What do you hate in life?


Ummm I have the feeling I’m about to get destroyed… but dogs scare me, and the thing I hate is when people just expect me to endure their dog is jumping all over me because…

“Oh he’s just friendly.” And, “Don’t worry he never bites.”


This is totally understandable - even for dog owners like me. The reverse is also true where some owners hate people jumping all over their dog…

In all honesty, dogs should be trained not to approach people and the owner should be responsible enough to make sure their dog is disciplined.


The fact that there is so much in the world that needs fixing, and it seems like “being in a position to fix or even attempt to fix a problem” and “giving a damn” are inversely proportional. Human trafficking is the second largest illegal activity in the world, and is set to overtake drug trafficking. Forteen percent of adult citizens in America cannot read. Forty three percent of all food made is discarded, even as billions starve across the globe. And there are people with net worths large enough to count as GDPs, while across the world, children die in the gutter.

I hate the fact that all I can do is send money that may never reach the problem or send thoughts and prayers that don’t count worth a damn when someone is lying on their deathbed of a treatable, preventable illness.


I hate iced tea.
I hate people who tell me to give “likes” to save or help someone or animal, etc. on social media rather than donate or help the thing that we are “liking”.
I hate paying bills, but that’s how the world spins.
I hate cherry tomatoes.
I hate people who mess with my braille notes.

I hate people who ask me if I’m blind. I usually say a polite yes while in my head I’m thinking. “Why yes you moron does my white cane not tell you? Or does my guide dog’s harness not give it away?” My white cane is completely white which means I am are blind, or visually impaired. People who use white cane with a red and white striped cane however, are deafblind. I am not sure if this is common information, but this was explained to me before I started using my white cane. Still even not knowing that a person using a white cane has some visual impairment.

I also hate and despise people who touch, pet, and/or distract my guide dogs. I know some are just making conversation, so they can have an excuse to touch my dogs but come on! DO NOT TOUCH them they are working! Even when my guide dog is sitting or lying down looking chill, they are still working so do not approach them. Guide dogs should not be touched or petted as it is distracting for them and it can cost me and my dogs life you morons!

This happened recently, some animal lover or enthusiasm or whatever they’re called now suddenly hugged my dog because she said he looked adorable helping me. Now I stopped walking because my dog stopped, and I don’t know what the hell is going on. Just that split-second distraction made me stop and a bike messenger barreled at me. All because some goose is overly enthusiastic with my dog. I don’t mind people petting my dog if you ask first. However, If I decline, respect my request and always ASK!

I also hate people who think they know how to help me go to place when I tell them I know how to go there. Don’t grab my dog’s leash, harness or even me and start directing us where to go without asking me first, unless my dog or I are in immediate danger; doing so can frighten me and my dog. My dogs can also attack the person who do this stupid thing since they will perceive you as a threat as they are trained to defend me. It already happened to a teenager who thought it would be helpful to guide my guide dog and me. The teen just grabs my dog’s harness and started to lead us, my dog released a warning growl and I said “stop, thank you but my dog and I know how to cross the street.” The teen ignored me and kept on pulling my dog, my dog attacked the teenager. Police manning the traffic was there to assist the screaming kid, and took my statement, the kid’s statement, and the other pedestrians’ statement. Kid got a warning for grabbing my dog without permission and for leading me without my consent. Karma at its best.


How about iced coffee?


I can’t drink coffee, that why i only drink tea, well mostly hot tea :smile:


Huh, interesting. I’m from England, and when I first became visually impared, and didn’t really know how to use the vision I had effectively especially as it was still deteriating at that point I looked into getting a guide dog. The person told me guide dogs are trained not to attack.


@N1GHTMAR3 iced coffee is fine for me not the iced tea.

@CreepyPastaKittyFay Mine are trained because teens and some adults target the blind folk and steal from us. Our guide dogs only attack when the handler is threatened or they are touched without our consent. Must be safe a place thing rather than a norm for most guide dogs to know how to attack and disable a person.


lmao, life itself. that’s an option right?


Ok kk :slight_smile: and yeah I know, I’ve been hit once, have been accused of faking being visually impared(who knew you could fake several tests, including a blood test carried out by professional doctors on several occasions!..Oh wait), had people shout in my face, ram into me with pushchairs, and constantly have people walk into me, blame it on me and get aggressive…Yeah fuck people. And I know it’s not me, pigeons don’t struggle to walk around me or fly off, I mean comparing humans to pigeons is unfair I guess, pigeons are also on average more moral, but still.


Same, I mean it is not like we can fake blindness duh… still having a guide dog help reduce those kinds of situations. Like the bumping, shouting at your face, etc. Apparently having dog with you makes them think twice especially if your guide dog is a German shepherd. In my case mine is a Border Collie but their fur coloring according to my wife is intimidating and it lessened the abuse from other people. Some people are just plain mean i guess, and i agree the birds are more considerate than people. :slight_smile:


How much my pony tail weighs when it’s wet.

The way people drive in the rain.

My glasses fogging up in the rain.

The horrible screech my windshield wipers make.

I still love the rain though.


Inner voice, is that you? :thinking: Lol same.


Recipes that have full length novels and their sequel before getting to the five steps needed to make them.

And double standards.


Tea you expect to be good, but then its just bitter. Such a shame.


This one has known true pain.





Anyone who hates something because it’s what you’re ‘supposed to hate’. Especially in certain fandoms.

Actual annoying social justice warrior types who give their often more tolerant types who desire inclusion and recognition a bad name.

Ditto with the other side of the fence. (The extreme ‘Gamergate’ types who are the ones who gave it a bad name, basically.)


Parents who treat you like you’ve attempted to kill them or something.

Assholes. Basically the same.

Things that could be so simple but aren’t, like the design of a product. An overly complicated one.

Packaging I can’t open.

Opening packaging I can’t open in front of people.

Pointless drama. People who get mad over nothing.

Pointless politics. That’s all that goes on in the world anymore besides pointless atrocities.

Having an itch. In your ass.


People who think any form of communism/socialism can work in the real world.

SJWs. Half the people they “fight” for make fun of them so often.

Word policing. One of the most trivial things in existence.


“Reverse” racism. Because it doesn’t exist.

Changing an already established character’s appearance/sexuality/gender to create something “new” and “diverse” because you haven’t learned from when Marvel did it and you don’t really care about being diverse you just want good publicity so you jump onto one of the stupidest modern media bandwagons. Actually put effort into what you preach and create something new.

Awful stories.

Awful games.

Peanut butter.

Literally every single bug.

Disease. Sickness.

People who won’t get the message and leave you be.


Strenuous work.

Pulling a muscle.



Homework in any form.


People who think guns, not mental health, are the problem.

Arguing over nothing.

Small talk. Unless you’re my best friend.



Most of life.


I hate peoples who yell ‘SJW’ at every turn . Its like a dumb dog , that bark for no reasons . And like a parasite , they are everywhere .

I hate bad ending .

I hate when peoples use the word ‘Propaganda’ at every turn , showing how stupid they are . Silence is gold…learn to use it , if you have nothing interesting to say .

I hate when peoples think others are special snowflake…and they act like they are a superior snowflake . Yeah , that gonna help .

I hate Facebook , Twitter…etc . It’s a great place if you wanna join the cult of stupid .


Serious answer: The fact life involuntarily ends.

Less serious major pet peeve answer: being spoken for by someone else when I’m in the room


Bit of a specific one but on fanfic websites, writers who label a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Story as a linear story they ask people to vote on what happens next. That’s not a CYOA if you’re not planning on writing all of it and really just want reviews on all your chapters.