as long as you stay in town you’re fine. Between towns, the roads are human territory but not secure; problems arise often enough that protagonists have to clear them most initial trips.

Also pokemon sorta have a nature spirit thing going, so when people do construction projects without performing an environmental impact assessment it goes badly. And if someone says “supposedly there’s a Legendary pokemon guarding this forest but I’m sure that’s just superstition” just start running.