What game has terrified you the most?


I don’t scare easily, but something about the music and premise of 999 (the first game in Zero Escape - 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors) really messed me up.

I still get a little jumpy when I see a gasmask, though that irrational terror has abated in the 8 years or so since I first played.

The entire series is fantastic, with a wonderfully convoluted storyline, but the first one is the best. That one Clover ending CG haunts my nightmares


I have to agree. When I first played 999, I mostly can’t sleep since I was paranoid that I might be kidnapped and be forced to participate in this kind of experiment same with Dangan Ronpa. This kind of situation is possible in real life though, you can’t deny that so the level of terror is a bit real.


I don’t really play horror games, but I did play Alien Isolation, and yeah. That scared the hell out of me. Actually the most recent Tomb Raider game too. There was a sequence right near the beginning where I was trapped underwater, and nearly drowned. That scared me too.

Honorable mention to the Boys of Silence in Bioshock Infinite for the best jump scare ever. It comes at the same place everytime, and it made me scream everytime I played it.


Outlast, some might say its overrated in lieu of the somewhat disappointing sequel but the original really scared or at the very least quite disturbed me.

Can anyone recommend something scarier than Outlast (barring Alien Isolation)?


the suffering ? its a horror game…

All I remember…was it was Gory though :sweat_smile:

oh…and whats its name…FEARPENUMBRA (though its a horror survivor…like you use stuff to escape…no shooting)…and…the last one…omg…I forgot the name . DOOM3

Silent Hill and resident evil are both a serie of games , so if you wanna play a game and many sequel…and good ones . Those are a must .

Ohh Left4Dead ?

Disclaimer: I didn’t play these! lol I’m a wimp! but I lived with someone who eat scary stuff for breakfast! my friend was more into shooting horror…games like Penumbra pissed her off lol cose she hated the whole ‘hide-and-seek’’ .


FEAR, Doom 3, and Left 4 Dead are all action games with a horror aesthetic. L4D in particular is not even remotely scary thanks to the fact you play it Co Op with your buds.


So you know the boss Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 ? Well apparently someone added the song X Gon’ Give it To Ya to start playing whenever he show’s up I can’t decide if it’s to make him less terrifying or more. I put this in GaaaaaMeeeeees also but I figured it should go here since this is primarily Horror games


well some peoples still consider those scary! maybe not you…but I would .

Take alien isolation , on steam I remmeber most complain was it wasn’t a shooter (thnx god it wasnt!) .

How about recommanding real scary ones then ? :wink:


I agree 2 wasn’t as good as 1 and whistleblower, I hope Red Barrels does better with 3.


I am interested to see what they will do with 3, if it will feel more like 1 or an improvement of 2.

Forgot about Whistleblower, that arguably topped even 1 for me, I don’t think it can get scarier than that.

I liked Evil Within 2 quite a lot, but I remember more of the story than the scares.


Yeah I didn’t really like Blake,I thought Miles was the better Protagonist. Marta was a pretty memorable villain to me at least. Not Chris Walker memorable but probably below him.


Five nights at Freddy’s–the first part. Damn that scared the living hell out of me


Outlast. To this day, im still not far in that game.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl during the underground labs, Metro series only the shadow people parts, Bioshock 1 and some other games that I forgot.

All in all I’m more of a fan of games where it’s the atmospere that unsettles you and not jumpscares.


The first time I played Evil Within I was terrified.
Then I sort of developed a sick crush on the serial killer villain.

But the Evil Within 2? Omg. The fucking side quest sequence with the Anima had me fearing for my life. Like I actually went into fight or flight I think. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

Have a video of the first encounter with her. Good god.

Idk how I did it at 2 am in my dad’s pitch black house in the middle of the woods, in an office surrounded by windows. Uh-uh. No.


Resident Evil 4. While it didn’t have typical zombies, the villagers themselves freaked me out. Especially the chainsaw guy that one-shot you no matter what.


The letter. That pale girl with the black hair was terrifying. I know its common in a lot of movies, but it always scares me.


I normally avoid anything what’s labelled as horror. So given that I don’t recall of a PC game terrifying me (and in the last few years I didn’t even play PC games at all), tho I admint that reading Highlands, Deep Waters from Hosted Games was kinda scary for me. It had a certain atmosphere to it and then that jump scary pic about that monster thing (I don’t remember what it was called) almost made me throw my phone and quit the game leaving my playthrough unfinished.


Oh God. I loved Highlands, but that scene freaked me out so bad, even moreso considering I was reading it alone, at night, with only my lamp on :confused:

Speaking of Resident Evil, RE7: Biohazard was pretty spooky to start off with but got kinda predictable as with all horrors so :man_shrugging: It was mostly the gore that got me anyway.

It’s gonna sound stupid but Kingdom Hearts used to freak me out as a kid, so much so that my best friend had to complete the entirety of the first few worlds for me and ended up becoming a bigger fan for a time :persevere: The woods in Wonderland were horrifying and the heartless jumping out gave 5 year old me a heart attack.


When i was a kid my dad let me play halo combat evolved and the sudden change from bright alien fighting to facing the flood in an enclosed space was what terrified me the most out of any game ive played