What copyright year should be used?


What year should be used for copyright?

  1. The year you begin working on the game?

  2. The current year?

  3. The year it releases?

  4. The year of the latest upgrade?

Preferably not a guess, does anyone actually know anything about this?

Can I still get my game published if someone is ready making a game about the same timeframe?

check out page 4 under “Form for Notice for Visually Perceptible Copies” (paragraph 2)

I think it answers your question.


So, the year of its release?

What about WIP? I know that anything that’s written down gets an automatic copyright as intellectual property, so perhaps it doesn’t matter?


Yep, the year of release.

And yes we get copyright protection (at least under US law) as soon as we put pen to paper. Having it semi-published on a site like this certainly helps provides additional proof of “Hey I was writing about character so-and-so in 2014”