What Comes After (WiP, ALPHA)

Hey guys, it’s me again with my last of my three main projects! I’ve waited on adding this one here given the current climate and until I had a decent enough size of content, but I’m adding it now: welcome to What Comes After, a horror game set in an Infected Apocalypse…

(BIG WARNING: if current events in the world have you stressed, this will likely make it worse as it features it’s own pandemic. This wasn’t intentional as I’ve had this idea since before I even knew Covid existed; it’s a very unfortunate case of coincidence.)

Blurb under the cut:


In What Comes After, you play as one of the only two survivors of a town swooped down upon by the CDC for purposes not entirely told to you… except that many of the townspeople were sick from an on-going illness stretching worldwide and they wanted to work on a treatment or cure. Main word being were and wanted.

After your escape, you are left to scramble to understand what has happened during your imprisonment, leaving you at a disadvantage to other survivors… though, thankfully, you find some mercy in the beginning. However… will you show the same mercy to others along your journey? What will you do when faced with hard decisions that, sometimes, you may have no real say in? Your decisions and choices matter. They affect those of your group in various ways, and sometimes… they may even mean their doom.

But not everything has to be heavy and drowning, even in an apocalypse where those not Infected stand in the disadvantage. Your friends will have your back if you have theirs. Some may even grow to see you as more, and be willing to trust you in a world where everyone is learning quickly that trust should not be taken lightly nor given easily… It’s all in your hands. What will you do?

[End blurb]

If this peaks your interest, you can find the current demo here! It is currently encompassing up to Chapter 3, is roughly 28,000 words (without code), and each playthrough is about 18,700 words. Some areas don’t have many choices while others have a lot; this is due to it being a rough project still only in its early stages. Once the first draft of the game is completed (or over time) more options will be added, especially once the demo is fully finished!

Current Triggers:

  • Blood and violence
  • Intense situations
  • Graphic depictions of scenes that may disturb you (including rotting bodies and what they entail)
  • Maggots (small mention)
  • Cursing
  • Grief
    (If you have one you want added, PLEASE let me know!)


  • Gender has been left rather open to this point, pronouns has been the only thing added. (I will put more options for those in later!)
  • There are six romance options, two of which can flip their genders as you want while four are set. They can be romanced by any gender.
  • Your choices and decisions in this book will effect later ones as well as this one! I wanted a lot of continuity as I really loved the TWD games but wanted so much more; thusly, this is my way of getting that!
  • The characters will notice what you do and don’t do! They will also take into account what you tell them and how you handle situations.
  • Fight scenes will differ depending on your weapon.
  • Skills will be added eventually and they will help influence what you can do on your own and what you will need help with.
  • A complex system of how Infected are created, how they evolve, and mayhaps even “types” of humans… who have immunities.
    (More to be added eventually.)

Helpful links:
A breakdown of the Infected
My shared Tumblr where updates are posted.

Thanks for giving me some of your time! Hope y’all enjoy it! This game was majorly inspired by The Stand and The Walking Dead games, with the Infected being influenced by L4D2 and somewhat Last of Us (haven’t played but the Infected were really cool!)


Umm, will we be able to set the gender as non-binary for the two ROs that are gender-flippable eventually?

Also, thank you so much for adding a metric system


I was not really expecting much when I decided to try the demo because in general I am not the biggest fan of zombie apocalypse stories but your writing truly elevated the story. I am excited to see this story’s progress. Also it was nice that you gave us a hint of what the ros personalities were like before asking us to pick a gender. I am never sure which one to pick.
Found a small typo.
“You don’t want this to end?” they finishes softly.


@Nael One of the ROs can be set as non-binary, but the other is not! One of the set-gendered ROs is also under the nonbinary umbrella! (To be able to set the one who can be non-binary as such, you have to choose to pick each RO’s gender. There will be more ways to do this eventually, but right now that’s it!)

No problem ^^

@Peli Thank you so much!! I’m so so glad that it still managed to catch your interest ^^ And yeah, it’d be hard to know which you want them to be if you didn’t know some semblance of their personality!

Ah thanks! I’ll put it on the things that need to be edited list!


Are ‘Jeanne’ and ‘Jean’ the same person? Because it seemed like it, and she was called ‘Jean’ in Chapter 1, but ‘Jeanne’ when Dr. Scott talked about her death.

As for the rest of it…appropriately creepy. Not sure I’ll keep up with it (zombies aren’t really my thing, but I wanted to give this a shot anyway), but we’ll see. I might give it another shot when it updates.

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Jean and Jeanne are the same! The thing is that Jean is a nickname and Jeanne is her full name (which is why Dr. Scott uses it instead)!

