What do you appreciate the most about CoG forums?


The fact that, under the influence of (mostly) recreational drugs, I’ve done some stupid stuff and haven’t got banned yet.


I agree with that, the participation of the CoG staff is great. I’m also always impressed by the technical posts by Rachel, who seems to be a complete master of choicescript programming…


For me are 3 things that I like very much in this forum.
1- the encouragement that everyone gives to new authors.
2- The imagination and theories that exist for each in the WIP that is in progress.
3- last but not least and that google translator works on the forum if not I would not even know what you are talking about.


I love how anyone can just make their own story with no coding experience. It’s really exciting and a great experience for people to try their hand at writing.


I like how this site has amazing features and design, also have a good and nice community too. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Although I’m not much of a “community” kind of person, I really appreciate how kind people here seem to be. Not the faux-civil “don’t say bad words even to jerks” thing I see in a lot of forums, but genuine respect and enthusiasm. It’s a world of difference, I and really love it.

I don’t post much, but it’s nice to know that if I do I’ll be part of a genuine and friendly discussion.


It gives me a place to enjoy myself and no one can be mad at me on my opinions because the people here would not attack me for my opinions like at places like work or school.


This is my first real forum experience (how did I get to this age and not do forums? Honestly… Fear kept me away) but I’ve found the community very kind on the whole!

I really appreciate having a place to share my love directly with some of the games authors.

I also like that I can get online and sob or swoon and at least ONE other person will usually understand/feel the same way.

And finally, I appreciate being able to ask for tips and tricks (especially about the ROs) and people are so helpful!


I like how interactive the forums are in regards to how quick replies can pour in due to the format! Plus, it’s easy on the eyes compared to most other forums I visited in the past! I also admire how this forum has settings for visually impaired users, like for blind people and for larger text.