What do you think about astrology?


Totally missed this part of the question.

I am technically a Capricorn, and went through the first 18 years of my life thinking I was born in the year of the monkey…only to meet a Taiwanese girl with my same birthday who was year of the goat and realize that I hadn’t been taking into account when Chinese New Years actually occurred.


I look into the occasional horoscope just out of curiosity to see what’s there. I’m a Pisces, and sometimes I see something surprisingly accurate. That being said, I see an equal amount of stuff that’s utter garbage. So even if something is accurate, I never take it seriously.


I’m not one to mince words. It’s a crock of bollocks.

People like to defend it by saying that it’s still meaningful to them despite it being basically no more useful than a magic eight ball without a viewing port, but to that my retort is that it’s nothing but an excuse to justify a lack of agency and responsibility for your words, your actions, and the direction of your life.

If your success comes from your star sign, it’s not your success at all.

If your failure comes from your star sign, it’s nothing but a mask for that failure.

I say take charge of your own destiny. Put your fist up to the stars and shout “you bastards don’t control me!” and understand that you’re not doing it to spite the stars, because they can’t hear you. No, you’re doing it for you.


Astrology is useful for a lot of people, in that it can lend some meaning to events - good or bad. It’s a belief system.

For me, I like to look at my horoscope every once in a while, because it can give me a nice little boost or remind me to be a little more careful (honestly things I need reminders on, always). I don’t go in deep, with birth charts or anything, though I will say that the signs aren’t terribly off in their descriptions of folks’ personalities.

I think this is due more to confirmation bias and perhaps how we subconsciously change ourselves to conform than anything else, though.

Also, I’m a Taurus. 4/24, baby :’) Year of the Pig (Golden Pig this year, so maybe things are gonna go right :p)

@ me if you ever wanna talk about Tarot, though. The cards are 100% accurate, and I will fight anyone lol. I love my deck and plan on expanding. I treat Tarot kind of like a really in-depth psycho-analysis for inward thinking, but I do a lot of readings for friends (PM me if you ever want a free reading :)), and sometimes it actually, genuinely is eerie how accurate the cards are. Contrary to popular belief, none of the cards have the same meaning.


Really now (I’m not questioning if it’s accurate or not; just curious on why the cards are believed to accurately predict things)?

Granted, while I know some of the meanings behind the cards, I don’t exactly understand how Tarot cards work (outside of the Persona series). :sweat_smile:


At the risk of being completely off-topic:

There are 78 Basic Cards in Tarot. 22 Major and 56*** Minor Arcana. Some of the cards have similar meanings (the suits all mean one thing, and numbers can mean another), but not a single one means the exact same thing.

Depending on your spread, the cards are read even more differently.

In my experience, having done well over 2000 readings, the cards have never given a false reading for someone.

Now, this has a little to do with how you spin it, but I have given accurate readings for people I’ve literally never spoken to.

It can be argued that it is confirmation bias, much like astrology, but it can be a very jarring, spiritual experience, and it’s one of my greatest joys to give to people.


To expand a little more this topic and further discuss it, does anyone know if there are other kinds of zodiac signs? I already know the one that people usually use (aries, taurus…) and the chinese one, but I’m curious if other cultures had use another kind of ‘‘zodiac signs’’ or something alike.


Hindi Zodiac signs are based on constellations, rather than moon movements (think star signs in Elder Scrolls). The Celts interpreted births in correlation to 13 types of trees.


I feel like it’s a really interesting topic, but from what I’ve heard it’s very complex and hard to learn, and i just don’t have the time to really get into it.


I am studying psychology too, and have taken a look at many different astrological predictions that have been given for someone of my star sign. In short, it is either extremely generalised or it tells you what you want to hear.

For example, many astrology personality traits match up with my own personality. These are spread out across all other star signs. This is because there are three common strategies used by astrology. They either say things that could apply to almost everyone, throw a bunch of information out there with the chance that the person reading it will have at least one piece apply to them. Or, in the case of personalities, they use two extremes knowing that almost everyone will be somewhere between the two and therefore it seems like they are correct. A vast majority of these also rely on the individual creating their own meaning from what they read.

As for their predictions, they simply tell you what they expect you would want but without any specific details. Such is why predictions never say anything negative. Anyway, they might say wou might have good luck, or have success in a relationship, or maybe make some more money at a job. The person then pays more attention to, and looks for, this. This can actually lead to them creating their own luck, or being nicer to those around them, or working harder at their job.

None of this means that astrology is useless, however. It can encourage people to live their lives differently and provide hope that things will get better if they are going through a difficult time. In my opinion though, they are not reliable indicators of personality, or compatibility and should not be considered accurate predictors of the way your day/week/month will turn out.


This is really interesting I would have a look into it!


Completely true, it is really complex topic. When you get to learn about it there’s so many things, first you not only have your rising sign but also moon, mercury, ascendant and then you have 12 houses and so much more!

Even if people don’t believe in it I think everyone can agree that we have to admire the people to take the time and learn all about even if it’s such and intrincate topic that takes a lot of time and research.


Muh…I think if you take to astrology as a fun thing , silly thing its fine .

My friend is a GEMINI and guess what ? There isnt one damn website outta there that can describe her proprely lol none of them fit her at all .