I’m glad the creepiness came through! And that’s 100% understandable, this won’t be everyone’s thing. I’m glad you gave it a try anyway ^^


Ah, okay. That makes sense, it just confused me when I saw ‘Jeanne’ later on. :sweat_smile:


This. Is. Awesome!!!

I’m deeply in love with all stuff that includes zombies (and apocalypse obviously), so my fangirl mode has been activated :heart_eyes:

Very interesting plot and spot-on horror atmosphere. Thank you for this game, I can’t wait to see more!


Thank you so so much!!! I’m so very glad you enjoyed!! I’m also a HUGE fan of zombies, apocalypse scenarios, and the combining of the two, and it was about time I wrote my own haha


Nice! This Wip looks interesting, just IN LOVE IT

The way you write is so satisfying (1000/1000) :heart::heart:

Looking for future updates. :dancer:

Will you make a list of the RoS and characters? , there are many characters for me, and it’s dificult to know who is who :cold_sweat::joy::joy::heart:

Last question,
The doctor destiny is die? Because I didn’t kill her, just locked her in the room :thinking:


In my playthrough, I did kill the doctor but the nightmare makes it seem like I left the doctor alive.

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This looks really interesting and I like the characters so far. I’m not a fan of zombies but I’ll probably keep up with this because I like your writing and storytelling. At the end when my MC was dreaming the doctor was yelling that she should have killed her and my MC had killed her so I don’t know if that was a continuity error or something else. Just thought I’d ask.

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@Lowern I’m so glad you love it!!!
Major Characters past Chapter 3:
Reese Carroway (RO)
Carolina Thompson (RO)
M Torres (RO)
Erik/Erika Nguyen (RO)
Derrick Logan (RO)
Booker Williams (RO)
Lori Williams
The Martin Farm residents (not met yet)

Dr. Scott’s fate will be shown later :slight_smile:

@Saetero What do you mean? Which option did you choose?

@Eyesofshadow I’m so glad you’re sticking around and that you enjoy my writing ^^ Could you please tell me which option you choose when dealing with Dr. Scott? There’s two dream sequences, and which you get is dependent on what choice you decided when dealing with her.


I held my ground and called them selfish. After I asked about the others, then shot the doctor, and chose “squeeze your eyes closed, but turn away.”

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Hmmm that’s odd. I’ll rework the coding and upload the file again sometime later tonight and hopefully that’ll fix it!

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Looks promising! I was a bit skeptical at first - the whole zombie apocalypse theme is pretty much hit or miss for me - but the quality of your other works (and the infected lore on your Tumblr) convinced me to give it a go. I wasn’t disappointed. :slight_smile: I have to say that I much prefer this kind of “infected” compared to the overrated and overused “mindless zombie” type. Afflicted individuals with different levels of intelligence, traits and powers was a good idea.

One thing I’m not overly fond of, though, is the amount of exposition to different P.o.Vs right from the start. Don’t get me wrong, I know why they’re there - it is basically a way to introduce all these different characters to the player while also setting up the tone of the story - but having a whole lot of them delivered one after another was a bit… daunting.

I don’t mind the occasional P.o.V change (I was completely fine with it in your other story “Mind Games”) but I prefer it when a game focuses mostly on the main character and what they’re doing. If different P.o.Vs are going to be a crucial part of the story telling (i.e, frequent), I lean towards making them more spaced out and sporadic. Of course, this is merely my opinion and preference in the matter.

On a completely different note… Will we be able to choose what kind of resistance we have to the pathogen? I assume Uninfected is out of the question due to the… “clinical trials”… we went through with the “good” doctor. Can we choose between resistant or immune? Or is that plot-locked?


If they are Lena and Magda are identical twins why did one live and not the other?

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@IvoryOwl Thank you so so much! Im glad you still gave it a try and ended up enjoying it!!

YEAH the amount of P.o.V changes was a lot to start, I know. They will be toning down from here on out, I mainly just wanted people to see how other major characters were handling things while MC was locked away. I absolutely understand being put off by it, believe me.

MC’s resistance is plot-locked! Which they and players will learn about in Chapter 5-6 ish. And yes, the clinical trials… you’ll find out what all the good Doctor did later… :wink:

@lNoRegrets23l An excellent question! This is very spoilery so, read at your own expense: Selena/Jorge (M’s twin) was battling cancer prior to becoming sick for a while. The chemotherapy and trials to try to cure it messed up their white blood cells and immune system, leaving them defenseless for a time. You’ll learn more about what all happened to them after going to the CDC later.


It’s interesting I like it so far and you should put in title of story whenever you update so we know when to play it again

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And just like that, this has become my favorite WIP. The writing is good, and I can tell you did your research. It also makes sense that atlanta was a hotspot, since it has the busiest international airport in america. Also, is there going to be any more character customization? I kinda expected the medical papers to ask about height and body type, since that’s usually important medical info. Anyways, I can’t wait to see more!