What empowered are you? Empowered game test


Empowered is an epic game in progress written by @wolfwriter20 You can choose between five power styles, who determine your game experience. So you can wonder what empowered am i? This test can help to decide. Feel free to post what empowered are you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Empowered test:

If you were a Yaadmar family descendant, everyone would be glad and proud that you were one in a million. A Descendant. An Empowered.
But you arent a noble royal family member; rather, you grew up in a small hut with your frightened parents, always living in fear of the Hunters, the guardians of the power. Propaganda on the vidcom mostly, but everyone knew what they really were; murderers and kidnapers who brain wash young Empowered kids to join their army…

Now you are running deep in the forest, trying not to think of your parents alone with the hunters, or how they shouted and implored you to run away. You stop a little, and look at the blurred mark in your neck, the origin of your future powers, yes, but also the curse which caused your parent’s murder.
‘What type of empowered am I?’ You wondered. Your future in the Kalimuun world will depend of the form this little tattoo will show in the future.
1-You fell asleep and had a strange dream: In an eternal void, five lights sparkle like twinkling stars. But you think one is calling for you with an ethereal voice…
a)It is the brown one… it makes your mind feel powerful…
b)It is the red light… it speaks to you about bravery and the strength to avenge your parents.
c)a yellow electric creature who change the form to a different machines.
d) a dark blue charming voice whispering about how life is a game, and you can become whoever you want if you take the risk…
e)a strange glorious burning bird, her golden plume showing you the true power of mother nature and her wisdom.

You woke up later, sleepy and hungry as a wolf. You knew that you needed to keep running through the dark forest though, so those desires would have to wait. Later, at the break of dawn’s light, you spot a river filled with lively fish.
2-what did you do to catch your breakfast?
a) You focused your mind, following the movements of one fish; you knew where it wanted to go and exactly where it would be; you easily pull it from the water.
B) You threw in big rocks where the river was less deep, sending multitudes of fish flopping to the ground around you.
c)You put your hands in the water and something inside you told that you could shock the fish… and it worked!!!
d) You felt like you were a bear and picked a salmon with your teeth!
e) The fish came to you like you commanded him.

After a good grilled fish you kept walking. In the evening you arrived to one of secondary roads to the capital city of Tragura.
3-When darkness fell and you set up camp, a bandit snuck towards you, ill intent on his mind. As he leapt from darkness with a howl, what did you do?
a) You heard in your mind the bandit’s fears, and made the bandit think he was surrounded by swarming hordes of rats; needless to say, he ran away.
b) You elevated yourself a few inches in the air and he ran away, thinking you were a powerful descendant.
c) Your tech-savvy mind focus on the weapon in his hand, causing it to explode and leaving his hand a mangled stump.
d) You bluff him, claiming to be a powerful Empowered. “Do you really think I’m alone in the road if I can’t handle a Normal like you? Lay down your weapons and disappear, and you will leave here with your life.”
e) You suddenly launched a little fireball, catching his cloak on fire. With a howl he dropped to the ground, rolling in the road to put out the flames. By the time he was safe again, you were nowhere to be found…

You ran and ran with the full moon guiding your path. At midnight you reached a horrible village which extends around the road. You knew well the town, you were born there and if you aren’t lucky you will die there…
4-you have to sneak past the village guard; they love to call themselves that, but they are the brainless local bullies. But they are armed and if they see you, they will turn you over to the Hunters. What do you plan to do?
a) Simple minds require simple methods; you open with your mind the handle that controls the municipal water cisterns.
b) You focus all your strength to smash the electric generators powering the town and then run away in the darkness.
c) You use your electric powers to change the VidCom programming…you select a, hmm, more ‘mature’ entertainment for adults. No one leaves his house that night (the number of births 9 months later is astounding, an anomaly the statistic bureau will never stop questioning).
d) You just sneak, becoming one with the darkness. These brutes will never see you.
e) You set fire to the old rotten oak tree in the main square and run for a dark alley.

You are alone and tired, tired enough that you manage to sleep in the top of a big apple tree. You finish your last acidic apple and return to your journey. You see a lot of carriages, but they are all stopped by guards for inspection; luckily for you, they seem to only be searching for smuggled goods and not for you.
5- 2 big carts with groceries are still at the checkpoint, but they have already passed the bribe…um, I mean ‘inspection’. It’s your opportunity to join their trip; for free, of course…
a) You confuse the old peasant man, tricking him into thinking you are his new apprentice. He leaves and takes you with him, but makes you sit in the back with the vegetables.
b) You elevate yourself all you can and reach the top of the carriage, hiding amidst produce and sacks of putrid fertilizer…
c) You see the old man has problems with the electric machine that helps pull the carriage. You say that your father was a repair manager who taught you everything you know; you fix it in exchange for free voyage.
d) You wink at the old man; he doesn’t care about your gender, the mad depraved creature… What a shame he fell from the cart when he tried to kiss you…
e) The man has a dog; you spook the dog and make him run, and when the man goes to catch him you use the opportunity to jump into the cargo hold.

6- You arrive at the great city of Tragura, but what will you do to survive? You are a marked child, no one in their right mind is going to adopt you.
a) You can feel people’s emotions; surely you can use this advantage to get a place to stay or an apprentice job.
b) You are strong and there are a lot of heavy-lifting jobs you can do. It’s great that in Kalimuun there are no laws against child labor, isn’t it?
c) How lucky for you that banks use the modern electronic database… you hack a little bit in your favor and fill your pocket with Gold coin. Just enough to survive, though; any more or anti-technopath technology will catch you and then Hunters will be on to you.
d) Such a great city has enormous possibilities for you; crowded inns with a lot of gamblers, the ship port and the smuggler. If you want to follow the law, a charming singer or an actor can make good, well earned coin.
e) There are a lot of nasty animals in a city like this; with your skills to influence them, you will be fine… pest control is a secure job in Tragura.


