What are the tropes/cliches you love?


As we all know tropes are part of every story, and they’re basically storytelling tools that can be used in every way under the sun, including being played straight. And we all have our favorites.

Personally, I’m a sucker for the Power of Love/Friendship/Empathy/Willpower idea, that allows the hero(es) to prevail through their obstacles thought love/friendship/etc. I also love a good happy ending, if that counts.

What are some of your favorite tropes played straight?

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Tropes that you adore

I like the one where the character “redeems” themselves.

Even more when that character was “corrupted” before that.

Maybe I do see too much good in people…


Character walks into a bar/location of choice and everyone goes quiet and stares at him. It’s overplayed but I always found it super cool and it even made me buy a trench-coat and start chewing toothpicks. I was laughed at a lot.


Star-crossed lovers!!! I just love angst and tragedy so much!!!


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I… quite like the “damsel in distress” trope. When the “damsel” in question is a guy, and a female main character has to swoop in to save him :sweat_smile:


Isn’t that more of a reverse trope?


Could be. Still feels very trope-ish to me, though :sweat_smile:


this is the one, I’m guessing?


Nope. That doesn’t quite cut it :sweat_smile:


I like the old man who turns out to be a badass. Those guys turn out to be my favourite characters apart from sarcastic ones.


I would combine @FairyGodfeather’s and @Cecilia_Rosewood’s ideas, and have a cute prince rescued by a dashing knight… :blush: (I do also like the Power of Friendship :tm:, as I’m sure anyone familiar with my WIP will tell you.)


I like it better when the damsel is a girl and a female main character has to swoop in to save her :relieved:


Basically the exact reverse of @ParrotWatcher XD


Pretty much anything @ParrotWatcher says works for me if you substitute girls for guys :yum:


@Parrotwatcher How about two knights? http://sonnetcomic.tumblr.com/post/73847978436/sonnet-cover-high-res-sonnet-is-an-ongoing

Heh! http://strangelykatie.com/princessprincess/

I guess I like it when they rescue each other!


I could also go for prince/(male) thief, but I think we may be derailing…

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:astonished: weirdly enough, one of my unfinished stories is entitled The Prince and the Thief and has pretty much just what it sounds like :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Anyone who knew me knows my undying love for Defrosting Ice Queen trope :heart:


Watching the Ice Queen melt is always satisfying, its probably why Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect is my new favorite LI.