What are your pet peeves?


Meanwhile I have only just recently escaped from 2nd hand smoking, and it was because I moved to a house with strict landlords.


Good to hear, and hopefully not bad to hear on the strict landlord part in the future.


It’s a double edged sword mostly negative but it’s not anything really life obstructing. Plus the house was cheap for how nice it is.


I hate people who think they know everything about a specific animal/group of animals. Then if you correct them, they get all pissed off and defensive. For example, did you know that lionesses hunt while males defend the pride?


@GamerDude huh… I didn’t know male lions had a use(other than mating)…


When people who usually say they hate their government suddenly claim to love them and say they are the best after the big guys introduce something that benefits them, only to go “back” to hating them the next week.

“Critics” that like to drown their “constructive criticism” with directed insults(including ‘sophisticated’ ones). And then expect people to take them seriously. People who keep their cool while voicing concerns are more respectable than them.

Hypocrites. Especially when it has something to do with what I mentioned earlier.


When I ask them why they ask about it usually they say it’s the way I talk and on the idea that I talk about lbgt stuff in the public I usually don’t I only do it with a group of my friends.


Ah, well like I said it is different for those of us who do advertise our activism (even if it is only in certain circles as mine is primarily legal and highly technical, not the more well-known canal prides and stuff), which can make us into something other then random strangers at times, bothering truly random guys about it is very much not okay however, particularly when it plays into stereotypes, as it seems to be in your case.


One of my big ones is people insisting I must be aligned with a side they disagree with or hate because I share x amount of views with that side or disagree with that persons side. This is a huge danger of many activist groups that have a danger of developing a “if your not with us your against us” mentality. (Not calling out a specific group just highlighting the dangers. Ive been called many things for not pledging my devotion to a side of a disagreement (both sides of the coin) and frankly I think this line of thinking is very extremist and stupid. (I hope I worded this right, if you have a way i could word it different/better let me know XD)


I’d say there’s many factors affecting priveledge, but the reason white priveledge is so prevalent is the same reason male priveledge is, because they are usually two big factors. But certainly a white, trans, poor, gay, disabled male is less priveledged than a rich, cis, heterosexual, black, woman. I have a pet peve that kinda covers this, when people dumb down concepts or arguments. I’m seeing a lot of that with regards to explanations of populism, brexit etc.
Edit: Or when people focus on just one factor, E.G people voted for Brexit just because of immigration, the EU having too much power etc.


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