What Frustrates You Big Time?


Recently I’ve been feeling kinda mad over real simple things, like people eating salads (I know, I laughed too).

I feel like talking about it with you guys would be fun and a good way to release some stress. Keep it nice though, don’t be hurting other people’ steeling so please. I don’t want my first thread to be an ugly one. Discuss!

What Makes You Happy?
A Witch's Path (WIP)
What Makes You Happy?

Where do I start? Ok here’s the main three:

  1. When people don’t pronounce my name correctly
  2. Getting manga characters wrong, like calling them an entirely different name
  3. Lastly, the big one is…PEOPLE NICKING MY YU GI OH CARDS!!!
    That’s basically it :innocent:


I love eating salad so are you going to be mad at me. :stuck_out_tongue: Not much bugs me sorry nothing to share.


People who slurp foods loudly in public settings.


@moonwalkerdragon I was dating someone, who for a long time said my name eye-den instead of ay-den

@Lordirish I just hate when they crunch really loudly haha no hate from me

@Shockbolt That annoys me to large quantities too


Yeah, people kept saying Imogen instead of Imo-Chen but I’ve grown so used to it I’ve found myself only responding to the English pronounceation.


my main one is Stupidity,im not talking about acting silly & joking with friends, i mean the kind of idiocy you announce to the whole world like in the video below… pisses me the hell off that the worlds future is in the hands of dumb @$$es like these


I think the anger you might feel is misplaced. If your parents gave you an unusual name, or an off-the-board spelling of a common name, or your name is foreign to people of a different ancestry, it’s not quite the fault of people you meet for mispronouncing it the first couple of times.

Now if you get to know them, and they continue to mispronounce your name, that’s cause for burning them with dragon fire.
…-- Daenerys Targaryen


Where to start? First, Aera is pronounced as Air! Not Ae-rah come on, first time yeah I get that you’ll get it wrong and I’ll joke about it too, but once I corrected it and still that person says it wrong, annoying much. Second, my twins won’t eat the food I prepared, they rather eat mcdonalds chicken nuggets. No love for my efforts.


Suggestion - get a small deep fryer and buy frozen nuggets. They cook in 3 minutes and are cheaper. Serve with raw sugar-snap peas as a crunchy finger-food veggie for balance…


Savage man. But to reply in an equally savage way, you need SOMEONE to mow your lawn when you become a multi billionaire!


I did try the store nuggets and I also made my homemade version. They still whine that it doesn’t taste like mcdonalds. They only whine if they’re in a foul mood they don’t usually do that, but it still annoying to cook and then they won’t even eat it. :expressionless:


Having the urge to write but having no means to do so. As in being away from your chosen medium with no reasonable method of getting there and knowing by the time you get back youll be too tired to write.

And or running out of cookies


As far as I’m concerned, it’s usually having plenty of ideas for things creatively and then not seeing them full translated onto page/screen. I’m sort of seeing my CYOA Spidey project as a means to disprove that (since after getting on 2 months of planning I’m actually starting to write it today).

Also as a comic fan, the idea that one HAS to be either a DC OR Marvel loyalist as some more annoying fans are with the movies or comics. I can like both and find stuff they sometimes do stupid, darn it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ignorance among friends and family. I can stand it a bit when some random stranger is portraying it, I can ignore them and most likely will never see them again. But when family or friends say something ignorant and refuse to see the fault in it, it sends me from 0 to 1000.

Also when people in the same fandom as you go crazy and try to attack everyone, chill man, chill.


Just people in general.


Ha! OMG! This is a dangerous thread. I’ll try to keep it brief.

The chewing noises @Shockbolt mentioned. It really bugs the hell out of me. Like to an unreasonable degree. Like I actually get mad at people who are just eating.

Bill Evans. Local weatherman. I don’t know why. I just want to attack him.

My cat never wants to cuddle in the morning.

My girlfriend never wants to cuddle in the morning.

The morning.

I could go on…Like forever…but that’s enough for now.

Whew! That feels better already.


This is all legitimately interesting, but I’m what you would call…an asshole. Virtually nothing irritates me, not even really irritating stuff, until someone shows any form of ignorance. Either intentional or no, they can be less intelligent than me or refuse to acknowledge a different opinion or even just not know something that I did and they will legitimately get under my skin and sour my opinion of them more often than not.

As you can probably tell, I’m the gal at school who’s friends with everybody. Oh wait…I’m not because it’s almost impossible for me to not be condescending to most people. It’s legitimately frustrating on my part as well; I don’t want to be an asshole, but for some reason I can’t help it.

I’m sure lots of relationship stuff would irritate me though if were in them, but there you go.

I’m also sure that I’m the type of person that frustrates loads of people big time, so I thought it relevant to divulge.


So many things, especially when I’m tired. But in particular people having loud phone conversations on trains, and people chewing gum with their mouths open :rage:


New members of the forum who either don’t read the forum rules or ignore them. They’re like the bane of my existence :expressionless:

And spam posts. Let’s not forget about those.

And annoying GIF’s and/or pictures…

I should probably try to get out of my mod-mode now…