What game has terrified you the most?


My favorite topic to discuss about, because there’s plenty of those games for me. I’ll go first!

No horror game has scared me nearly as bad as Fallout: New Vegas. And Vault 22.
For those who don’t know… Vault 22 is crawling with hostile humanoid creatures labelled Spore Carriers. They are green and hide into green plants. They don’t show up in V.A.T.S. (yeah, spammed my button pointlessly), they hide very well, basically. I literally wasted around 200-250 shots just firing at plants, making sure there were no enemies that could jumpscare me. The worst of all is that they’re fast. And lunge. God, I am an absolute coward, but I don’t even go to the place on new playthroughs.

Anyways, your experience doesn’t have to be a certain enemy, it’d be nice if you could describe what scared you the most in any game!

(Did I mention you can hear faint whispers in Vault 22 too? Oh, add that to the list).


Heh…Subnautica. Pretty much all of it, but dear god the leviathans. On top of that the atmosphere makes you feel immensely vulnerable, which is horrifying.


I haven’t played it. Can you describe a specific moment since I don’t have an idea as to what you mean?


FORTNITE seeing a john wick starting running at you with a pump scariest thing youll ever see


Both Outlast games pretty much all game I’m like “nope” :joy:


Alien Isolation . Loved the game and mannnnnnnn it was scary . You pretty much tip toes the whole time , and your heart beating so loudly…you keep saying ‘shuttup! I can’t hear the alien sneaking on meh!’’ :sweat_smile:


It’s funny that non-horror games scare me more than horror ones.


Hidden for those that don’t wish to see some spoilers.


Well for the atmosphere, you are a human on a world that is 90% or more water. Which you need to explore if you want to survive and move the story forward. So there’s you, this fleshy little thing that needs to come up for air periodically or you will die. There are also creatures that are faster and stronger then you that will get you if you aren’t careful.

A moment…Alright, you’re swimming over to your crashed space ship to see if you can scavenge anything interesting. You hear a noise (or don’t, which is way worse, dear god) you look around and see a MASSIVE HORROR SHOW HEADING IN YOUR DIRECTION.

OH did i forget to bring up the fact that if you’re in a sub they’ll GRAB IT AND JERK IT AROUND?!

Also, there are worse creatures down there…


Oh, great. Still can’t change my mind about Spore Carriers being the worst of the worst though!


That sound like Ark! Getting chased by a Trex…SO MUCH FUN! :grin:


Honestly that would probably scare me less. A little less…


Until you notice you only have your fist to fight back with ! and they called some buddies to join the party :laughing:


Well…that’s fair.

Underwater stuff is the worst though. shudders


Everything that is big and strong is laughable for me. Small, lunging fast monsters?
Better call 911.


well truth be told…it really depand what one consider as fear . I had a friend who never blinked at horror movies and slept like a baby…where I…I could use a life time therapy to get some sleep after watching one .


The ghouls in Fallout 4 are pretty dang creepy. :thinking:


lol I’m with you there . At least something big , you can see it coming from miles away . But something small and cunning…it can get you before you have time to say ‘what!’ .


Meh. I mean Deathclaws (From NV) are more indimidating than creepy. They get close and you’re done for. But Cazadors, Lakelurms and Spore Carriers? They might not kill your character, but will give you an in real life heart attack!


Microtransaction games.


Shadow of War flashbacks.