What are your pet peeves?


I just got flashbacks to Leliana where comforting her after her master/lover ordeal could lead to her romance.

Warden: “I’m sorry it ended so badly.” 'or '“She didn’t deserve you.”

Boom you’re dating Leliana.

Though that was suddenly cheating rather than compatibility :laughing:

I always thought the ME ones were more obvious :thinking:

Like in 2 Anders relied on a single flirt rather than multiple.

Funnily enough despite being raised in a house of mostly girls I had no idea you were suppose to set the toilet seat down until I was in my teens (it takes only a second no big deal) and it was the one other guy in the house at the time who said anything which was a few days after I saw it mentioned on tv.

I got the racist grandparents instead :dizzy_face:. Oh and a murderous father :blush:. Haven’t met them though. Not that the family that I did live with were paragons of love. With my mother who was in foster care as a child calling her mother abusive and fighting with her step father (that set did live with me) and everyone going against traits I couldn’t help anyway. So I usually like my extended family, save for the fact that many of them are biased towards my half-sister because she’s blood related.


At work I notice people removing the food from the microwave oven only seconds before it finishes. Why do people do this? Why input one minute if you are going for 58 seconds? That is really annoying.

The biggest problem is that the next person to use the microwave needs to cancel the remaining seconds from the previous user. Either that or have additional seconds that he did not wish for in his setting.


Won’t lie I do this, but only because I don’t won’t to listen to the beeping especially at night when everyone’s sleeping.


I suffer the opposite effect people come up to me like wow why do u look so happy, and i be like im not


yep sadly this is why i do it.


Hmmm…I would say that my biggest pet peeve (though it seems small compared to others) is when someone answers me in one letter or word or an emoticon in messenger and text messages. I make the effort to write things in a proper sentence or phrase yet they just respond so…frustrating. To me, it feels like they just brushed off what I wrote or they simply don’t care about our conversation.


I have to admit, I actually do that. But I have a real reason for that. I’ve met a lot of clingy people, and sadly telling them to stop texting me isn’t going to help. In fact, it would make them more upset. So instead of ignoring them or telling them to stop I answer with one word sentences so that they’ll get the hint and leave me alone. In my experience, that has actually worked because they eventually get bored and stop bothering me.


People who apologise for EVERYTHING!!! And they ask if you’re okay if you fucking sit down to rest! It’s like, FUCKING STOP! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


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After you search something, and you’re about to click on a link, but right as you do your (slow) internet decides to finally load the rest of the page and you end up clicking on an ad instead. Ugh, a little piece of my soul is lost each time.


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I kept debating with myself if these were really a big deal but some of the things that annoy me lately are:

  • Idealization of certain societies past and present. I do this too, I think it’s quite a common habit but it can’t be good for anyone.
  • Strangers asking me what happened when they see my scars.
  • People who deliberately leave public bathrooms in a mess out of laziness or malice.
  • When I see parents and other caregivers expecting children to think, feel and behave as if they’re just miniature adults. That’s so much pressure for them to be under.
  • Fandoms built around real-life murderers and other violent people.
  • Irresponsible pet ownership in my area.
  • Discompassionate treatment of disadvantaged people in my country.
  • My brother helping himself to food I make for myself and then complaining about how it tastes and telling me what I should do next time.

It felt nice to just put these out there tbh. Thank you for listening and I wish everyone luck in dealing with your pet peeves this year.

Edit: Some these things are clearly a big deal but I mean the things that only affect me… those really don’t seem that important but they’re annoying.

  • People talking loudly. Children/teens laughing in this really shrill way that just seems to scrape over your brain.
  • People talking to me in the street. Unless you’re asking for directions or a lighter or something, don’t expect me to acknowledge you. I’m German, keeping my distance and politely ignoring stuff is what I was born to do.
  • Arrogance. People who think they know everything better yet all they do is display how narrow-minded and ignorant they are.
  • People complaining to the cashier/barista in food joints or cafes. It takes as long as it takes, Linda, stop being a nuisance.
  • People. My pet peeve is people.


The real answer right here.

Human beings are generally emotionally dependent on interacting with others, but damn, is the world filled with idiots and unpleasants alike.


While it still happens in some of the circles I move in, I believe that in the really hip and happening parts of Amsterdam doing that is an admission you smoke, which will get you treated akin to a mass murderer these days, so don’t do it if you want a social life.

Which is the best romance in the Mass Effect franchise. :wink:

Depends on whether or not you advertise yourself as an lgbt activist I suppose. So long as being gay is not yet seen as completely normal and mundane I’d rather curious people ask me. On the other hand there are certainly gay guys who are not activists or educators and who shouldn’t be forced to be either.

Change that to lawyers for me, even with my cursory knowledge of the American legal system it gets downright uncomfortable for me on many occasions. “Better call Saul” is the main exception these days though. Dutch law shows on the other hand are completely unwatchable to me.

I find that has to do more with being large in the horizontal way than large in the vertical way. Then again I’m a pipsqueak with height dysphoria living in the land of the giants.
In any case I’ve never really seen discrimination against tall guys over here, quite the opposite actually.



I think I shall move to your land. Though I still have horizontal largeness I’d love to avoid the vertical discrimination in regards to my intelligence at the very least.


I find this hilarious as for the better part of a year I carried around a ~$50 zippo lighter just becuase it looked cool and fire is pretty
I really like them and collect them but don’t smoke well haven’t since I was ~12 in my really stupid years


I always carry one around too, certain clients and colleagues really appreciate it, just don’t go and advertise it to the general public in the “hip” parts of town is all I’m saying. So if a random stranger asked me for a light on the streets I’d just tell them “sorry I don’t smoke”, since I don’t want to end up pranked by some anti-smoking youtube vlog or something.


Ahh, effectively fear the masses
Many kings and queens needed such advise
Shame That ya can’t do that wich id love to do back

I never veered away from the 10 fold rule much to the sadness of many a therapist.