What are your favourite comic books?


I was always a bit of a Tintin fan myself, as you can see lol. But apart from those, I never really read comics up until fairly recently. A friend bought me the complete Maus by Art Spiegelman, V for Vendetta and some Frank Miller books, including some from the Sin City series and Batman Dark Knight Returns, for my birthday about a month ago. I think he was trying to get me into comics…suffice to say, he has succeeded.

Anyhow, this is ‘the’ comic book thread: hit me!


Not quite sure if it counts as comic books, but my personal favorite is Elfquest.
It’s more fantasy than the series you’ve mentioned, though I guess that’s kind of obvious from the titel.


The classic Ghostrider comic books from the 70’s… Can’t get enough!


I personally liked Todd McFarlane’s Spawn and his short lived post as the artist for The Amazing Spider-Man . My favorite from those is the series with Kraven the Hunter. Also if you like comics I would suggest a Manga.


Daredevil, Watchmen, Frank Miller stuff from the 80s, Gaiman’s Sandman series, anything from the combo of Sale and Loeb. The Daredevil Yellow series has a timeless beauty that’s hard to find elsewhere.


Sandman. Watchmen. Saga. Bone. Planetary. Elfquest. Gunnerkrigg Court. Courtney Crumrin. Atomic Robo. League of Extraordinary Gents. And with reservations, Preacher, Journey Into Mystery, Hellboy, and Morning Glories.

Oh, yes, and classic Tintin and Asterix the Gaul. :slight_smile:


Green lantern, Spiderman, Teen Titans, Archie, and Sonic the hedgehog


Mine would be obvious to a fan. Fables.


SAGA!!! I also love Alan Moore’s Promethea, but that’s pretty far out there for most people.


Well I like the classic Naruto, but I like Death Note much better. A few others include Dragon Ball, Bleach, and (I think this is right), Fairy Tail.


Bone, Watchmen, Strangers in Paradise, Leagues of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Batgirl (Stephanie Brown series), Empowered, Supergirl Adventures in 8th Grade, Spider-girl (May Parker), All-Star Superman are the ones that pop into mind first. I’m assuming that you’re refering to western comics and not mangas or webcomics, then I’ve got a whole bunch more.


These are pretty much mandatory if you’re getting into comics.

I’d also add The Invisibles. While it’s very 1990’s, it was really quite outstanding at the time. It’s very weird, sometimes self-conciously so, but a good read.

Transmetropolitan. It’s Hunter S Thompson of the FUTURE. It’s a lot of fun.

Grandville. Steampunk alt history, with an anthropomorphic badger detective.

Phonogram. This seems to divide people. They either love or hate it, with no middle ground. I adore it. It’s a about the intersection between music and magic. It also calls Pete Doherty a “fuckhead stunted childman” in one issue, which alone is enough to justify its existence.


Oh, I almost forgot, you cant forget the Green Lantern comics regarding the different lanterns, as they are all based off the emotional scale (Blue~HopeGreen~WillViolet~LoveBlack~DeathWhite~LifeYellow~FeARRed~Rage*Indigo~Compassion). Trust me, they are (for lack of a better word), AWESOME!!!


I’m the middle ground. (: They’re fun as music crit/appreciation, and some of the storylines are good, while others are slight.

But I left both series feeling that they’d not really committed to the conceit – or as I wrote to the friend who lent them to me, “I’m not quite sure how “phonomancy” differs from “music geekery” besides the ability to (a) get yourself into clubs and (b) subjectively experience the metaphorical as literal… But I guess that’s a kind of magic?”

I will say, though, that last issue based on Wolf Like Me… man, they really nailed that song. (:


Daytripper, TinTin. Then there was All-Star Superman (my all-time favorite superhero). And also Ghost World.


I love comic books, if you’re just getting into them I would suggest reading the Ultimate Marvel series of comic books. They were created fairly recently (beginning around the early 2000’s, I believe). Since they are written by different authors, and drawn by different artists, the one’s I would recomend are the Ultimate Fantastic Four series (well, at least the first couple of issues, they started to go a bit downhill afterwards in my opinion) and Ultimate Spider-Man. Also, you should check out the Walking Dead comics. I would recommend more, but most of them that I want to have already been talked about. :slight_smile:


While Ghostrider is my all-time favorite, I recently discovered how badass the original Star-Lord comics were, though there were few of them.


Some things that might be a bit unknown. Or even not known at all and others that are pretty famous. Guess I also need to look what the English titles are.
Donald Duck
Spike & Suzy
The Smurfs
Asterix & Obelix

I never read a lot of comic books really, or I have forgotten, I still read them though when I am bored.


Sandman is a brilliant fantasy series which mashes up colorful bits of genuine history (around the theme of story telling: Emperor Norton of the US, Marco Polo, the life of Shakespeare) with mythologies both real (Norse, Greek, and Judaic play particularly prominent roles) and invented – centrally, a mythos of The Endless, beings who are older and deeper than the gods, incarnating fundamental aspects of sentient experience: Death, Desire, Despair, Delirium, etc.

The central character is Dream, second oldest of the Endless, whose story unfolds through lots of lesser stories. Start either with Fables & Reflections (vol 6), a short story collection which introduces the characters and themes of the series through various historical and mythological vignettes, or Season of Mists (vol 3), in which Lucifer decides to close Hell and hands Dream the key, kicking off a political wrangle between various other godlings and demons for who’s going to end up with that valuable piece of metaphysical real estate…

Preacher has a lot that’s terrific about it… as well as a lot that’s just dumb and exploitative. It’s got a vision of humanity (and especially America) where pretty much every seemingly upright town or household masks perversion, degradation, and cruelty… and that eventually gets well past the credible and into the silly. Sometimes it plays the silly well, as with the epic tale of Arseface; sometimes, as with the Nazi dominatrix lawyer who gets a crush on our hero, it’s just preposterous.

But there are terrific bits too. Character moments I won’t spoil. The plot is basically a fallen preacher who acquires magic powers and goes hunting for God Almighty to hold him to account, accompanied by his assassin girlfriend and vampire buddy.

In the end, I read it as a really interesting story of a comic book writer trying to cut himself free of Christianity (font of most of the story’s aforementioned perversion, degradation, and cruelty) to embrace a pagan heroic ethic, but finding that he himself wouldn’t survive in a world run on that ethic, and looking to hold on somehow to the Christian ethic of grace for the contemptible – even while trying to kill off the Christian love-God. It holds together in a very different way than I’d thought it would when I started reading it, and I wonder how much the author knew the ending from the beginning.