What do you fear the most?


First off, let me introduce myself.
I’m Gin (or Merric, call me by the name you like the most). I joined this forum yesterday, but lurked around since summer 2013.

Basically, the title says it all: what is the one thing that you are most afraid of, the thing that would leave you a gibbering wreck if it ever happened to you? This isn’t just talking about phobias, either; feel free to put some perfectly sane, rational fears here as well.

Allow me to go first.
What I fear the most in my entire life is drowning or the feeling of suffocated. I had near death-experiences earlier in my life, four in total. 3 of those are dedicated to this fear alone. I try to summarize my most recent encounter, which was last year when I was in Barcelona. When I was in Barcelona with friends and all that, we decided to have a little competition for the fun of it, and went out swimming in the sea when the yellow beach flag was risen. We weren’t the most fit of swimmer so when we started to tire the danger of the situation started to kick in, as we realized that we could no longer swim back due to the strong currents reeling us back in with every meter we managed to move forward. Strong and most of all frequent waves started to hammer us down in the depth of the sea, faster and faster till we began to panic due lack of oxygen. We frantically waved our arms, sacrificing precious energy. In the hope the life guard or anyone for that matter, would see us.

We survived that day only because the currents steered us towards the pier, where we could hold on to the foundations of the wooden pier itself, no one died that day. But it was really close. But I still have nightmares of that time.

Care to share your fear now? Thanks for taking the time to read this, whether you’ll post a response or not.


My fear is losing those I care about. I’d gladly give up my life if I knew it’d mean my wife and son would live as the thought of being without them is too much to bear.


My worst fears are great heights, being alone in the dark, drowning, losing the ones I love, and daddy long legs.


Losing loved ones, drowning, heights, being lost, sharks, leaches, maggots, and dieing of some horrible disease that slowly kills you.


My worst fear would be going mentally insane, as well as spiders. I would hate to imagine the two combined…


@Storm, Mingling with the Maggotry?

@GinMerric, being a robot Vulcan, I have no emotion. I only fear rusting and high amounts of electricity.


My biggest fear is clowns


Heights: it’s a love hate relationship. As a kid I loves nothing more than climbing trees and hiking mountains. However over the years vertigo has set in and while I’ll still do both, I have to use my hands to steady me a lot and I’m more cautious now.

A few years ago my recurring nightmare was waking up to a nuclear explosion (it was really just the sun emerging from clouds). That came about due to living in Seoul when N Korea were threatening nuke devices.

Drowning is there too, I nearly drowned as a kid (jumped into the deep end of a pool foolishly following my friend who could swim). I did learn to swim but I’ve always been wary.

My mum has two fears; maggots, the same as Storm, and corn flour.


Corn flour! LOOLOLOL


Failure specifically my own. Spending the rest of my life alone i’m only seventeen but I’ve been kind of a loner for most of my life. And being useless


To Laugh out out laugh out loud out laugh


My greatest fear is that my entire life isn’t real and that it’s only a dream


Clowns, long corridors, mirrors, spiders, other nasty insect like creatures, the dark, demons/evil spirits/whatever you want to call them.
Its seems quite funny that im scared of all these things and i really really loooove horror movies


I have a fear of open doors. I can’t stand to be in a room with an open door. You never know what’ll creep in.


I forgot about being afraid to die.


Pffff who dies?


I am afraid of not being able to change the Inevitable


The unknown.

Y’know how sometimes, you’re home alone at night, all the lights are off, maybe you’re reading or playing a game (or both, this being CoG and all), and you hear an odd noise in another room, one you’ve never heard before, and you’re afraid of what it might be?

Yeah, that.

Then I turn on the light and it turns out to be a cup or something got knocked over by the cat or whatever and I feel stupid. Relieved, but stupid.

Or when you look off the edge of your boat into the ocean, and it hits you that there’s freakin’ sharks down there and you can’t see them. Then you try to swim and you swear up and down that every little shift in the water beneath your feet is some monster sampling the buffet.

Fear of death ties into fear of the unknown.

Also, stage fright and rejection. Heights, only of there’s nothing stopping me from falling. Bugs, only if I think it might be dangerous; otherwise they just annoy me. Failure.

I swear I’m a well-adjusted individual. *Camera pans down to reveal a straightjacket and padded cell*


Death comes for us all eventually I never knew I was afraid of death until it was inches away. I always boasted I was not afraid of death until it was reaching for me it never quite got me (obviously) but the thought of it used to haunt my every waking hour until I realized I couldn’t stop it until it came for me in a form I couldn’t fight against a form I couldn’t run from. It turns out at some point I developed a severe form of epelepsy. Every seizure I had I was sure it would be the one to kill me so I his behind pills and medication but to live in fear of something within you something inevitable is no life so I accepted it and I stopped taking my medication. I stopped letting fear of death control my life, and I haven’t had a seizure in years


I’ve had an irrational fear of flying stinging insects all my life. But what really terrifies me is the thought that no one would remember or cared that I died. The thought of being completely forgotten truly terrifies me
@817819 you sir have my full respect that part of your life is a bit inspirational