What if Pokemon were really real


well i can say team rocket might be effective, why you ask? Guns.


Mew and Mewtwo both had powerful psychic abilities and were never in pokeballs, so I trust their judgement on who is doing it voluntarily.

Not having played Black and White I can’t verify this, but what I’ve heard is that N was duped into believing that as part of some neferious plan to have him inspire Team Galactic to provide cover for some evil plot.


Well he did catch a lot of pokemon, and you can force some at least to fight…But again as has been established canon is kinda…off. This goes for how deadly pokemon are too. For example according to it’s pokedex entries Entei makes volcanoe(s) erupt everytime it barks…yeah I don’t think so :stuck_out_tongue: .


I agree, however I think you’re reading to much into this. Yes there are hard facts like you said about Entei, but this is all fiction right? I mean how many times did team rocket get their ass electrocuted by Pikachu and still survived. a lot. Basically what I’m saying is, if Pokemon did exist Id like to believe they follow the same rules as the actual fictional universe leaving out small facts and canons.

You can abuse, beat, and even kill a Pokemon but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll listen to you. Take a stubborn Pokemon like Charizard, or even Chikorita. Ash didn’t force Charizard to fight but even if he wanted to, he couldn’t. Some weaker and easygoing Pokemon who can’t really take a beating-you can probably force those ones. But none of the bigger and more badass ones.


The pokedex does seem to overstate things, but the Legendaries are that big a deal when they’re awake and enraged, like Kyogre and Groundon. Storywise when they’re in your party they’re holding back so as to, indeed, not cause volcanos to erupt. They especially are more Shinto gods than animals, and gods give aid when appeased and are destructive when disturbed.


Awwwg but I love looking into things too much! That’s why I’m subscribed to proto Mario, the film theorists etc xd…and proto did a theory on that, basicly people are pokemon :stuck_out_tongue: …And on that note if he’s right(most of his evidence comes from platinum’s library) it’d be cool to be as resistant to damage as the actual pokemon universe people…Plus it’d be cool to have evolved from pokemon rather than monkeys xd.


Catch some, but mostly try to study then. I mean they are psychic, can time travel, and a lot of impossible stuff so I would try to figure out how they do all that.

Also make a religion out of Arceus


Pokemon’s cute as long as you don’t overthink it. I mean the whole concept is kind of weird. You go around shoving wild creatures into tiny containers and (except for a favorite or two,) only take them out to beat up their friends from time to time. (I have played some pokemon go in my time since they are pixels, if they were real though, different story)


Unless of course the pokeball works something like a Bag of Holding? deep thoughts


That is also why I would not bother Pokemon in the wild as most of them have elemental powers over the weather, psychic powers and several trainers according to the Pokedex were injured by wild Pokemon… Although I would most likely keep a pet Vulpix and/or Eevee with me for the home. :smiley:


It’s some vaguely defined VR field area that most pokemon are apparently content with. Pikachu and Meowth are not, which is why they are never in pokeballs.


I feel so bad for anyone that wants Pikachu as their friend.

You gonna get shocked like Ash.


assuming that it is legal to have one since most pokemon could kill someone by mistake they would be like normal pets you could have from 1 to 6 if you want more but since you could keep it the food is not cheap to take care of a dog it is difficult to imagine taking care of 6 pokemones of different types and some could pair that you will abort it or you could sell it to keep it from 7 to 9 the fights would be clandestine or controlled like the tournaments almost certainly that the government would use them for the war


I enjoyed seeing this juxtaposition:


If the first were true, the second would be a lot easier to prove :grin::ghost:


Or they could just be sitting there, waiting… watching… crying sssrsssr blllb… :thinking:


Although, it makes me wonder about the shapeshifting qualities of a Ditto, if they transform into literally anything, wouldn’t it cause a lot of chaos in the modern world we live in?

ie. Ditto: (transforms into green traffic light)
Driver: Ah, that says go! (without knowing that the actual traffic light is showing red)
(cue offscreen sfx of screeching car-brakes)
Ditto: Ditto! (transforms back to pink slimy self and oozes under a nearby hedge)


Snorelax is my otaku-kin, a pokemon that can enjoy fatness and sleep like I do.


I would eat the shit out of them


wtf :joy:


I’d just do what half the people in Pokémon do: beat up children on the street and steal their money with no legal consequences.