What Do You Think The Future Will Be Like


Their is a lot of people that tell me that in the coming future global warming is going to ruin the planet others say that we will make advanced space ships and fly to distance solar systems or galaxies within a matter of a few days
What do you think will happen?

Like Lou Holtz quoted
Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.
so any thoughts you can think of shows everybody here what you think will happen in the not so distant future.


Well if I was an optimistic sort Id say the future will be better than now. Unfortunately I am not an optimistic person so I’m pretty sure that in a hundred years or so we’re going to drive this planet in to the ground. But who knows maybe in between that time we really will develop efficient space travel and fly off to some over planet.


Maybe, but for now let’s just 2016 is currently not a good year to be British, American, French, German, Turkish…, Damnit, it’s not a good year at all. :pensive:


13 year old kids are making money off of lip singing.

It can’t get any worse than that.


Yeah, at the moment the future looks more Mad Max than Star Trek.


Before the events of star trek there was World War 3, so we are still going towards star trek.


There have been more terror attacks this year than days. If I did my math correctly, there have been roughly three attacks per day (though there hasn’t been an attack every day).

Thousands of people are losing their lives for no good reason.

We have fear-mongering demagogues in the United States (on all sides of the political spectrum) with their own ideals on how to fix this.

There are people who genuinely think the world is going to end on July 28, 2016.

Our world economy is tanking the fastest it has since the Great Depression (unless I am severely misinformed).

There are parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, because fuck those kids with cancer or the kids who are too young or the kids who have a million other LEGITIMATE reasons not to vaccinate.

The Baby Boomer generation of ignorant voters and hippie dippie types voted in horrible leaders who have KILLED the economy slowly and left the debt on the Millenials and our children…

I have never been one to be a doomsdayer, but the future looks bleak and terrifying to me.


The spiritualists will be right when they say that there are other forces in this world other than the living. Soon, my friends, soon the spiritualist will create an uprising of ghosts who will live among the living thus leading onto New supernatural abilities which only we spiritulists will control :smiling_imp:


Not to be That Guy™ but I hope the sun destroys us.


Which Sun? Our Sun? Saturn’s Sun? Be precise mate :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Alien space babes are our future.


I’m gonna be the weird one here and actually say that I hope robots/technology rises up and take over. I’m a computer junkie anyway, I don’t think I would mind following orders from one, especially if it’s my beloved laptop.

Weirdness done, I’m a pessimistic and so my thoughts on the future aren’t really positive. As long as something happens before my student debt gets up and gets me, I’m fine.


I think it will be good, generally speaking. You would be able to infer some less than positive things from my writing, but I think that Humanity is on a pretty impressive upward trajectory.

We think the world is chaotic and violent now?

The world is more peaceful than it’s ever been. Minor conflicts erupt all over the world but they are extremely minor compared to the spats, snafus and downright dust-ups we used to have.

Let’s look at the most bare-bones fact. We are said to have passed the 1 billion human mark in 1804. We passed the 2 billion mark in 1927. In less time than those two points, we have ballooned to more than 7 billion people.

Say what you like about population control (although bear in mind that Eugenicists have existed since long before we hit 2 billion) but we must be doing something right. More people are surviving, growing up, starting families, helping those families to live and grow and repeat the process.

People in the olden days lived to the ripe old age of ‘Died in Childbirth’, nowadays even the most complex illnesses and injuries are not just held off, they are attacked!

Smallpox? Extinct.

Polio? Clinging ineffectually to life in only three nations on Earth.

Malaria? Getting it’s ass kicked up and down the Southern Hemisphere.

And remember all those nuclear wars we were scheduled to have?

Me neither.

I understand the urge to be scared, angry or depressed about the news coming out of all corners, but you can’t let yourselves be sucked into a cycle of apathy by the news cycles. The reason the news is so depressing isn’t because the world is getting worse, it’s because news agencies feel compelled to show bad news. Good journalists think it makes them look more serious, bad journalists need the spectacle.

The world is better than that.

Thanks to the hard work of the generations leading up to us, there are kids in the Philippines who get to eat meat every day, and kids in the Congo who spend their days in school learning to be engineers, doctors, poets, philosophers.

I know there are problems, and scary situations, and demagogues looking to take advantage of all the fear and negativity.

But there’s hope, too. Lots of it.


Let’s see…

The planet is going to be destroyed by our poor care of it, over-population is going to end a lot of humans, the sun will end up becoming a red giant and finishing us all, and in the off-chance that humanity develops space travel sufficient enough to travel to a Solar System where the explosion/shockwaves don’t affect us, we are likely going to repeat that cycle over and over again.

This is not counting the possible Final Judgement day where a part of the population will be left to suffer torture by the hands of the devil for not believing God’s grace, in case it happens.

Humanity is a species that is inherently drawn to advancement, but doesn’t care much for the consequences said development brings with it.

Pretty bitter outlook in life as we know it, aye?


Be fair, the planet has been through worse, including several global glaciations and numerous major extinction events. We may make it so it’s a planet humans can’t live on, though. And then the tardigrades will take over :slight_smile:


On the topic of us humans killing the world… I think it’s rather interesting that we think a singular species could pose such a threat to the Earth, even with what we have been capable of making I don’t see that happening.

Could we make this planet uninhabitable for humans? Of course we can. But destroying the entire planet? As of now, no… we can’t. We can cause some major destruction but the planet will survive longer than us as a species will on this planet if we tried.

Besides that, what will our future be? Well, that’s for us to decide now isn’t it. Humanity can forge it’s future… we just need to decide where we want to go.


This is what I meant, not complete destruction of the planet.

Humanity would need to augment it’s destructive capacity by several million times to even pose a threat.


The future? I think Zager and Evans were probably on the money with that one.


Given how much time we have until the sun explodes I’d hope we could develop technology to renew it indefinitely but maybe I’m overly optimistic


I predict that by the time the sun explodes, we will have set 5,900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg worth of flamethrowers orbiting the Earth, each set to activate daily for a variable amount of time based on location and “season”, allowing us to potentially survive without a sun only to choke to death on our own pollution.

(I’d have used 5.9 × 10 to the 24th kg, but I can’t use powers on the website, and I refuse to write out “to the 24th”)