What are your pet peeves?


Trust me, you wouldn’t know what they were talking about even if you were a massive anime fan. As an anime fan myself, I’ve got to say that, in my experience, conversations between anime fans go a little something like this:

Person 1: Oh wow, you guys like anime! Me too! My favorites are Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass, Death Note and Full-Metal Alchemist. What about yours?

Person 2: I like Naruto, Yugioh, One Piece and Bleach!

Person 1: Oh… I’ve not seen any of those… What about you?

Person 3: My favorites are Hikaru no Go, Shounen Onmyouji, Kemono no Souja Erin and Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru.

Person 1: … I’ve never even heard of a single one of those.

Person 2: …

Person 3: …

Person 1: So… Do you guys like Game of Thrones?

Person 2: I love Game of Thrones!

Person 3: Me too! Let’s talk about that instead! :yum:


Nah. (Un?)fortunately all the anime peeps I talk to don’t watch that mainstream stuff.

Instead they get into the hidden gems and weird trippy stuff like Tatami Galaxy.

It’s walking a very fine line on the quality tight rope.


People who think a prank cannot possibly cross any variety of lines, and is entirely excusable because it’s “just a prank bro”.

This attitude led to a woman shooting and killing her boyfriend for Youtube hits. I am sick to death of “extreme pranking”.


And im over here as a Legend of Galactic heroes fan. XD haha


People touching me (I remember pushing down my great grandma for that)(I at least need a warning and even then it’s not really safe)
People expecting me to care about something.
People insisting on talking to me.
Sometimes I can dislike a person by the sound of their voice.
People who talk too loud and say you’re nosy when you comment on their conversation.
People who insists on complaining to other people.(In person or phone call)
Being called a smart ass.
People getting defensive on my behalf over stuff I don’t mind.
Blanket statements that include me.
That ringing in my ears.
It is painful for me to go out in the sun (eyes wise)
Flash photography.
People who overreact in aggressive manners.
Me making the wrong face
Me not being able to control my face.
Not being able to play games.
People who get aggressive when you offer help
People who use experiences not directly related to you to justify negative interactions.
People expecting me to act more serious.
Long sleeve shirts and shorts together.
People unreasonably assuming stuff about me for the sake of their arguments.
Hard Vegetables.
When I don’t get a lollipop when I go to the doctors.
People who unnecessarily involve people in their problems.
When things I like are being censored opposed to the creator’s will. (Well even with it but less so, though the difference is more with comedy)
Short deadlines.


Assumptions, hateful rhetoric, Hypocrisy and people unwilling to reason.


One pet peeves I have is when people ask me about my sexuality it seems stupid now that I say that but it justs makes me mad
Another pet peeves which seemed less serious then the first one is when my food touch but the only exception is corn and mash potato


Suprise hugs. I’m not a hugger/huggee and get aggressive when hugged by suprise. I normally tell people no when they ask and bit someone when I was caught off guard before

Breaking personal space by a wide margin. I’m not touchy feely and get paranoid sometimes (I have a hard time keeping my back to doors in public among other things)
Touching or getting really close is only acceptable by people I extremely trust if I’m not willing to take a bullet for you I’m most likly uncomfortable in extreme proximity.

Extreme ended feminist I’ve lived by equality my whole life
If you think your better than me no your not. If you hit me I will put you butt over mouth thru a wall regardless of gender I was raised to treat everyone the same. Standing up for your self is important but the sexes are equal to me.

Acting snobbish or superior, see above.

“Purebred animals” your a pucking moron if you think that is something that should be continued

Parents bringing babies into restaurants or R rated movies
I’m paying for personal enjoyment I don’t need to hear a pest making a racket. Take it home get a sitter just get it away from me and everyone else whose good time your ruining.

Anyone who drinks and drives. If you drink in front of me and get in a car and put the keys in the ignition I will bust you window and rip you out of that car if I have to I don’t tolerate that dangerous nonsense. (I’ve come real close to being arrested for stopping a drunkard before)


…Wow, just wow my list will be big. I range from being indifferent to people, to outright being disgusted by them and hating them (excluding family, friends etc), so yeah I have a lot but anyway…:

People leaving the toilet seat down, seriously it takes a second, I’m pretty sure people have that to spare.
People who don’t have time to wash their hands.
People who barge into me and shout at me something like “You not even gonna say sorry!!!?” because no, I’m not I’m visually impared and carry a 3ft bright white cane. And even if I wasn’t what’s so special about that person that I have to instantly jump out of their way? Fuck them.
People who shout at me in the street, accusing me of not being blind. Yes I’m not blind, I’m visually impared, and I had a blood test, pretty sure you can’t cheat on those.
People who ask stupid questions.
People who expect me to care about them, their stupid opinions etc.
People who use incorrect words.
People who don’t understand simple questions.
People who make me repeat myself.
People who point out that I don’t show emotion. Yes it’s almost like I suffer from emotional detachment and maybe a bit of depersonalisation disorder…oh wait.
People who worry about me too much.
People who ring me at the most innopurtune times.
People who ring me 2 or three times, I don’t answer, yet they keep on ringing me, leaving texts, voicemails etc.
People who get annoyed/worried etc if I don’t ring them back/text them back etc immediately.
People who judge me without getting to know me, fuck those people.
People who don’t know how to use coasters.

…Sorry for the long post, but yeah I think you get the point :stuck_out_tongue: . Lots of people truly piss me off, annoy me, disgust me etc.


Most of those make a great deal of sense to be annoyed for them.


