What game has terrified you the most?


Lore behind games…


Resident Evil 7. The ooze covered rooms.
I kind of got used to the monsters at some point but I have this thing about black ooze.


Only one game did it for me, and it is quite old. The ghost house in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines


I’ve only ever seen Marik Plays Bloodlines, and even I got spooked at the ghost house.

Luckily Slenderman showed up in the middle of the quest to bug Marik and Bakura, and also distract the audience from the terror they were witnessing. :smiley:


Currently the letter. It has the ring looking woman, which psychologically terrified me as a child.

Recently, I showed my nieces the game, the Yawhg. It had no scary people, no scary monster, no blood, and no deaths shown, but the atmosphere was scary enough that they were afraid of a creature that was never shown.


I have generalized anxiety and a really sensitive nervous system, so anything that relies on jump-scares or otherwise keeping the player on edge is really, really effective for me.
So I don’t generally play horror games, and I usually use the mod that lets you skip the hotel in Bloodlines.

Some weird things can trigger it:
I often (but not always) play the fallout and elder scroll games in God Mode, as the constant feeling that I could die any second ruins the experience for me.
I had to stop playing Diablo II, back in my teenage years, as the strangely deserted, depressive vibe/feeling/atmosphere caused me to have panic attacks on multiple occasions. I replayed it a few years back with no trouble.


So, I’m never scared in games. I’m generally apathetic because I can get past the fact it isn’t real. But there have been some times I’ve been creeped out:
-DDLC. I won’t say more because that game disturbed me.
-More recently, there was a moment in Far Cry 5. Gonna quote TvTropes on that one:

There’s another red balloon inside the attic of the haunted house in the Henbane River region, with this note that you find alongside it…

You have the fear of god you need the of THE DEVIL you need to FEAR IT you take a young person and take their body and mind you use their empty corpses to find more young people whose bodies you can steal no no NO no no you will wish your mind was scooped out of your body because when IT is through with your bodies YOU WON’T WANT THEM ANYMORE.

In the room with this note is a bed with shackles and what looks like fresh blood, and you can catch a glimpse of someone watching you from that same room before you first enter the building…

The haunted house itself is filled with Jump Scares. Notably, the dummies used in the various scares appear to simply humans rigged up like dummies, not actual dummy models. At first, one would think this would just be Ubisoft being lazy and recycling human models, but then you get to the upper room and find what you see above, along with a bathtub full of gore. It would be around this point that you realize that Ubisoft wasn’t being lazy…they knew exactly what they were doing.


SOMA probably scared me the most. Not for the robots, not for the isolation, and not for the atmosphere. But for the ocean. I’m terrified of the ocean. There are parts in it where you go outside the station into the open water and the only light you can see are little blue orbs that could be lights leading the way or robot anglerfish leading you away from safety and farther into the depths. Game was a 10/10 but it was scary as heck for me.


Playing Call of Duty zombies when I was 9 changed me forever… The World at War intro cutscene always managed to freak me out back then.


The first time I played Evil Within I was terrified. I am a masochist at heart and always play at night.

In the end I grew to love the characters that I wasn’t scared anymore. Ruvik IS my profile pic.

The second one scared the shit out of me. The ghost lady, the anima fucked me up. The first time I encountered her I actually screamed. And I’ve never screamed during a game. Here’s a link for those daring enough. I can take zombies or vampires or dismember asylum people. I don’t fuck with no ghosts.

Layers of fear got me a few times. I also adore outlast and Resident Evil 7. I always play when it gets dark though. I turn off all the lights and turn up the sound.

I’m just crazy like that.

I love the adrenaline rush.


Ironic enough, I can walk through an entire four star rated haunted house with a straight face and normal blood pressure but when I played Outlast and Araya, I’m pretty sure I no longer had a heart. And playing Resident Evil 7 with VR I may or may not have had to change my pants.


I always wanted to play Fallout New Vegas. I’m a console player and my PS3 is only… 8GB :frowning: I was going to get a hard drive, but I never got around to it.

When I was in high school I was always scared about playing Slender. I dunno, I only played it once and it was enough for me not to touch it again haha
It’s ironic because some of the responses like Evil Within, Outlast, Resident Evil etc, never really did anything to me.
Slender is a very simple game, I guess it just left more of the fear factor to focus on.


just to clarify: are you talking about this game?


Yes. It’s a great game, but that ring like girl scares me.


The gross bugs in borderlands :mask: more disgusted then scared though


yeah, I play a lot of visual novels and I really enjoyed The Letter. I only did one play through though because the game is like… super long. I think I might need a walkthrough or something to get the other endings.

I can’t say I relate to your fear. When I first watched The Ring, I was already 18… 19, so I guess I was lucky in that respect. Didn’t even really find out about it until later on.


When I was a wee tot. Area 51 (up until the monster transformation), and the suffering (up until the monster transformation), Bioshock 1 and 2 starting out (the big sis and daddy’s but I got over that when I progressed, so up until the power upgrades)


Ocean House Hotel, right? Yeah, that place also genuinely spooked the shit out of me.

As for what game terrified me the most, it depends. I’ll list off both horror games (which are expected to terrify you), and games which weren’t exactly of the horror genre but still had content which spooked me.

In terms of horror games, there’s both Neverending Nightmares and SCP: Containmant Breach.

The former is game where, you guessed it, you’re in a neverending cycle of nightmares which keep getting more anr more demented as you go on. I remember one scene specifically, where the main character pierced his arm with his finger and tore out his own vein. Out of all the screwed up shit in the game that stuck with me, that one was the most vivid of them all. I guess the main issue is that it can get a bit too gorey at times, though it’s only in rare occasions so I tend to just stomach through them.

The latter is a game where you’re stuck in a research/military outbreach facility which houses anomalies that violate natural law, and said anomaliea have managed to escaped. They breached their containmant, if you will. I find the game horrifying yet fascinating: every monster really is unique and it’s a joy to read up on them and fimd out more about their origins, abilities and how to contain them. The only problem I have is that, while the game isn’t jumpscare central, a few of the monsters do rely mainly on startling you in order to spook you.

As for games other than horror, there’s the aforementioned Ocean House Hotel which was the bane of my childhood. River Twygz Bed from Super Paper Mario also traumatized me. Fallout: New Vegas, despite it’s cheery exterior with all the jazz music and flashy casinos, also had some moments of genuine horror to it, like the infamous pyro-rapist Cook-cook, or Vault 22.


Outlast tops it all for me


Heh only scary thing for me was when game crashed and last save was like 4h ago also corruption of save files