What are your pet peeves?


Okay, so i’m an easily annoyed person. And because of that I have a shit ton of pet peeves. Small everyday things and actions that easily gets on my nerves, y’know. I’m curious to see what your pet peeves are!

Alright, here’s a few things that tick me off.

-People who use their horoscopes as en excuse for their behavior. Whenever someone say: ‘‘I didn’t mean to do that, i’m a virgo sorry lol.’’ I just want to scream: ‘‘No Karen. You’re just immature.’’

-People who use memes as an excuse for everything. Racist jokes? Bashing and disrespectful behavior? No worries! Just say: ‘‘It’s just a meme you normie!’’.

-People who don’t understand sarcasm yet they use the same form of humor. I swear, when people say: ‘‘Omg I was just joking you have no sense of humor’’ yet it was obvious that you were joking… I didn’t include the unicorns for nothing Karen, get the hint, do you get it? Sarcasm? Ok Karen, it’s ok.

-People who have shitty humor and are aware of that, yet they bash your sense of humor. Butthurt much?

EDIT: I have too many pet peeves. So I’m gonna add one last thing that bother me.

-When neighboors or strangers see your pet (dog, cat, duck etc.) and they’ll walk up to you and start talking to you. Please don’t do that. I’m a social awkward person, I’m bad at starting conversations. Like, I get it if you want to ask what breed the animal is or what their name is, but when people suddenly go outside the box and discuss about relationships, politics and about themselves and expect me to bring something to the table I just freeze. And this is why I rarerly bring my pets to the front yard, because I can’t understand common human interaction.


This might be more of a U.K. thing, but my biggest pet peeve is random people who will walk up to someone they don’t know and say something like, “Give us a smile love, it’s not the end of the world,” or “Cheer up darling, it might never happen!”

Two possible options here;
1: The person was actually in a really good mood, they just have a naturally miserable looking face. In which case, you’ve just kindly pointed out to them that even when they’re super happy, they look like a moody old cow, and pretty much ruined their day.

2: The reason they look so miserable is because… You know… They’re actually miserable. Because something really crappy happened, like they lost their job or their grandma died or they just caught their husband cheating on them. In which case, “Cheer up, it might never happen” isn’t exactly useful advice for them, is it? :yum:


@Avery_Moore bless you lol I have that face. I don’t look miserable per say but I look like I want to kill someone. :sweat_smile::joy:


Same here. People just walk up to me and say: ‘‘Why are you sad, what happened? Do you need a hug? Did someone die? Do you have depression? Do I need to call for a teacher?’’

No dude. It’s my genetics. I was born to look like grumpy cat.

I’m not even over exaggerating, this has happened in real life. But now people just avoid me :slight_smile:


Wtf. People would get punched for doing that in Germany. Hell, if a stranger randomly talks to you on the street they better be asking for a light or the time of day, though I think the latter has died with the advent of mobile phones.

My personal pet peeve is probably people taking things they’re told or have been taught at face value. History is written by the winners, established dogmas and systems have an interest in their self-preservation and even teachers have agendas and biases that influence their teaching. Never mind that the system you live in may have an interest in steering you certain ways. But we’ve always had libraries and for over two decades we have the Internet where people can get a quick infodump with a few keystrokes.

And yet we have debates about global warming, we have flat earthers and people whose major source of news is Facebook or Twitter. When it’s easy to just compare the same story across three different news outlets in three different countries or even three different continents you can read between the lies. People just choose not to. It’s insane to me.


The struggle of having resting bitch face :joy:


You just said some of mine there…

And I get frustrated when random people gives me “hello”, oh my. Now I’m glad that they are just being polite to me, not wanting to take care of a life that isn’t theirs.

Just a normal day at school… It bothers when people says that but at least is my grumpy-cat-face that prevines me of people giving pamphlets.

I hate when people brush their teeth before getting breakfast. Like, your teeth will get dirty again, you’ll smell like coffee SO WHY THE HELL DO YOU BRUSH THEM BEFORE EATING AUGHHHHHH.

