What game has terrified you the most?


The scariest game I’ve played is probably F.E.A.R… that little girl… scared me quite a few times :sweat:


I guess I am the only one immune to horror games.


Little buster’s reaction as to why he doesn’t take out Cook-cook is rather interesting. I agree about Vault 22, though…


I don’t play a whole lot of scary games but the one that really scared me was the asylum in Thief. Small things like the main door opening by itself, a cup appearing in a statue’s formerly empty hand, a wheelchair sliding its way across a room and then when you look through the keyhole…someone stares back at you. And then some Gollum-like creatures who can take like 6 or 7 heavy-shafted arrows to the neck just to top it off.


I full on screamed at Alien Isolation, excellent game, very few scripted moments, which made it all the more scary as there was no security playing through the same bit twice. (Play it alone and in the dark, preferably with a headset for the full effect)

Also Hellblade had some really spine-chilling moments.

Both excellent and under-appreciated games!


that damn radar locator…Grrrr…dot dot dot dot…More scary then what’s coming :sweat_smile:


I had a friend like that , you know . Watch the worst horror movies without blinking . She told me , Boredom…is her worst fear ! So watch it ! you aint immune to everything :grin:


Subnautica - I have thalassophobia. Great game though.

Alien Isolation - This game was such a nerve racking experience. The alien, those freaking androids. Just perfect.

The Ocean House Hotel in Vampires: The Masquerade Bloodlines.

And the most terrifying moment i experienced in games yet? Black and White 2. The “name-whispering” - easter egg scared the living hell out of me (I was 8 years old at that time). Didn´t play it for atleast half a year after that :sweat_smile:


Sanitarium was amazing back in the day along with the old Silent Hill game and Resident evil 1 and 2 were great fear 1 gave some good scares and dead space 1 there where some good scary moments in the old fallout games as well.


Probably outlast 2 or when i was a child, Silent Hill 2 was a traumatic experience


Oh, thank fuck. I always thought I was alone in this. Fallout: NV scared me shitless, more than Outlast or anything of the sort ever managed to. It wasn’t even the horrific vaults I never went more than 10 steps in to, but just walking through the wasteland was always eerie and creepy. I ended up spending 75% of my time in cities which was wasteful so I just stopped playing the game.


The mutated animals, Centaurs and some abominations scare me to death. And there’s plenty of them in the wastes.


When i was young, definitly Fear that holiday scene in the Dlc scarred me pretty bad or mayb i was just a wimp cause i also didnt want to leave the vault in fallout 3 intro

Stumbled into the raider occupied school so i drop the game for several weeks until i found megaton phew


One of the games that have terrified me is Dead by Daylight which is a fun game as I have played this game with my friends to call it is even more fun. You can check it out this game where one player takes on the role of the savage Killer, and the other four players play as Survivors, trying to escape the Killer and avoid being caught, tortured and killed.


As I am quite old, the game that I loved and could never play through was Elvira 2- Jaws of Cerberus. And that for several reasons, it had some jumps scares that if you had a slow reaction meant instadeath(common thing back then) but the most annoying scary thing, were the monsters tha could attack you from every side(normally and today not a big thing, but I always disliked playing those games with sound, because it made them scarier, so I just did not realize, when I was getting attacked and so died a lot because of this, or had been turning around like mad so I lost every orientation, my own fault, I know^^). I am still not very good in first person games^^


omg yes and yes!

I remmeber that part…I did it SOOO fast…had to get out of there…

the painting shaking…stuff thrown around and the ghost werent scary…unnerving…but once you go down…and see the guy with an axe…that was it…time to bolt trough a wall…:sweat_smile:


I CAN’T stand horror games in general so I don’t play them but FANF games terrify me and I’VE never played one!


The new remake of Resident Evil 2 had me shook at the “lickers” first encounter. :scream::grimacing:


I’m very easily scared, and yet I play scary bits in games anyway! The hotel in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines scared me so much that I had to get @FayI to play it with headphones on while I looked the other way. Vault 22 hits a particular body horror squick of mine so that was terrifying. Episode 2 of Season 1 of The Walking Dead by Telltale scared me to a not-sleeping level…


Any game where I have to be face to face with real people is the scariest fucking game I’ve ever played.

If it has to be a video game though… I don’t play horror games, real life is plenty horrifying enough for me thanks. I don’t enjoy games where the main point of getting to know characters is that you’ll feel worse when they inevitably die in some gruesome fashion. I guess the ending of Metro 2033 was pretty scary, and playing a marine in the original Aliens Vs Predator was pretty anxiety inducing, and while AVP2 was more of an action movie style story it still had some pretty creepy moments before the action started. I mean, I’ve played a few games with jump scares, and those have definitely “Got” me, but jump scares aren’t really the same as being terrified. They’re just an unpleasant surprise.