What do you appreciate the most about CoG forums?


I appreciate I can switch websites to do research and when the page refreshes itself my post is still here. I often use it to draft tweets where I have to cite multiple sources. So my tweet draft won’t erase itself when it refreshes because I loaded another site.


The fact that most everyone here is actually nice and treats prople here with respect


the amount of stories (or wip) I can read , get a taste of the great lol also I enjoy being able to tell this or that author how much I like their work and fangirl like nuts XD

But I appreciate the advices and knowledge passed around by many authors . I mean , it’s a freaking Gold mine for anyone new and afraid to write (or don’t know how) . It’s very very much appreciated when author or peoples take time to give advice and pointers , you are making a little light spark brighter in a dark corner :slight_smile:


I like that I’m able to get feedback on my stories to help improve them as much as I can.


I like that it feels as if we are all pulling together, working as a team towards a common goal of creating and/or supporting this art form.


I love the community, that we have so many diverse points of view all discussing things and bringing out different perspectives and ideas.


Fiogan stated what I was going to. The community is what makes the forum.


I like that once opening a reply I can go onto a different thread entirely and still keep drafting a reply. It’s not a large thing but I thought it was cool


I love that the readers are able to help the writers and be a part of creating something


I love it that everyone here is nice and accepting of different ideas and all things in general
When I go to facebook or any other social media it is usually filled with all types of bigotry, racism, homophobia and just people being terrible, it is like here we can be ourselves, without fear of who we are.
Shows me that some people in this world are actually nice people, it gives me hope.


I like the inclusivity rules, and the range of opinions about games and game-writing that can be explored here.


I think I agree with really everyone else with how diverse and welcoming the community is. If you ask a question on here, you’ll get multiple viewpoints and people who want to help you. I like the fact that whether you’re a writer or reader, and even an artist - you can come here and people will give you their honest feedback and actually help you with even the smallest things. They won’t hit you with that ‘oh this is nice’.

Whether you act on it or not, they give you their ideas and what they want to see and their thoughts so you can develop your skills.


Ah, I don’t like to be that one guy, but we have Discourse to thank for that :]

That, and some other problems like topic limitation x[


I agree with many points made before…

In addition to that, I love the discussions on the philosophy on games work (with input of the many CoG and HG who actively participate on the forums), which have greatly helped me in the past.


I like how productive discussion is on this forum, everybody gives intelligent answers to the questions you ask.


I like how everyone is so polite. The internet is often a place where you’ll end up getting mixed responses for well-intentioned questions, but all my interactions in the forum have been so nice, and I’ve learned so much from everyone. That’s one of the things that makes this place for me.


Everyone has such valid points! The positives of this forum far out weigh the negatives-if there even are any.
This thread and all the wonderful answers alone just goes to show how supportive and together everyone is here, it’s gotta be the nicest place on the internet!

I love that being here just makes me happy and makes others happy too. The world needs more happiness, so thank you everyone for making a place so great :blush:

(Also, sorry this was so soppy and long xD)


One thing I’ve really appreciated about the forums is Jason’s periodic lengthy responses/peeks behind the curtain of what’s going on at the company. See here, here, here, here, here, of course this thread

Especially when it’s been a response to demands or aggressive questions of one kind or another (or indeed to piracy) I’ve appreciated Jason not just shutting down discussion but taking the time to unpack the thinking of the CoG team.

It’s not simple for a company to relate to an opinionated creator/fan community like this; it would be easy to lapse into dismissiveness, defensiveness, or vague hostility. The occasional Epistle of Jason to the Forumites has helped a lot in avoiding that.


I wouldn’t exactly label the forums as something without any flaws whatsoever, but the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives.

  1. The update system is really convenient and helpful.

  2. You get a good look at the process of all these different kinds of writers and actually get sort of an understanding of who they are and what they’re like. Most places don’t give you that.

  3. On the flip side, writers get to talk to more experienced writers and get proper input from readers as things develop.


I like arguing on the Internet.