Twelve years has passed since your arrival. Your mark sly camuflated is clearly show what is the origing of your power. The kings funeral is about to begin.

Mayority a)Telekinetic/Telepath: They bare the mark of Ulfrik Nadom, the god of motion (the mark is most often said to resemble the ripple effect in a pond.) Telekinetic/Telepath’s are generally regarded as the most powerful of the Descendents, as their ability has almost no limits. While a low level Telekinetic/Telepath might only be able to make a rock jump or hear whispers of others thoughts, a powerful one has the ability to topple a skyscraper with a single thought and take complete control over another persons mind. Said to be the chosen Descendents of Taluud himself, almost every direct descendent of the royal family has been Telekinetic/Telepathic.

Mayority b)Super Strength and Flight: They bare the mark of Valdiir, the god of war and sacrifice (the mark resembles two swords crossed in an X). Many (but not all) of the Empowered’s who bare the mark of Valdiir follow the Breaking Storm, the ‘hero faction’ if you will. (The leader of Breaking Storm is Kaluum, regarded as the most powerful Descendent of Valdiir, and proclaimed champion of the just.) As with any other ability, the range of power differs. A low level descendent of Valdiir may only be able to pick up a very heavy box and hover a foot off the ground, a powerful one could juggle semi trucks (though why one would want to do that is beyond me) and fly faster than the speed of sound. Contrary to popular belief, however, they are not invincible.

May c)Tech-Kinetic/Electricity Manipulator: They bare the mark of Alizabet, the goddess of energy and life. (Their mark resembles that of a lightning bolt). Where a telekinetic would be able to disassemble an object with their mind, you can look at a piece of technology, know exactly how it works, disassemble it with your mind and then rebuild it and have it work better than ever. Descendents of Alizabet also have the ability to draw energy from power sources in order to heal or even wield electricity as a weapon (skilled Manipulators can even have the electricity take on a solid form, such as a sword…). Tech-Kinetic’s/Electricity Manipulators make for excellent hackers.

May d)Shape-Shifter: They bare the mark of Kolindor, the god of jest and trickery (interesting things to be a god of, isn’t it?) The mark resembles a coiled snake twisted around a clenched fist. Kolindor is known as the Usurper; he rejected Taluud as the God-King and resisted violently against him when Taluud united the seven kingdoms. Descendents of Taluud face even more problems today, as many with this ability turn into subterfuge agents and assassins. Even though those days are mostly behind the Shifters, they still face a lot of prejudice for the crimes of their ancestors. The ability of a Shifter varies, but the average Shifter is able to take the form of any animate or inanimate object just by touching it. They also absorb the memories of the target they are shifting into (if animate…clearly), making them nearly indiscernible from the target they are shifting into.

May e) Elemental: They bare the mark of Jin-Yaan, the goddess of balance and nature. (Their mark resembles that of a phoenix). They are able to create, absorb, and wield the powers of fire and ice. This juxtaposition of abilities makes Elementals quite dangerous and unpredictable. While the shocking brute force of their powers is nearly unrivaled, most who bare the mark of Jin-Yaan choose to follow her teachings, removing themselves from society so that they may better peacefully understand their connection with nature. As with any ability though, there are always exceptions to the rule. Balgraan the Stern, the fallen King’s cousin, is a powerful Elemental, but uses his abilities to force others into submission and bend to his will.



Hm. I was dead even between A and C (specifically, AACACC). Either power would be highly fitting to my personality (I’d probably choose C, but A is slightly more fitting), and I think you did well in showing the different approaches between them. D choices don’t show much power at all; but it seems that actual shapeshifting comes later.


Well. Maybe i shouldnt do a pair number options :smiley: But i think is usefull to see how the diferents powers work. You are a child so you dont have your real skills, but you can see how it works in a combat , in a sneak situation etc…


…I am confused.


@Shintaro you at least know you have to choose between telepath and shape shifter :-)) . What you prefer? After read his diferent powers


“d) You wink at the old man; he doesn’t care about your gender, the mad depraved creature…”

Uh, what? Because everyone is a monosexual, right?


You got 8 years @ScarletGeisha and in my country that is called pederasty and a depraved crime


C dead on, anyone surprised? Lol


You like the electric solution? I do it well for that empowered is you style?


Well I figured it could have been just a little more subtle on the C options but otherwise it’s great.


Subtle with electric power seems weird. If i have shock powers i start shoughting unlimited power everywhere ;:wink: What is your character name hunter? What is his morality?


It probably would have been better if you did the test thru CS that way I couldn’t see the result.


My Empowereds name is Zamiel no last name just Zamiel, I see him as a kind of like Dante from the Devil May Cry series just that he’s more like Cole McGrath with the electric powers and all.


I cant use cs, and i dont want bother wolfwriter20 he already help to edit this to a better english, i like Zamiel,seem a handsome character maybe my mara want to chat with him in private


Here (I also fixed most of the grammar issues in this).


@AlexCosarca THANKS!!! I dont know what can i do to help you, but if you need help i be glad to help you


@MaraJade, not a problem :slight_smile: and don’t worry about it; by the way, if you have any other questions you’d want to add to the test, just post them here and I’ll fix the grammar&add them there (it takes literally a minute to add each question in the game, and another to “proofread” it, so time isn’t a problem).


by the way @AlexCosarca what empowered are you? I have curiosity :stuck_out_tongue: