What are your favourite books? Why?


Non Fiction: Come As You Are, by Emily Nagoski
Reason: Facts about sex from an expert who has a positive and friendly tone.


I’m an old fart, I read stuff like Gilgamesh and journey to the west. You can draw accurate conclusions of the contents of my library based on those two stories.


Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut - i read it 2 times, many true
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee - awesome story
The Secret History by Donna Tartt - like the combination of mystery and detective


One of my personal favourites is The House of Leaves, it’s one of my personal favourite horrors (the author says it’s a romance, which I could kind of get) from how the aura sp00ks you. I was actually pretty scared to read it after reading the first page because of how eerie it was.


Anything by Nabokov or Dostoyevsky are a wonderful read but my absolute favourite has to be the Fyodors The Brothers Karamazov.
If you like exploring the philosophy of human life and society I’d say go for it. Its oh so human, and poignant. Had to put it down and think to myself a few times.

The elegant prose is also plus!


I enjoyed reading Fred Factor because it taught me a lot of lessons, certainly helped me gain respect for mostly all the professions, we would we incomplete without one another. It was a good read and I suggest everyone to go through it for sure, you won’t regret it.


I would have to say Differently morphous by Yahtzee Croshaw


Witcher series, its have good humor, characters and plot. And im read this books before first game was released


Myself basically like the writing of Shakespeare. Because lots of comic and romanticism involved in his writing. so I like his writing a lot.

  1. The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde -
    I love the morbid Victorian atmosphere and Jekyll’s futile attempts to keep himself sane. The morality of playing God and the duality of the soul as Jekyll splits his personality into two seperate alter egos. The suspense of not knowing until the final twist! The novel was originally a mystery.
  2. The Island of Dr Monreau
    Island, animal hybrids, a dark storyline and a mad-doctor. What’s not to like?
  3. Lord of the Flies
    A group of boys end up stranded on an Island of Doom. Savagery, the innocence of the boys contrasting with the brutal and dark ending where they became deranged and wild. I loved Simon’s characterisation.
  4. The Ocean at the End of the Lane
    I loved all of it, especially the kitten named Ocean and the fairy-tale aspect of it. The only downer was that it wasn’t told from an adult perspective after the first 3 chapters or so.
  5. Brave New World
    I loved the dark irony of everything.
  6. The Picture of Dorian Gray
    All the detail, morality and dark deception
  7. Faust by Wolfgang Goethe
    I like how Faust was redeemed and I liked his prior conversations with Mesothipheles.


My favorite books are probably “Where the Red Fern Grows” and “Hearts in Atlantis.”


I love books quite a bit and I really loved George Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series as well the Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings Trilogy and at the moment reading Frank Herbert’s Dune and I’m really loving it. What I like in these books are the depth of the stories and how the plot twist and turns in unexpected ways.


So you love to listen songs rather than reading books, am I right?


Nice one. I like it.


20,000 leagues under the sea is my favorite book because I read it a lot when I was a carefree kid and now it gives me a sense of peace and nostalgia when I re-read it


The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

I’ve read both the bridged and unabridged versions of this book, as well as some classic cinema adaptions. I love the description and imagery Dumas used throughout the book for the characters and settings. What motivated most of the characters and the extent they would go throughout to get what they wanted was outrageously realistic and down right wrong. I loved hating the villains of this story.

On the other hand, the motivations of the sweet characters were just that sweet. And they fact they had to deal with the after effects of the villains’ actions were a bit messed up, but from this reader’s standpoint satisfactory and fulfilling. The good characters were still able to get or work towards what they wanted. (I am a sucker for a happy ending :heart_eyes: :grin:)

I also admired the struggle of the hero. 'Til this day I have not come across a hero that has struggled and fought and thrived as much as Edmund Dantes. Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Oedipus Rex and others don’t even come close! And what’s better is that the hero didn’t commit suicide. It’s easy to die but harder to live, especially after a tragedy; and this classic novel definitely lives up to this truth.

Books I want to read? It’s kind of a shame but CoG/HG spoiled me. :crown: :princess: I love being the main character and plot point of a story so much that if I can’t be the star of the story, then I am not interested in reading it. For now anyways. :smile:

If anyone has any CYOAG recommendations, please let me know!


Yeah, never forget to answer the Why?
What is that intimate connection?


Hmmm… well I usually just randomly drop hints into my wips or randomly written short stories. But I won’t really write it out loud, just vague stuff to make it more of a hard to tell. :roll_eyes:


I would try and find a cool quote or two to drop into the prologue if it was related to the theme, but otherwise no. Seems a bit of a chore otherwise.


So, what’s your favorite book? Mine is “The Prince” by niccolo machiavelli!