What happened to LOVE AT ELEVATION?

I thought I saw Love at Elevation releasing on October 18th at the COG upcoming releases thread but the last time I checked, it’s not there. Just curious 'cause I’ve been pretty excited about it for a while.


Its not on the choice game release schedule anymore

Hey, you’re right. I think I remember them asking for beta- testers a while ago.

@moderators There is exactly another thread whit exactly same title

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Yeah what happened

I don’t have any particular knowledge of the situation, but it is almost certain to be some variation of “the author and editors are revising it and improving it.”


I noticed it when I got up this morning and I have been wondering why it was completely removed. Most games usually get pushed back a few days or a couple weeks.

I hope it gets released soon. I have been looking forward to this since I heard of it.


I was really looking forward to this game. Anyons knows why it was removed from list?Or when it will be released?

I bet there’s a good chance that the author and editors have decided to do so much extra editing to it that it’ll be pushed back to a 2019 release.

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It’s also not there in the 2019 lineup.

Well, shit.


It could also be so far back in 2019 that they don’t have an idea where it should go yet. Or…it’s going to be the first in the Heart’s Choice line, right? Maybe it’d get a new topic for that?

…has CoG actually ever canceled an announced game that we know of? That seems unlikely so close to release, though.


I hope you’re right about it just being transferred to another thread for the Heart’s Choice line.

No, I don’t believe a game has ever been cancelled. If you check Mary Duffey’s last post in the beta thread she is addressing the concerns/issue that you have to go out with all the ROs apparently and can’t stick to one or something like that. Anyway, if I remember correctly she said this wasn’t going to change…maybe the team changed their minds? Personally I hadn’t heard these concerns before, but I wasn’t beta testing the game, just checking out the thread, so not sure how big of a complaint this was.
Anyway if you’re interested check out the original thread asking for beta testers to see her post, especially as it was a long time since she posted there and I read it if again I’m remembering correctly.


I vaguely remember someone talking about how the game was horribly coded and neigh playable. Also i got the impression Mary wanted to strangle the game.


Rather than speculate without any information, and generally for the same reason we don’t ask HG authors for updates about games that haven’t updated in a while, let’s give the writer and editors some time and space to do their stuff.


Love at Elevation is going to be released as a Hosted Game, we hope in the near future. This game was an experiment for us, as our first romance/dating sim, and it was developed differently than we typically develop Choice of Games titles. In the end, we felt the final result was different enough that we’re going to release it on Hosted rather than Choice of Games.

We’re still developing titles for the upcoming Heart’s Choice romance line, and I can share that while these will also be different from Choice of Games titles (we’ll allow genderlocking and sexuality locking for Heart’s Choice), these titles are also going to be sufficiently different from Love at Elevation that we don’t plan to release L@E on Heart’s Choice.