Tapping pencils, well generally any slight sound when it’s supper quite and I’m trying to focus. I had moderate ADD so focusing is hard and I hate when people interrupt that.


Slow walkers. When people can’t follow my train of thought. Pedantry. Pet names from strangers. Strangers not talking during commute, instead trying desperately not to stare at each other. Rude costumer service.


Amen to that.

Also I don’t care for people who look for offense in literally everything, hahah. Just to add to those who feel the same way. :slight_smile:


People who look over my shoulder and read what I’m writing while I’m writing it. Or, even worse, who physically take the computer away without saying anything to look at what I’m writing. If you’re curious- I’m more than happy to share usually, but please please please don’t tear the computer out from under me while I’m the process of typing a sentence.

Ditto people who look over my shoulder while drawing.

Also when someone tries to talk to me when I have headphones in and am working on something. Save for emergencies, of course.


Apologies if I’m missing something, but that’s just being an idiot. Someone who’s actually edgy is someone who tries pushes the boundaries of what is socially acceptable. The problem is that being edgy is considered to be cool -for some reason- and most people don’t know how to change people’s minds, or present a joke properly, myself included.

Same here, except for the biting bit. However, when someone is so full of joy that they come running up and hug me, whether this be because they just received some good news, they haven’t seen me in a while, or because of something I did - especially this one- I don’t dare break the hug. It’s as if they’re transferring/giving me their happiness; it fills me with a sort of childish glee. Is it the same way for you? (You can say no; don’t feel bad)


:knowingwink: I feel you… I feel you


I mentioned this elsewhere, but since I have maybe only one other forum post I may as well say it here too.

Any police in any tv show. Due to my experience and training, I find everything these tv cops do to be downright offensive. Really? Really Stabler? THAT’S how you’re going to handcuff a suspect?

Oh? You’re going down the middle of a hallway towards the sound of gunfire? That’s a great way to do that! (hint: you stick to one side of the hall, typically the right hand side and utilize tactics that vary depending on how many additional officers you have entered the building with - key fact, that kind of thing is scary as hell doing solo, but it can be done!)

Room clearing. I hate the way they clear rooms. No muzzle control, everybody goes the same way upon entry, sometimes not even stacking up prior to entering. (Stack, Rack, Breach, Alternate)

Traffic Stops - both in reality and most especially in tv shows. No hand control, no imprinting, horrible walk-up, horrible positioning, extremely horrible walk back to the unit. I can’t tell you how many damn traffic tickets I talked myself out of just by critiquing the patrolman’s traffic stop. I even give them grades.

Tasers. They do NOT knock anybody unconscious. The only way they would is if the person fell and hit their head hard enough to do so. The handheld ones that don’t shoot anything? They only cause pain. Those are used for pain compliance, when you already have sh** under control and need them to comply with your orders. The ones that shoot prongs cause neuromuscular incapacitation. It locks their muscles up (while causing a small amount of pain) so that their actions can be stopped and for the duration of the ‘ride’ they are unable to do anything, during which you typically place them in hand restraints while avoiding the wires attached to the taser.

There are so many other things I can mention relating just to police in tv shows that if I continue I’ll be timed out for inactivity before I’m even halfway done! But, you can imagine why I really don’t watch any tv shows with police in them any longer.

Outside of the law enforcement aspect, my biggest pet peeve is when people assume large people are not intelligent. Being 6’4" and 270 pounds (193cm, 122kg) does not mean that I am unable to solve this equation. It does not mean that when I use ‘big words’ in a paper that I am paraphrasing from the sources I was using for said research paper. I actually know the material, that’s why I chose that topic to do the research on…

Case in point: I just completed my first semester of college, and was accused of plagiarism on my research paper. She went so far as to say that I was paraphrasing my sources and needed to cite them even when paraphrasing. None of my sources had anything to do with that aspect of what I was writing since I chose sources relating to the other aspect of my paper. Use sources to explain what the thing is, use myself and my ideas to add additional theory. Pretty simple concept.

The math equation thing was just something one of my middle school math teachers thought. I think he thought I was cheating because I didn’t pay attention in class. Last semester’s college algebra professor would have told off that teacher and made him cry. I scored 196/200 on my final, and ended the semester with a 100.1% grade due to extra credit questions on quizzes. So, no…big people aren’t stupid.

Dating sites. These things are the slow death of self-esteem for males who were not blessed with model looks or washboard abs. Fit the profile of what she’s looking for… except you don’t really, because she also wants [insert attractive male celebrity here] type looks with an amazing body on top of all the qualities you have. I wish dating sites never became popular so that people like me could actually get dates on a regular basis again. There really isn’t as much of a social stigma attached to them like there used to be, now it’s almost the ‘in’ thing to do, which severely limits my chances of finding a date that can actually turn into a long term relationship, which would then turn into the thing I had wanted to find when I first signed up to dating sites so long ago.

And now…I shall post this before I really show off my jaded side… :stuck_out_tongue:


It is not the same way sadly. It’s kinda like a gilded cage
I get a trapped animal feeling. Like I’m about to be stabbed or something. Takes calm thought or someone I really trust or being in control of it for me to not start getting jumpy and defensive.
Don’t know where this mindset came from.


Wait. Wouldn’t you want people to leave it down or rather just close the lid altogether? Especially with American style toilets which are like bowls full of water (how do you manage to sit on that without your **** dipping into the water anyway?) slowly gathering bacteria and festering away?


Sorry I was tired, it was a typo :stuck_out_tongue: meant up.