What Do You Think The Future Will Be Like


I’ve heard that by the year 3000, not much will have changed, but we’ll live underwater.


That’s… an interesting theory I was thinking more like adding in more hydrogen but yeah sure flamethrowers what could go wrong.


That’s called “Hope Spot”.


And our great great great granddaughter, is pretty fine despite all of @Doctor’s flamethrower and their pollution :smile:.


Depends on who the world leader’s are and if one of them decides to do something stupid enough to cause another world war and if that happens M.A.D would happen.


My future will be lonely.


Dinassours. Netflix is extinct. Robot revolution destroys humanity.


I like to consider myself a "cynical optimist."
Sure, things are pretty sucky for a lot of people, but it’s better than about 1000 years ago where it was just sucky for everybody. And that was better than 5000 years before that, where the drowning of one’s child for being unwanted, women being stoned to death for the crime of being raped, and wars being started over a change in the weather were common, if not expected. For it’s numerous flaws (and there are plenty), humanity seems to be progressively gravitating to a more peaceful existence. Everybody likes peace, it’s just that we can’t agree on what peace looks like.

Even in my most pessimistic predictions, where an apocalypse of some type resets our progress by a few thousand years, we’re still going to be here. It’s not like we haven’t faced apocalypses before; ice age, black death, 40-day flood (if your religious), the rule of the dinosaurs. All of these could accurately be described as the apocalypse, yet we are still here. Humanity is just too stubborn to die out, and we like peace too much to let things stay chaotic, no matter what happens.


Well then, this should be fun. And a warning ahead, this will be a wall of text, a very lovely, optimistic and totally not sarcastic wall of text, and excuse me for any grammar mistakes, typing this on my phone, at nearly 3AM.

Soon the United States of America will build a wall around the entire country, all thanks to the great and powerful prophet, Donald J Trump. He then demands the USA to be a seperant continent. In the meantime Great Brittain slowely drifts away from Europe, leaving Ireland behind, Europe cares more about this than Russia slowely abusing Ukraine in a slightly sexual way, with ropes and lube.

A bit more towards the south we have Adolf Hi- I mean Erdogan, becoming the absolute leader of Turkey, and just like Trump he is going to make Turkey great again, except in a way which means killing every citizen in the country.
Lets go further south, because the further we go the more fun there is!

Have you ever experienced that you go to the toilet, and then your toiled starts shouting towards it’s god and explodes? Well, neither have I but there’s a chance that things like that could happen.

Time to go east where things will change as we- actually… No, not really, Japan and both Korea’s are still as weird as they always were.

Everything still tries to kill you in Australia and on the South Pole the penguins have learnt how to fight back against those silly humans who are alowely melting thir ice.
It consists of a trading agreement with Russia, they give the penguins weapons and get money which they can use to invade Europe.

And this was just what would happen in 2017. Now, time for the other 83 years, or if you prefer the short version.
Things could be worse, at least it arent the medieval ti- wait…

Okay, I give up.

In case you want to see my happy-go-go side, there might be some rainbows in the future, if it rains that is, which might not happens because global warming. Or perhaps it will rain more? Which means more rainbows.
That means global warming is good.
But for real, you want to see my not so terrible and harsh side, sigh… I’m sorry. With the current progress of trying to live on Mars, I think it wont take long before we create colonies on the moon, and after that Mars, which should be interesting. I’d love to go on a holiday to a different planet one day.


Neural implants, without them you won’t be able to play Pokemon Go the next gen, and of course the United World Government will be reading your thoughts.


Don’t forget the self-driving trucks made by Apple, Google and Amazon, the new big three manufacturers of cars and trucks.


So here is a List of Theories that people have made explaining what might occur in the future


Funny thing to add, I was watching Sky news earlier and they were talking about the oceans. Apparently, by 2048, there would be no worldwide fisheries. Well, there goes one of my people’s livelihood :pensive:


In this century ->

Every little stupid object connected / hackable and worst: houses and cars -> hackers will be the ones earning the most out of that as legally or illegally.

The meaning of private life and liberty will disappear for a so called “security” that exist only for the powerful

I expect some private companies should make some progress onto the space exploitation, since our governments are too occupied quarreling over one single planet already consumed.

Birth rate decreasing dramatically on the old developed countries.

worst case scenario ->
WW3 started by China on taiwan/philippines and everything that lied on china’s sea.

Not really full of hope here. Will see how it goes~


I believe the future may not be very good, technology take over. If robots were to get created they will manufacture and, possibly not obey lazy peoples orders. Several strong gangs / country’s that already have decent technology will grow stronger and possibly plan for world domination, which may begin another World War. If all this happens (If this is possible in the future) people would move to different planets (Maybe Galaxy’s, who knows?) this would mean Earths population would decrease as no one is living in it. I have also heard Stephen Hawking’s has predicted Aliens will visit this planet in the year 2101. This may cause people to die (Depending on how they act, if they’re real) they could attack us (which is another reason to move to a different planet, but if they are real, aliens may already have control of a planet and then they would attack you for, well, invading. Also illegal hackers will possibly be able to, hack cars, and objects in houses. What I’m trying to say is we will make a complete mess of the future (maybe not?). I have also heard that scientists predicted there will be underwater cities.


Since my only choices are Trump and Hillary, the future might not be so great for me after all.


One presidential election isn’t the most important thing in the world. We’ll do it all again in a few years.


True, but if we make the wrong desicion, things might go to sh*t.


We survived Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, the idiots who let corporations take the reins in the industrial era, and Nixon. And that’s just presidents, we’re forgetting the Great Depression, both world wars, Vietnam, and slavery.
Look before America and you see the 100 Year War, the Black Death which took out over a third of us, Medieval medicine, and the fall of the Roman Empire.

This election ain’t got anything on us


Meh, you make a good point.