What if Pokemon were really real


Just a couple of questions to see what people would do if Pokemon were real and living in the wild.
If Pokemon existed…

  • I wouldn’t catch or bother them
  • I would totally catch 'em all!
  • Other/Explain in comments
  • I think it would be morally unacceptable to collect and keep Pokemon
  • I would catch and sell Pokemon to make a decent living
  • I would try and connect with one single Pokemon and become friends
  • I would collect them, but only the strong ones
  • I would catch Pokemon, form different teams, AND battle others to become the best trainer ever

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If you think it’s wrong to keep Pokemon, would you still hunt or catch normal animals? Do you think that’s wrong? Why or why not.


is this about pokemon or real animal ?

cose either way…

when do I get to hunt idiots ?


Picked to be friends with only one.

Me and Lucario would make such an amazing duo. Also the coolest :sunglasses:


The actual poll is about Pokemon but the follow up question is comparing Pokemon and animals.
Just to clarify for anyone who doesn’t know, a Pokemon is a fictional creature, that people would collect in an anime called Pokemon (yeah not the best explanation, I know :pensive:)


well…I think everyone know about Pokemon .

I think hunting is a horrible sport . So pokemon , animals…

I be against it . I just let them be . And be a poacher for those who hurt pokemon for sport…or to make a quick buck , or to make them fight .


…Literally everyone would die!!! Watch some youtube vids(I’ve said that a lot recently, but… :p) there’s some apocalyptic pokemon out there, and tons of deadly ones…But if I ignore the fact I’d be dead, then I’d be a pokemon rights activist and own no pokemon, though would hopefully have a pet umbreon who wants to be my pokemon…And if team galactic were a thing I’d join them and follow N to the end of the world and try to make it into a massive cult.


Well what do ya know… :joy:
Okay, so I would definitely become a Pokemon trainer and drop school and everything. I mean just because I would collect Pokemon, it doesn’t mean I would abuse them or hurt them. I certainly wouldn’t make them fight against their will, I would connect with them and let them make the decision of joining me on my quest to become the greatest Pokemon trainer after I’ve earned their respect. For the record I’m not a Poke-nerd…Now I’ll go crawl back under my rock.


“If Pokemon were really real” huh?
"What do you mean if ? :wink:


I would note that canonically Ash and company are not imprisoning pokemon against their wills. That’s the villain from the second movie; Ash and company mount an assault on his flying prison barge to rescue the legendary birds before his mad hubris and desire to treat living creatures as baubles to be owned brings about the end of the world. That’s a particularly dramatic example, but it’s a frequently reoccurring theme.

I’d probably not be very involved in the overall pokemon league; maybe live with one or two. Probably often daydream about becoming one of the servants of the great ancient legendaries, but never feel up to the task; they’ve usually got only one or two and are largely solitary.


man team rocket was so much fun , I found them hilarious…and really…watched the darn thing just to see how much trouble they get in .


I would probably befriend an Absol and then hang out with the Draconids or Team Magma.

Magma because Courtney is wife material.


Ok, so I am a pokemon nerd. I have the plushies and have been into it for nearly twenty years. So to those people saying you wouldn’t make them fight against their will, sorry but yeah you would. According to proto Mario it was established in black and white canon that poke balls make pokemon obey you. I’m visually impared, I can play pokemon games but can’t read text, so can’t verify this, but he did go in depth on the specific evidence

Edit: fyi I’m talking about the canon from the games. It’s been established the games and anime don’t line up perfectly, E.G in the first pokemon series canto’s geography is different from the games.


Well, I haven’t played Black and White, but in the early movies that’s very specifically not the case; the climax of the first movie is Mewtwo realizing that all the pokemon Mew is leading in battle against him are here voluntarily.


First i would mow my Grass every other day. Second i would by a Stun gun, a water pistol and A netgun with electrical discharge caps on them, a Dart rifle, rent a uhaul, and a bunch of cages. Some i would sell as pets, some i would sell to zoo, some foods Pokemon farming Pigey’s, and Magicarps (fish and chicken), and some well some i would hunt to extinction cuse they are just harmful.
oh and a small part of the profit ill use to teach kids proper stun-gun safety when walking near or in grass.


Edited my post, was talking specifically about game canon really. Plus maybe the poke balls make the pokemon think they’re doing it voluntarily?


WELP, time to become a five star pokemon chef.



You totally reminded me of this image for some reason.


Well, Pokemon aren’t exactly like animals, they are more intelligent. Once Ash assembles a connection with one, they agree to go into the poke ball. If it were the other way around they wouldn’t be helping Ash. You can’t force a Pokemon to fight.


oh geeze i remember that fresh battery hell. Was not worth it.


Gather a small army of pokemons, get a legendary one, conquer the world and be the new pokemon overlord until Arceus decides to appear and beat my ass up.