What game has terrified you the most?


The first Dead Space game when the necromorphs burst out of vents always gave me a heart attack or when they sneak up on you when you are outside the ship or have the airlocks open.


I think the Outlast series is pretty terrifying. Certain Resident Evil Games have good atmosphere. Personally I think FNAF is overrated and “scary” only because it uses jump scares repeatedly.


For me I’ll always always be scared of the clickers from The Last of Us, the game itselfs it’s not scary I mean is more about survival with a few jumpscares here and there, but oh my god I will NEVER forget the extremely terrifying sound the clickers made and how everytime I heard them while playing I got goosebumps all over my body.


The scariest moments that I can remember now would be in “Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloddlines”, that is the closesd what I play of a hooror game. it is an old RPG where you are, well a vampire, and other supernature beings exist. Two sections where horrifying for me. The first was a haunted hotel “The Ocean House”. Creepy atmosphere, persons, that appear right when you turn around and disappeare in the blink of an eye, children laughing and screaming. so classic, but still the first time I stopped playing the game and tried it next morning.
After that, there was the section where you are on a mountain, right next to an observatory, where you are attacked by a giant werewolf, and you have to stay alive, until the elevatore is there for you too escape. Fighting is pointless, outside is suicide because the werewolf is faster then you, so you must flee into the building where that beast breaks through the walls and chases after you anyway, what as a howl send me into panic, and you have survive like this 3 minutes!


Silent Hill 2


The infected in Dead Island terrified me when I first heard them I wanted to run the opposite direction. It doesn’t help that they remind me of the infected in 28 Days Later. Also Dying Light was pretty frightening. I didn’t like having to do missions at night.


Everyone’s listing off these genuinely spooky games but the only one to actually make me scream was Rugrats: Search for Reptar :sweat: Granted, I was a kid but have you seen Mr Friend?



I hate zombies . Even if they are slow in resident evil…

the one that scared me for life…was in the game THIEF…there was this mound like…and…omg…the zombie came to life…in the dark…I was so scared…I uninstalled the game and never touched it again…:sweat_smile:

oh for all you lover of zombies…I recommand this movie (watched it with a friend lol)…

train to busan.


I can deal with normal slow zombies but if I hear them screaming or roaring at the top of their lungs and they run like they’re part of a track team. I have to stop the game and walk away and I’m a person that laughs at the stupidity of people in horror movies/games.


then dont play the secret world MMO…which I do…lol…

they have all of kind of monster…but zombies? they run…they freaking run!


Non-horror games:

Fallout 3, Since I am never aware of my surroundings so I easily get surprised and/or ambushed. First person POV is not for me.

Skyrim, same as above. I always yell when I suddenly get attacked…

And Dragon Age: Origins, those.gosh.darn.SPIDERS popping up out of fricking nowhere!

Hakuouki, an otome vn game in which the army suddenly started yelling loudly and I fell backwards on my bed in shock. It got me good :expressionless:

Horror games:

Outlast I + Whistleblower, jumpscares!
Resident Evil series, also jumpscares!


In general zombie games scare me, all Resident Evil really scared me.

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I played RE 6, only the part with Leon, and I liked it very much, but when I was wandering in the part after the university in the parking unterground thing, I wasn’t watching where I went, and then these Metal detector Frames went haywire and then there were zombies everywhere. So fucking scary, I woke up at night, because of our fire alarm going on. I remember having thought, no smell of smoke no fire, but then I thought zombies where coming. My bf burst out into laughter and even today several years later, reminds me of this occasionally^^


To be honest, I find all horror games scary. You can’t see me playing them since I have a very active imagination and it will keep me up all night.
But some of the games I played have some terrifying moments especially those spiders in DA 2 and DA Inquisition. They seem to be coming out of nowhere. :joy:


whats with everyone being scared of spider? I mean , sure…in real life…I be a total wimp…

but in a game ? nope . I even want them as a pet! cose…they fit that necro image so well…:smirk:


I don’t really play horror games, but I like immersive sims so I played Prey (the semi-recent one) and it reminded me why I don’t play horror games. The mimics freaked me out so much, both in terms of “quick skittering shadow-creatures” and “oh yeah anything in this room could secretly be a monster.”


I prefer seeing spiders in real life to be honest except the poisonous ones and the really big ones.
The in-game ones are human size big that you could see their many legs and eyes. shiver


I was honestly only bothered on the hardest difficulty where I had to rely on stealth more, one memorable moment is when I had to do a qte to bust down a door after sneaking past a bloated one, so he was walking up on me while I was doing it.

In general games do frighten me more when I’m stressed with sneaking past a difficult enemy. Otherwise it’s all childhood stuff like big daddies, big sisters, and area 51’s opening missions.


Even the thought of Snowball dropping down beneath Caer Bronach gives me the shivers, I haven’t gone back down there since my first playthrough :persevere:


Are you talking about Tarantulas or the bird/snake eating ones in Australia ? Personally I like spiders and I have some Tarantulas and I enjoy seeing them in games (I just appreciate the effort the developers put into making them creepy or how they stand out visually) I can’t stand Clowns I’m not scared of them I just don’t like them. I don’t like Clown Zombies like in Left 4 Dead.