What genre of game do you feel is most in need of more representation?

Showdown at Willow Creek lets you start the game already in a relationship with one of three out of five ROs, and you can only romance two of those three ROs if you choose to be with them from the start.
Supernatural in New York has the “best of both worlds”, given that you have the “enter the relationship” stage and the “being in a relationship” stage in the “current” demo. You can still play it on dashingdon but I think it got moved to twine and I am unsure if the author is working on it at the moment.

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Just my opinion, but I believe Wayhaven’s popularity has more to do with the fact that it has been, thus far, the only romance-focused game to be published with a variety of LIs. The LIs are tropey as hell, but there’s a trope for most people.

The romances (or friendships, if you prefer no romance) are weaved into the story to the point where there’s no way to disentangle them. The “slow burn” part of it is one of those things that appeal to some and don’t appeal to others, but the overall romance-focus of the game appeals to all who play it (hell, it’s why most Wayhaven fans play it). I hate the slow burn aspect, as do many others. Waiting five or six books to finally get a relationship with a LI is ridiculous and passes by “slow burn” into the “so frustrating you’d have more fun if you beat your head into a wall repeatedly” category. But it’s all we’ve got and, when the only LIs who appeal to you to read are the ones who are stuck in ‘MC means nothing to me’ mode for several years, then you suck it up and play it.

I have really high hopes for The Fernweh Saga, because even in the demo, it feels like there is progress and your MC is getting closer to the characters/LIs. That’s nice.

Awesome game. Well, demo. The author is moving it to Twine, but I haven’t seen anything over on itch.io about it yet. She seems to be focusing more on the Arthur story, which doesn’t appeal to me as much. Hopefully, she’ll work on Supernatural soon!

Never played Showdown at Willow Creek. Probably because it’s gender locked to male. I tend to avoid that unless it’s a video game.

Thanks for letting me know! I don’t know why I thought that. I guess I know what I’m doing tonight now. :grin:


It’s not gender locked to male btw - you can play as a woman in that one.


I’m thinking of perhaps a relatively simple game set in High School or College which tries to recapture both the nostalgia and the feel of those bygone days of our youth. Nothing special, no fantasy elements, no superhero stuff, and etc. But just a simple game which tries to recapture the feeling of developing and getting to know oneself when it comes to romance, life, and etc.

Perhaps this belongs more in an idea thread or something but I just felt it needed saying since all the games that I know of that are set in High School or College have some sorta extra twist to it—be it superpowers, supernatural, fantasy, and etc.


Slice-of-life games are rather rare to come by here. There is An Office Romance Game, but it’s gender-locked female and has been on hiatus for a while now. There is also A Long Weekend, but because it apparently deals with some heavy themes, and I’m struggling enough already as it is in real life, I haven’t read that one yet.

There are two twine games I absolutely adore that are slice-of-life, Aquarium and Thanksgiving written by @HannahPS, but because the MC has a preset past in crime, they don’t really scratch the itch of a mundane slice-of-life game for me. Still a very cute and interesting read.

I’m also trying to write my own slice-of-life game, but process is very slow because I always fear that it is too boring :smiling_face_with_tear:


Have you checked When Life Gives You Lemons (7/6/2022) (WIP) for slice of life’ing?


I absolutely forgot about that one :joy: I started reading it and was like “Yes very good, I will read this later” and then I just didn’t do it :person_facepalming: Thank you for reminding me!


Another thing that I haven’t seen at all are games that are more…meta. The Strongest Writer, should it make the queue, is shaping up to be a funny version of this genre. I’ll admit I’ve had some ideas for a game of this type, as well.


Creatures Such As We felt pretty meta to me.

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It did, sort of, but it got so philosophical I kind of lost the thread of what was going on

Haha, I agree, but I think there’s been lots of interest in the slice-of-life genre recently.

I enthusiastically second When Life Gives You Lemons, and you might also want to check out Leftski’s IFs (fantasy slice-of-life, but still! really well-written and sweet.)

Also, shameless plug for my own slice-of-life, Merry Crisis, where you head home for the holidays, hang out with fam, pursue various romances, and try not to implode. Of course, College tennis: origin story could kinda fit the ‘slice-of-life’ label too, since there’s a fair amount of just chillin’ and being a college student in it, but it does have sports - so. take that as you will.


I’d say there is a distinct lack of gothic horror type vampies, werewolves and demons. Most of the ones in CSGs are very much more modern interpretations and have very little horror. There are a couple of exceptions but they’re rare. True horror (in any style) is definitely under represented in CSGs.

Me too! A lot of folklore is seriously dark and creepy. Would like to see a lot more of it appear on here. (I wrote one on rusalka, and another on each uisge, really like doing little snippets on dark mythology but they don’t seem to have the same following as lighter mythology and tales. I really need to get Abysm’s veil done which runs dark, and see how it is received.)

I thought of another one I’d love to see which is space exploration style CSGs. Something set in a world like star trek with a bit of danger, diplomacy, exploration, etc. Basically focusing on exploring the galaxy more than anything else.


I don’t know, one might struggle with making vampires, werewolves and even demons scary these days :rofl: after all the dating sims and movies. We might need more material or approach.
Wendigo’s been promising so far, memes from horny people aside. That too will someday be less terrifying and more humanized (already is, probably).
People’s need to relate to monsters is fascinating.


I do feel like there’s been too much focus on the sparkly, vampires type of thing, and not on the old vampire from the folklore, the type of vampires that feed upon emotions and thoughts instead of blood, can control the very forces of the weather, or more like Eldridge beings, then your usual good looking, blood sucking fiend


Well, if you want completely unrelatable eldritch horrors, there’s always Cthulhu…


oh hell no


oh? :eyes: Those look very promising, thank you for recommending me these!

Always go for the shameless plug of your own games :joy: I haven’t read it yet, because the complexity of loving your family, even though they can drive you absolutely nuts at times, is something people should write more of, but I don’t think I can stomach that right now. I do plan to read it in the future but at the moment I think I would like something that is a bit more tooth-rotting fluff when it comes to family :sweat_smile:


Would like to see some secret agent story, like 007 or U.N.C.L.E., not quite action filled, more like a thriller with a Double agent on enemy lines.

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Would like to see more fairytale IFs. There are so few of them.
Would like to see more dystopian science fiction. I love that genre.
Space exploration, aliens, and androids sound cool also.
Also, I know interactive fiction is over-saturated with fantasy IFs, but I still love them since fantasy is my favorite genre. So I don’t want to see people stop making them.


Yep, I’d like to see much more of that in games too and it potentially is much more difficult than saving the world. One of my fave DS9 quotes….from Odo of all the characters is about exactly that:

Agree with that too…so long as I can play gay male mc’s, which is really incredibly rare in fairytales. In my knowledge of the more commonly known ones the princes function more as plot devices or rewards/prices than actual characters.

Yes please!


Ah, the ‘Coupling’ had the last laugh considering Odo end up falling for the Major :grin:

Also, while on the subject: I’ll say hm, how about a murder mystery? Thriller? A more haunted house would be nice.

I like when a story make you think, and get you hooked trying to figure out what’s going on you know?