What Free Visual Novels should I try?


Hey I was wondering if anyone knows any good free visual novels I could try! Playing Cog games has given me a craving to choice games with pictures :blush: Feel free to discuss various visual novels too!


Katawa Shoujo, Lily path.


Rising angels reborn its about 4 hours it has 5 endings but 1 of them is a true ending


i would recommend aloners, its set after an apocalypse happens in the world. you can romance a dude called trash he’s p cool. you play as a lady and can make up your own name. you can dictate your personality and trash will react to you and your choices accordingly. i enjoyed it immensely and even cried at points. i get really into these kinda games.


Yeah I already played aloners and Loved it I hope they make a sequel thanks for the suggestion though!


There’s a bunch of good free one’s on steam :slightly_smiling:

Winter Wolves has a bunch of free demos at their site: http://www.winterwolves.com/


Katawa Shoujo. It’s rather astonishing that it’s free in the first place.
I really liked Save the Date but it’s very short, minimalist concept, meta thing but give it a shot anyway.


There’s a free trial of a visual novel called Quantum Conscience (its worth the money to buy the full thing) you can choose your gender and there’s about 4 romance’s (its not a generic VN and that’s all I’m saying)


(+18) Trial in Tainted Space :wink:
It +18 though, because…it smut


Warning 18+ (words for the sake of the forum)


I enjoyed WANTED: Dragon. The storyline, though short, is a little more unusual - which I found refreshing. The art works well with the story, and the dialogue can be quite amusing. The endings were sometimes unexpected, which is always great fun. And I’m all for turning princess tropes on their heads.

When I’m looking for new visual novels, I often have a hunt round Lemma Soft’s ‘Completed Games’ board. All kinds of interesting VNs there, free and otherwise.


That was a fun little VN. Shall have to run through it again, I forget how far I got with it :blush:


English-made visual novels is still in its growth period in terms of quality and popularity. If you really want to really get into it, you should buy a Japanese-made visual novel. Stein’s Gate for non-18+ while Saya no Uta for 18+. There are plenty of others, but these are a couple of the best introductory visual novels when you’re first starting.