Brazil have this fame of being warm and kind and unfortunatelly, that’s true. I was born here, never went out of here and I never got used to the social etiquete of hugging and kissing the cheek (and getting yours kissed) OF A STRANGER when you’re meeting. In fact, frequently you have to do that before even getting the person’s name. You already have to do it to your relatives, but to STRANGERS?! Damn, for a country obsessed with hygiene this is VERY contradictory, no wonder why there’s flu outbreaks. In my opinion, it’s disgusting and I die inside everytime I have to do this, the true hell for introverted and people with anxiety and social phobia.

People who thinks that math moves the world.

People who arrives at a place late AND ROMANTICIZE THEIR DELAY. Once again, a common habit for Brazilians that I NEVER could get used to and am constantly getting mad at. Sigh.

That’s just a few of them, I won’t say them all because I’d be here for days.


@Fay oh…
Awkwardly slides meme collection behind back :sweat_smile::innocent:
In all seriousness though…

When people take comedy too seriously, make a joke and get a lecture or condemned for it? Or as I’ve seen too many time have your life threatened? That pisses me off. I’m trying to stay happy in this very depressing world, let me laugh at what I want, call me a bad person? I’m fine with that. Threaten and lecture me? Grrrrr
(Though I don’t like people using comedy just as an afterthought excuse if that makes sense)


I hate that we have to do this, people always think that I’m a weirdo because of that, why do I have to touch someone to say hi? Just say hi FFS!

To me it’s any type of forced social interactions, like taking a picture, or having to talk to someone when I don’t really want to, I just want to be alone, silently alone, not to some party full of drunk people, is it so hard to understand that society?
And that kind of people that like to talk loud or listen to music at the highest volume possible. In Brazil there is kind of a culture of people that like to ride around in their cars listening to music with their speakers, the whole car vibrating just because they think they look cool doing that, I don’t know if it’s just here, but this bothers me a lot.
Also what many have said already, the fake news culture that started to grow lately, people prefer to read or listen some conspirational theory than actually read something with REAL facts, and not made up stories.

God, I look like a grumpy old man saying these things.


Children. Everything to do with them. Even if they’re just sitting there being quiet.

The only kids who get a pass from me are the ones I’m related to.

I’m not a kid, or a teen. I’m an adult who looks at these potatoes and wonders why I’m expected to have them pretty soon.


Because nature demanded you to squeeze out another being to add to the already overpopulated population.


Sensitive People
I hate how some people look for a debate in every conversation. :kissing:


Boy, this forum must be a nightmare for you.

Jokes aside, my pet peeve is edginess. To put it simply, it really aggravates me when some teenage dickweed tries to be an edgy badass but they just come off as cringe worthy. An example would be this guy I know rl who’s New Years resolution was, and get this: _to start smoking cigarettes and get into more bar fights to beat more people up. _ Why, you ask? Simply because he “wanted to live on the edge”, and “wanted to have fun with life”.

So yeah, fuck edgy people.


God. And teenage girls who watch anime and go off on anime forums or youtube comment sections and act like ‘‘yanderes’’. Especially Sans fangirls, trying to claim a fictional character from a video game. Stop with the yandere thing please.

If you want a tutorial on how to be a ‘‘yandere’’ (God I hate that word), here’s a few tips:

  1. Find a fictional husband, or just use your crush.
  2. Act violent, cuss and send death threats to people that show friendliness or affection towards your husbando.


I find this statement extremely offensive! :rage:


Trust me, it is. I just stay for the great stories :sob:



When people are talking about stuff like anime and whatnot and you are not as knowledgeable on it as they are so you’re just awkwardly standing there listening on their conversation but unable to add anything to it.

That’s one of the most awkward situations to be in, and as much as I love it, I don’t watch enough anime to be able to tell what’s the hottest shit that’s coming out.



When people constantly interrupt you.


Guys that think if a woman just smiles or is polite that she wants to sleep with them, I mean even in video games this happens :unamused: It brought me a lot of joy when my friend (who is a straight male) was playing ME3 and accidentally started the Kaiden romance just trying to be nice. I laughed hysterically and said “Now you get to see how it feels!”


Rude people. People that think nobody likes them because they are 2real4U and in your face, or because they say it how it is, when in reality they are just a pain to listen to. They usually believe everybody thinks the way they do but are too scared to speak their minds, so they go around calling everyone a hypocrite. No, Buttercup, there’s a difference between giving your opinion and being mean just because. You’re not being too real, you’re being an ass. And you know what? That time I said I didn’t see you on the bus? I lied, Carlos. I. LIED.