What Hogwarts house are YOU in?


As you probably know, everyone’s a mix of the four houses. I’d say my break down is like this:

40% Ravenclaw (Creativity, Curiosity, Intelligence) - Though I’m ranked in the top ten percent of my class academically and always gotten As and Bs, I’m very creative. I never cared about school very much; I rarely do homework and never studied in my life. However, I’m always thinking of unconventional ways to go about things and I’m very passionate about the things I enjoy. At 18, I’m already a published author who enjoys making music, playing strategic board games, and having debates. Though not particularly avid about knowledge itself, I’m fascinated by creativity and unique ideas. I love reading and I’m always curious about lists and stats.

25% Slytherin (Leadership, Cunning, Selfishness) - Though not selfish or cruel, I’m very proud, stubborn and cunning. I’m not a mean person, but I am quick to anger and almost always want the last word. I am also not afraid to bend the rules or the truth if I feel like no harm is being done, or if the person on the other end really deserves it.

20% Hufflepuff (Fair, Hard working, Kind) - Though I dislike humanity as a whole, I am very kind to animals. I’m a vegetarian and an animal advocate, having donated hundreds of dollars to animals in need and signed thousands of petitions. I am also a very hard worker; whenever I’m not writing or otherwise being productive, I feel like my time is being wasted.

15% Gryffindor (Chivalrous, Brave, Impulsive) - Though not particularly brave and very shy, I am never afraid to stand up for my beliefs or those being oppressed, and I am sometimes very impulsive.

Sorry for any typos; I’m on my phone.

Harry Potter House Quiz

I’d say something like this
Hufflepuff 30% I am almost stupidly loayal to my friends, if one of them is being picked on or is hurt I’m very quick to solve the problem by any means necessary. I am very kind to animals, but in the end unless it’s in my pack food is food. I’m not opposed to hard work in fact I actually enjoy it gives me something to occupy myself with. I’m not at all patient. So in the end I’m either very much for or very much opposed to Hufflepuff mentality

Ravenclaw 40% I almost never sudy, and am often to lazzy to do my homework but I never get less than a high B on tests or quiz. In my recreational time I tend to lean towards something that involves a good deal of intallect , like chess, a strategy game, or simply writing whatever comes to mind. And often spend hours reading books or articles on the internet about history, and science

Gryffindor 20% I’ll stand up for my friends in any situation, as for myself, and strangers not so much

Slytherin 10% I’m proud, I can be greedy, but I’m gullible, and not particularly charismatic


It almost seems like some of the things you mentioned in Hufflepuff would go better in Slytherin :stuck_out_tongue: but it seems like we have a lot in common as far as Ravenclaw goes.


@Samuel_H_Young yeah lol, my intent was to show some places where I conflicted with Hufflepuff as well, as I did with the other houses. Though my relationship with hufflepuff is more love hate than any of the others


Yeah :stuck_out_tongue: there are definitely varying personalities within each house because everyone’s a mix, instead of 100% one house.

Though I admit there are some awesome Slytherins (Slughorn, Snape, Mara) all the worst people of the world are undeniably Slytherins. (Slaughter house workers, dog fighters, rapists, etc)


Perhaps slaughter house owners people of all types are shot on jobs these days, and you have to feed your family, but I’ll agree with you that it’s immoral if not for the same reason as you, I don’t condemn them for killing an animal for food, but the way they are treated living in spaces to confined for them to move knee deep in their own fecal matter, and pumped full of hormones, that’s what is disapprove of. But I don’t want to derail your thread, feel free to message me if you would like to discuss it further


Ravenclaw- 50%
I’m a very academic person, and I always try to read and learn a lot outside of school, in my own time. Sports, on the other hand…

Slytherin- 10%
I may be a bit greedy, but apart from that I don’t have any Slytherin qualities.

Hufflepuff- 30%
I try to be as kind and fair to people as I can, and I’m also an animal lover. I also don’t mind hard work (not as in physically demanding work, but as in mentally demanding work that may take a long time to do), and I’m constantly being told that I’m a hard worker (probably because I work a lot) .

Gryfindor- 10%
Although I’m not easily scared, I’m extremely cautious and not very impulsive, and I don’t like arguing too much. I’m chivalrous in the holding-doors-open sense, but not at all in the dragonslaying sense.


Oh, yeah; I’m really cautious, too. Those are a good set of qualities. It looks like Ravenclaw is 3/3 :smiley:


Hey people where you find those percentages? I did those test years ago. And I like slythering and Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff well they are pathetic, but I’ am stubborn like them and patient worker.
Gryffindor I hate them. But I probably I’m easy to ram over people in my anger attacks. Like them


We make our own percentages :slight_smile: after all, we know ourselves best.

I wouldn’t say Hufflepuffs are stubborn :stuck_out_tongue: that’s more of Slytherin and Gryfindor.


Well, they are stubborn enough to keep trying win when they always lost lol. Poor fat yellow workers




Their ghost is a old fat drunken monk their house master is Sprout lol fat and not really brilliant . Helga Hufflepuff was a fat old woman with a good heart but not the greatest. THEY ALWAYS LOST LOL ALWAYS .


They’re kind, though :slight_smile:


yeah, loosers but happy loosers


Yo this is cool. I remember I actually calculated this a long time ago using weird algorithms back when I was into math.

50% Slytherin – I’m not a jerk or anything but I very very strongly believe in myself and my ability to effect change. This literally overrides everything thing else about myself because without that stupid belief in myself nothing would ever get done. Also Green is a pretty color.

30% Hufflepuff – I’m stupid nice to everyone I meet to the point where it creeps most people out. Woop woop.

20% Ravenclaw – I’m quick to learn and very creative (just you guys wait for my new game), though I’m not an ‘academic’ by any sense of the word.

0% Gryffindor – Yeah IDK I am brave and chivalrous and impulsive, but all three of those things are more side-effects of Slytherin/Hufflepuff traits than being things on their own.


And we have

It’s cool to see that those of us who identify as Slytherin or close to Slytherin have their better qualities (charisma, cunning, leadership, stubborness, pride, etc) instead of "GAHHH I like to bully little kids and kick puppies and I don’t know how to spell my middle name!)

I used to take sorting quizes, but they were all all innacurate, so I just sort myself. Oh how I wish the Sortibg Hat and Hogwarts were real :frowning:


Isn’t there supposed to be an actual test to determine this? Does anybody have a link or something?




I’m pretty sure none of us used a test, but there are dozens around the internet. Most of them are horribly made, though. Like "OH, YOUR FAVORITE COLOR IS YELLOW? YOU MUST BE A HUFFLEPUFF!) Either way, you know yourself better than a short quiz.