What are your aspirations?

Just something I was thinking about… what are everyone’s aspirations for your writing, in general?

Are you trying to put something in particular out in the world? Trying to improve a craft? Hoping to get into the games or fiction industry? Something more personal?

Put it in the replies, I’m interested to see what drives us!


My only aspiration is for a work to be published, even if it is short, that will be read by at least a few people. And even if it’s bad, I want it to be a story that can at least be read and I can test my language as well. :joy::sob:


My driving aspiration has been to put out the kind of epic fantasy series I’ve always loved in an interactive, explorable form – plus to explore real-life political dynamics I find fascinating, through a gameworld model that (while simplified) is complex enough to throw out unexpected emergent outcomes. “Writing what I like to read,” basically, with an eye on both fiction and non-fiction.

For the decade+ I’ve been working on it, it’s mostly been a creative side project to a fulfilling and very busy career. So I’ve never aspired to be a game writer as a profession. But I’m enjoying having a few years now where my wife is taking a turn as our primary breadwinner, I’m the main child caregiver and house worker, and I get to spend rather more of my time writing games. :slight_smile: And I could definitely imagine this being my main gig in retirement.


I really love sharing stories which mean something to other people and make them feel something.

I aspire to be able to continue supporting my family with work that I find deeply fulfilling and for which I have a huge amount of creative control and freedom - I find it very rewarding to make the kind of games that I love to play myself and share that love with others who feel the same. I have worked with studios and will probably aim to return to them full-time again sometime in the future, but am greatly appreciative of being able to work in a way that’s healthier for me after a period of being very burned out.

I also really love to challenge myself with every project I make and learn/improve my skills for the future. If I can reach some people who fall in love with something in my story, and learn something for myself, I’m very happy.


I want to create beautiful pieces that challenge our notions of our perceived reality and encourage critical thinking


Interesting! Makes sense for Choice of Rebels!

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Neat! What’s your WIP?

That’s cool that the CoG lifestyle is healthier!

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My current WIP is called “The Game of War”

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Yes, I really appreciate the flexibility as well as the creative freedom! I would also like to do more to help others make their own games in this space (especially those who have not gone down a “traditional” path into making games), though I haven’t entirely figured out how I’d want to structure that or how I would balance it with my other commitments at this stage. I’ve had a lot of experience editing now on quite a variety of game projects, and maybe something like that would be helpful. In the meantime I try to give encouragement and in some cases feedback when I can.


I just like to share my worlds with others. The fact that some people actually like them enough to pay to travel in them is just a bonus. I’d keep writing even without that though as I just love writing.


Agreed - it’s something that brings me a ton of joy!


My aspirations for my work are to create something that is not only a good story, but that helps people through the worst of times that they can connect with. To make people cry, laugh, care, and maybe think differently. Also to just have a place where I can poor out everytjing I feel into a work, and to make a story that lets people know that no matter what they’re going through, they don’t have to go through it alone.


In a world where 365 days can have 3 books and 3 movies, I want to be recognized for writing smut. I want my name up there next to E.L. James when people google raunchy stories. :yum:


I want to reach people. To speak through the distance of miles and years to tell them something that, hopefully, they want to hear, even if it’s just a simple story that helps them pass a couple hours.

I also want money. I like money.


Aspirations? My writing is basically a literary equivalent of yelling at the clouds where every trope, every philosophical concept and every moon of Saturn I dislike gets talked crap about. If some of that rambling ends up good enough to be posted online then that’s just a slight bonus.


I’ve been writing since I was about 8 and in that time, chronically unable to finish anything. My track record is two relatively long fanfictions and a host of partially written ideas. ADHD hasn’t helped, but it’s not the sole culprit.

I’ve had some big changes (positive) in my life this year and have discovered what feels like true focus and discipline on writing for kind of the first time ever. So my aspirations are to complete at least one project to actual publication during this period where I can treat writing like a job.

(it’s not. but I guess that’s the secret second aspiration).


It’s threads like this that help affirm that I’m fundamentally not a writer, and that’s okay. I often write for my day job, and do a pretty good job of it. My employer calls me a writer/editor and that feels fine. I can interpret what the client wants, do some research, and give it to them after a few rounds of revision.

But I just don’t have a story in me, at least not at this point in my life. I sometimes think of vignettes or scenes for a theoretical game I’d like to write someday, but there isn’t a big picture for a story coming into view other than a general vibe I’d like to convey. I think I’ll just sit with the cozy happiness of a quaint, fictional world puttering along in my head for another few years before seriously thinking about committing it to words, if I ever do.

I know and love a writer, and I see the kind of compulsion that can go into it for him. He writes because he just…has to. Whatever else he does in life, behind the scenes, he’s still thinking about the story he’s writing or is about to write. If and when I feel that way, it’s about things that aren’t stories, and I’ve learned to appreciate that.


I used to roleplay with friends in some apps and forums, but as me and them grew up we couldn’t keep up enough activity to make any kind of coherent story without it being quickly abandoned.

I liked to act as Game Master for them and I see writing CYOAs as doing that kind of thing, but for a broader audience and with more limitations. The part about programming keeps it engaging enough as I liked writing code when it was among my classes at university.


My aspirations are:

  • Write the many stories I have that are almost overwhelming me to get out.

  • Write with such quality that I can reach as many as I can with my stories and games.

  • Help showcase some of the fundamental and core design decisions that, I feel, make better games.

  • To fully overcome my impostor syndrome and to be able to appreciate and love my own writing, instead of hating it.

  • To honor those I consider teachers and mentors, friends and colleagues.