What have been your CoG highlights this year?


So anyway, 2012 has been great so far! Lots of great releases so far, along with lots of releases coming: Way walkers sequel, Zombie Exodus part 5, Blood for Poppies, and lots of others! so with the apparent Apocalypse behind us and new year’s tonight I have two questions for you all:

1.Favorite CoG game released this year

2.Favorite CoG being released

  1. favourite COG released this year
    Zombie Exodus part 4

  2. Favourite COG Being released
    Zombie Exodus part 4 updated and 5
    Choice of Vampire p2
    Choice of Romance p3 (maybe realistically 2014)

  1. The Fleet

  2. I hope Vendetta releases in 2013, or Unnatural


The games have been phenomenal, but I’m most excited about all the people I’ve gotten the chance to communicate with on the site.

Zombie Exodus part 4

Choice of Vampire part 2
Zombie Exodus

There’s a lot of other really great games that I haven’t put on the list. It’s not comprehensive, sadly.

  1. ZE Part IV

  2. Vendetta (?) And Vampire Part 2

I get the impression unnatural is a way off from release yet? But I’d love to see that to! I’d actually love to see a lot of the forum games release in 2013. Blood for Poppies, Raven’s Loft, Heal, Etc Etc


@CJW I agree – lots of amazing WIPs on the horizon. We need more Hosted Games!


1 ZE amazing except Emma
2 Empowered

  1. Way Walkers, probably.
  2. Sabres of Infinity or Choice of Vampires Part 2.


@Drazen I’m glad I’m not the only one excited for Way Walkers

@MaraJade It wouldn’t be the same without you if not for your hatred for Emma!

@JimD & @CJW You guys are right we need more stuff hosted! But lots of people who don’t know about the forum are getting pretty impatient about new hosted stuff release dates. I have a friend who reacted like this when I told her about the forum

  1. Zombie Exodus - hands down my favourite CoG game.
  2. Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster - my favourite upcoming game.

Honorable mentions to Blood for Poppies, Sabres of Infinity, as games I’m keeping an eye on.

Personal mentions for @CJW for coming up with the new save system and also @Pale_Strider for coming with really awesome artwork both for my game and others.

There are many more games coming out, heres to 2013 The Year of the CoG


Way Walkers! I love that game but I forgot it on my list.


So many sequels… It’s gonna be a great year!

  1. Vendetta Demo, absolutely love it, cant wait for full game
  2. Resonance, if it comes out I expect it will be GREAT. Though I also loved Eight Thrones, I’m not sure when it will be out (:

Either way, I like seeing how many new games are coming and hope the site keeps expanding. Happy New Years everyone <3


1)Zombie Exodus, part 4; I’m pretty sure I don’t have to say why.
2)~Terminal; I love its innovative concept.


1.) Zombie Exodus (Part Four)
2.) Vendetta, or Resonance


I know a release date is nowhere close, but I really liked The Seven Winds WIP. There’s a lot of good games I’m leaving out because I haven’t had the chance to play them, though.