What do you think about astrology?


This past year or maybe these past months I think we’ve all seen (especially the ones who use Twitter and Instagram a lot) a really increase interest in astrology and zodiac signs.
So my questions are, what do you think about astrology? How much do you know about it? Do you believe in it or not at all? What are your signs?

Personally, I study psychology and I can find other reasons to explain someone’s personality without using astrology, but still I’m always open-minded and I follow some astrology accounts (serious ones and meme accounts because I just love memes) since I find the subject really interesting and intricate, so if you have more information about it and you want to share it here everything is welcomed!

PD: Sorry if my english is bad, it’s not my first language so I probably make a lot of mistakes.


I have nothing in common personality wise with my birth sign’s supposed traits, so it never caught my interest.

Lots of people meme about it on tumblr too and I always read them, and am always disappointed when it in no way relates to me. :joy:


I mean I’ve been paid to write horoscopes in the past…soo…most of the time when I see astrology stuff online, at least the more shallow ones, I just think “some freelance writer is probably having a good day coming up with some fun stuff”. I’m sure some of it is written by people are are actually serious about it, but things like “what should a Capricorn wear?” or “how should you decorate your room based on your zodiac sign”…yeah not so much.


I don’t believe in it and generally speaking I don’t try to engage with it. Astrology, Meyers-Briggs, enneagrams, people are much more psychologically complex than these very broad and vaguely written categories imply, and while I respect that some people get something out of them, I do not.


I was somewhat interested in astrology and star signs until a ridiculous amount of “star signs as vines” and other similar videos bombarded my youtube feed, so now I try staying as far away from that stuff as possible :man_facepalming: I’d love to know how virgos and the croissant vine are connected.


Oh my, I forgot the astrology vines, I always find memes on instagram and twitter that I can say ‘‘yeah I do this a lot’’, but with vines I simply don’t find any correlation hahaha


My experiences with a “professional” in these arts was purely negative.

When I was in grade school, a friend of my mom’s friend did a full reading and such with charts and all sorts of things … her conclusion was that I was facing imminent death and she made a huge scene at the block party, getting family and neighbors all riled up and agitated.

My mom took one look at all her charts and such and made one comment: “You misspelled my daughter’s name, so all this great work you did must be for someone else.”

Ever since then, I’ve not really touched any of this stuff.


I think astrology’s interesting but, I don’t think our individual personalities are defined by a sign we happen to be born under.


When I was younger I was given some old copies of Linda Goodman’s books, specifically the ones about my own sign (scorpio). As much as I don’t believe in any of it, reading all the theory and thoughts put into it is fascinating, and can be a nice jumpstart to contemplate things about yourself. :blush:

I also enjoy judging how much people I know fit their signs, and find it funny whenever someone just seems to fit them perfectly. My now ex-bestfriend, as an example, was the perfect example of the whole aries-as-toddlers/newborns thing: non-maliciously selfish, didn’t think about the consequences her actions might have on other people, and constantly wanted others to do stuff for her.

As a teenager, I did the calculations once, and I recall that either my moon or ascendant (can’t remember which) was also scorpio, so I guess I am extra-scorpio? :laughing:

Generally, I find the idea that each 1/12th of the worlds population are alike, based on what month they were born to be a bit silly. I mean, I was born 3 weeks early, would I have been a totally different person if I hadn’t? And if I had been born 11 weeks early (as almost happened) i would have been different than that?

In regards to the daily/weekly horoscopes you see in newspapers and online, does anyone really believe those?


I don’t really believe in those, they’re so vague and general that amost everyone can fit in the description.


I’m a cancer.

I think that tells a lot.


I think it’s a fascinating system, but I have no belief in it. There’s not really any mechanism by which the positions that planets happen to appear to have when seen from Earth would influence events and personalities here. Moreover, it’s generally set up in a way that it’ll look like it can apply to nearly everyone… personality traits that are vague or that most people think they have, or a bunch of advice that’s just generally good advice rather than really personalized.

Like, I’ve been in a demonstration where a professor gave us all a personality profile that was purportedly customized, and most people thought they matched well, and he then revealed that he’d given everyone the same one. That’s really not hard to do.

As far as personalities, there are so many signs, one for each planet, and influences, houses, conjunctions, etc., that a full report will have so many different traits listed that it’ll be especially easy to pick and choose which happen to fit.

It’s really interesting fodder for worldbuilding, though, can be nice flavor for a magic system, and can also provide interesting inspiration for characters, too. Plus I just enjoy looking at intricate systems, regardless of whether I believe in them.


I’m a cancer.

I think that tells a lot.

No not really, unless your personality just so happens to match up with your horoscope. Is that what you’re saying ?


I don’t believe horoscopes at all, but I find natal charts readings interesting.
I disagree a lot with my sun sign, but my moon sign really fit me


I don’t believe in it at all. I find it to be bs, but i like to see memes about them (i like memes in general) and i like others’ reaction to it. (Telling your scorpio friend they’re known to be backstabbing and untrustworthy is fun…at least imo-but no hard feelings as we both know I’m joking and that i value our friendship) I think someone’s reaction to their sign tells a lot more about them than the sign itself.


Astrology is modeled on the geocentric model of the solar system, in which there were 7 known planets, (and the Sun was considered a planet). The only way the cosmos would have anything to do with your circumstances of birth, is if your mother got hit my a meteorite during insemination. It’s not based in physical sciences, or anything that is measureable in anyway whatsoever. It is just as unsupported as tarot card readings, or end trails future prediction. it’s not even “faith”, as it has been refuted and debunked thousands of times. It operates on the same supposition of “general accuracy” that cold readings do, or “psychics” do.


Umm… no. It’s supposed to be a- joke.


Cancer is a mutated cell caused by an anomaly in the DNA, caused mostly by electrical imbalance (which is usually the electrons). They act wild and lose their original function, often “influencing” other cells, like a rebellious anarchist.

But to be real, yes I’m 3rd July.


Humor is subjective.


It always been.


Honestly, astrology fascinates me in the same way mythology does. Though I will admit, I only really know about the story behind that sort of relates to astrology due to the fact it talks about how the Chinese zodiac was formed (don’t know too much about the origins of others or how other kinds of technical zodiac were formed).

I believe that astrology and zodiac could have some kind of influence on a person, but that the influence itself is not all-consuming or all-knowing. It’s just one part of a major mix that makes up who a person is (with fortunes that can have a have a bit of a placebo effect on those who are particularly deeply fascinated with it).


When I do create characters, I do like giving hints about them or potential growth they may experience through something either physically symbolically, so I do keep things like astrology and zodiacs in mind in a number of cases.

Chinese zodiac: Monkey. Also a Virgo.

Still wondering how other versions of potential birth signs got spread around though. :thinking: