What are your aspirations?

I’ve always thought I was a writer, and I’m not exactly not a writer, but I’ve come to the conclusion over the course of the past couple years that my real passion lies in editing. I’m not sure what to do about that at this point, or even entirely how I feel about it.


I don’t know if you absolutely need a driving, urgent passion.

I’ve been through phases when I felt I needed to write, but they never lasted. And, looking back, I think they were more driven for a need to feel special or recognized than by my own creativity

And I don’t know if it’s always medium-specific. Like, I don’t always love writing more than game design or arts and crafts.

BUT, I do really like creating things! If I let my mind wander it comes up with projects of every type.

So, you know, I don’t think you should totally write yourself off or feel like an imposter because you’re not the traditional “tortured artist.” Creativity comes in a lot of flavors!


When I started out writing back in like 2012, I was just doing it for the fun of it. I basically just used the stories I liked as inspiration and wrote whatever popped into my head. I wrote my Demon Hunter trilogy and The Magician’s Burden during these years.

As I became a more experienced writer, I started writing more for catharsis and exploring emotional themes, like with The Mage’s Adventures or The Nascent Necromancer.

In the past couple years however, I’ve had a huge shift in my writing mindset. Not only am I approaching writing more like baking a cake than making a stir fry, but I also feel an itching, burning drive to write about something important.

I want to explore the ways we think about life and society, and I want my readers to come away thinking about things a little differently. These things will really be coming through in my WIPs like A Specter Over Kilerth and The Cruel Guardians


I chose IT major hoping that I could make a video game someday,
but turns out it’s something that requires massive budget, teamwork, and knowledge

so I’m building my own portfolio slowly, it’s not much but I love all the processes I been through so far


To be able to create something that’s longer than a short story or drabble that I’m truly satisfied with. Something that’s good enough, that hits the themes I want it to hit and explores things I want it to explore without being too convoluted.

I also aspire to create a game with really bangin music, but that’s unrelated.


I write a lot of non-fiction, but I’d always wanted to dip my toes into fiction. The problem is that it’s a BIG SCARY POOL where you find yourself writing the entire MS, and then just hoping that someone loves it as much as you do. I’m very bad at getting everything down without deadlines, and that little squeeze of pressure to get me moving (I know a lot of writers hate deadlines, but I like them).

This was a great opportunity, as well as a chance to write in a way that could explore multiple options and concepts, and give players freedom to direct and dictate the story. I also wanted to do something that would allow real representation of the LGBTQ+ community.

The ultimate reason, though: would be nice if I could make a living doing this full time (most writers have other jobs), and I’d like to snowball into that.


I find editing so much more natural and fulfilling than writing. It’s why I enjoy beta-testing and giving feedback so much, especially when the author is up for really discussing things, and making it an almost collaborative process, instead of it just being a one-way communication from me, about the issues I saw.
I wish I wasn’t too burned out to do it more.

It’s not that I don’t like writing, creating, storytelling, or that I don’t have a head full of stories that need to come out. It’s just that my personal brand of executive dysfunctions makes the process of getting my thoughts and feelings out into written languages almost torturously difficult, and so frustratingly slow.
Editing the things I’ve written feels so easy, light, and natural, next to that. I’d happily edit my book a hundred times to perfect it, but actually getting that first draft written is torture.

And I do find that I miss that collaborative back-and-forth when I’m the one writing the story, because there’s nothing to discuss with anyone, before I’ve actually written the damn thing.

I love the branching, interactive format of game-writing, and I definitely want to write some, both IF and maybe some day different kinds of games too, that incorporate my other creative hobbies.
Even if it seems like a pipe dream, with the current state of my health.


This is a good question! One that is for me really hard to answer!

I decided to hear what others have to say before penning down my thoughts.

Some like to write for a general audience. Others like to write for their friends or family. Still some like to write for themselves. Everyone does it for different reasons, all of which are no less important. I can bring up George Orwell, Emily Short, Masahiro Sakurai,… the list goes on and on and on.

I, for one, am a mixture of both writing for a general (and sometimes more specific) audience, and for myself. Even if IF suddenly becomes profitable (and given its niche status, quite unlikely), I would still consider this first and foremost my interest. So will I make this into a proper career? Well…

Am I trying to send something in particular out in the world? Yes.

Am I hoping to get into the games and/or fiction industry? Maybe. If this were my interest, then it would be good to have something to build upon.

Something more personal? Yes.

If I find enjoyment in what I am creating- and I hope that others will find that joy as well- then it can be seen as something fulfilled. That I have succeeded in my goal of sharing that joy, of sharing my thoughts and my feelings. To anyone in this whole wide world, not just those who know me. It’s a place to vent out. To develop a connection. Now this has been my way of thinking: that I have videos of sorts in my head, mostly pictorial with words. And penning down these thoughts, then expressing them in the written word, can help bridge the gap between myself and others. It is hard, that is certain. But if this is what I am in for, then honing my craft is what I will need to do.

My current WIP, Maverick Hunter: Scandalous Mission, is not just an expression of my thoughts, but the struggles between the character who has a pacifist outlook, but the player keeps having to defeat, well the Mavericks. The strained player/character relationship in the triangle of identities. It could also very well depict indirectly my own problems. The Mavericks as a rudimentary definition of ‘robots with free will gone bad’, now expressed in real life as ‘problems in human society’.

And from the forum responses, it’s not very popular, but it’s a good enough start. If George Orwell, Emily Short, Masahiro Sakurai,… the list goes on and on and on, have inspired me to join them, then so be it! They have given me their thoughts; now it’s time for me to give mine. And I hope that you, the reader, will continue to do the same.

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To entertain you, my friend. To entertain you.


Me personally! What a treat!


I just like writing.


My aspiration: develop a habit of starting and completing storytelling projects (so that I hope to be able to create faster in the future). Once I can do that, I can consider if other aspirations (from sustainability to vanity :rofl: ) are more achievable. :sweat_smile:


I want to create the kind of books that I’d want to read. Writing also keeps me more disciplined than I would be otherwise, so that’s also a goal–to maximize my time and create as much as I can until the point that I no longer can.


I write because no one else really fulfills the urge for my favourite tropes, dynamics, settings and stories. A man (a woman in my case, but whatever) cannot subsist on a diet of constantly re-reading the few things he likes for all of his life - eventually a need to make things for yourself starts buzzing in your brain, and that’s what starts my creative process.

It’s essentially like being a fan for old obscure game or series everyone else has already forgotten about - and I have a rich experience of living like that as well.


Making people feel stuff, see the world with new eyes, swear, and possibly curse me.

Making a living from it is a surprising bonus, but I want to leave something in the world, and as someone who doesn’t have kids, my stories are what I have.


…or make a statue in your honor, name their 1st born sidestep, get into art or movies, and offer you a couple of millions to turn fallen Hero in the next kill-Marvel Movie…

What? You forgot a few things that are good that could happen :grin:

My money is on the Movie and the Statue!

@malinryden @E_RedMark
Mmm… I think it would perfect for a live action TV series.
I would have said also comic book, but that was too easy.

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Ah that was my Question to Malin, it got lost though…so we will never know :rofl:

What are your favorite tropes that you can’t get anywhere else?

Mainly mecha stuff, well-done Blood Knights, Lady and the Knight with same-sex couples, the overall pair of a young blond man with an older withdrawn one with black hair. The outward appearances are easy, but I need them to treat each other well enough that there’s at least some chemistry.

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