Me? my sign is so awesome and filled with awesomness…every website is accurate , so much…its creepy :rofl:

Aquarius babeh…Rooster that do Karaté! :joy:

and you know what make my sign the best of all ? its supposedly…every sign has its dominant planet…right? mine is URANUS…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


My opinion on astrology.

Shits for fuckin neeeeerds dawg wryyyyyy*

But for realsy though I quite like stars shits cool.


Well, NASA changed my sign from Taurus to Aries and now I’m mighty confused.

Not that I care, I don’t identify with any of them. :upside_down_face:

Honestly I think astrology is a bloody mess. I wish people could find more reasonable hobbies instead of endlessly seeking explanations or justifications for whatever annoying behaviour they struggle with. And if you really wanna be stuck in that self-justification loop, MBTI is a much better system.

For example, whenever someone asks me why I’m such an asshole I can just tell them “Sorry can’t help it, I’m an INTJ.” See? Brilliant! Who needs honest self-assessment when you can wave it all away with deterministic personality categories!


(I’m… so, so sorry, this turned into an essay :sweat:) Astrology is fascinating!! I’m a Scorpio (Sun, Mars, and Pluto so I describe myself as super Scorpio since the last two have direct ties to the sign) and have been obsessed with astrology for about… like 14 years now? Back in high school, I had at least twenty books on the subject.

I’m really just into the personality aspects of astrology–specifically, the western zodiac’s signs and the concept of natal charts. I tried at least reading into horoscopes more when I did all my nerdy “research” back in the day, but just couldn’t get into it. It gave me that eyeroll enough-with-the-bs type boredom that most religious texts do, so to be clear I have no belief in horoscopes or the ability to read into one’s future through astrology.

I think there’s still two major general misconceptions about astrology, though: one is that astrology = horoscopes, when horoscopes are simply a(n easily detachable) part of astrology. The other is slightly more nuanced, I suppose? It’s the misunderstanding that your astrological sign is just dependent on your birthday and year. That actually just determines where the Sun was positioned (on an astrological map, I’m not pretending this is a pinnacle of science :joy:) in relation to Earth when you were born. A natal chart takes into consideration one’s location and time of day at their birth and then shows you where all the other (again, astrological) planets were on said map with some precision–and each of those have different influences on different aspects of a person’s behavior or personality.

Lol it def ain’t science.

Someone I know once casually said that astrology was like my religion and I was lowkey very offended lol. I’m a hard atheist, I’ve been an atheist for just a little longer than I’ve been into astrology, the majority of my life at this point. But that being said, I can’t deny the positive effect my astrology books have had on me, even in some ways others might describe as “spiritual.” (I wouldn’t.)

My absolute favorite astrology book is Sextrology by Starsky & Cox (highly recommend!!). Despite the book exclusively describing sun signs, it actually dares to divide the zodiac by 2 and describe each sign in terms of a person’s sex. I dare a skeptic to read any one of the chapters and tell me it’s easily applicable to anyone who reads it. There are astrologers who are very serious and detailed in their work and I feel that when you’ve found one, it shows.

My personal experiences with astrology have been very empowering. I still read the ‘Scorpio female’ chapter of Sextrology over again every couple of years and it genuinely stuns me at how the more I mature, the more I understand myself, the more accurate the book is. Something about which I’d thought, "Well, maybe I’m like this but I’d never do that, two years later, I’d find that I’d since learned the hard way that I was “like this” and I’d actually “done that” to excess. It’d be almost spooky (or alarming in the sense that I used to worry I was trying to mold myself into its description) if it weren’t so, like… reassuring. During a time where I was learning to be an individual for the first time. I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, suicide, self-harm–a lot since I was a literal child. Reading my scary accurate, and sometimes unflattering as hell, zodiac entry in that book helped me learn to take time to self-reflect, assess my flaws, think about what was causing my unhappiness and about how much of that was internal (arrogance; denial; stubbornness; self-pity), and not external like it felt. Reading my zodiac, and lots of people’s interpretations of it, helped me like track who I actually was among all of it. What do I identify with? They say your sun in Scorpio means this, and your moon in Libra means that–is that true in my case? If it isn’t, why? And how would I describe myself instead?

I’m not as actively into astrology as I used to be, but I am not exaggerating when I say it helped me survive my early-twenties. I think the absolute best thing about it is that it encourages people to try to understand who they are–um, if you use it like I do, I suppose there must be people out there who treat it like it must just always be right. To get back to what my triflin’ friend said, astrology is not my religion–as corny as it is, I’d probably describe it as a lifestyle. :sweat_smile:


I’ve kinda always been of the mindset that Zodiac signs were a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, if someone tells you you act a certain way, you may begin to show those behaviours, even if subconsciously.
And I think -especially with fortune tellers and such- that we are more likely to reach for past events that may have showed the personality of your zodiac, even if that event caused you to act out of content. For a really crap example take, “Wow, I got really mad that my partner waited till the last moment to pull his weight in the project, therefore I must be a Virgo.”

Although, it may not help that I embody all of the Virgo stereotypes -_-


What a fun question, and so many great answers! Thanks for taking the time to bring it up. :slight_smile:

I think that astrology is really fun, personally. When I look at mine (libra), a lot of the personality stuff fits really well, and I wonder if there’s more to it. Obviously it could be other things, but we certainly don’t know everything about the universe! Maybe it really does explain something. :wink: