What are some of your favorite bands?


Personally, I love rock, indie or metal that’s progressive, rap-influenced, experimental or industrial. My top ten favorite bands are (in no specific order)

1.) Korn (progressive rock, nu metal, industrial metal)
2.) Slipknot (nu metal, progressive death metal, progressive rock)
3.) Linkin Park (rap rock, nu metal, electronic rock)
4.) The Browning (electronicore)
5.) Chevelle (progressive metal, alternative metal)
6.) The Zolas (indie, electronic indie)
7.) Alt J (psychedelic folk, indie)
8.) Hollywood Undead (alternative hip hop, rap rock, rap metal)
9.) Demon Hunter (nu metal, groove metal, industrial rock)
10.) Birdy (indie)


i’m assuming that artists count as well as bands
(if i’m wrong then let me no and i’ll make a new list)

(not in order)
1.Black Lab:my favourite ROCK band

2.Brad Sucks:really relaxing basic(but good)music

3.Dan Bull:the only rapper i like(though not the only rap i like)

4.David Orr:great instrumental music

5.Flight Of The Concords:incredibly funny music

6.Skillet:hit or miss(but awesome when they hit)

7.Miracle Of Sound:incredible vocals and lyrics

8.MusicalBasics:ridiculously talented pianist(seriously watch “fires of a revolution” on youtube,it’s crazy)

9.Queen:timeless classics

10.The Silent Comedy:my second favourite ROCK band


Individual artists count, too :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually haven’t heard of many of those bands, but it’s nice to know that there is a lot of diversity in musical taste already!

I also like Skillet, but mainly their last three albums. However, sometimes the raspiness of John’s voice gets annoying, as well as their preachiness. I wish Korey would have taken over the majority of the vocals for their latest album xD


seriously speaking,i don’t know whether or not you like instrumental,but MusicalBasics is insanely talented.

also i totally agree with you on Skillet, John’s voice could win the"most raspy voice award"
(wouldn’t it be weird if that existed?)


I do like instrumentals a lot. Mainly turntable ones, though ^^ what is MusicalBasics’ main genre?

Haha xD he’d easily win. It would be very wierd…


In no particular order:

  1. Imagine Dragons
  2. Celldweller
  3. Robin Beanland/ Graeme Norgate (Simply for the KI soundtrack)
  4. Yoko Kanno
  5. Sigur Ros
  6. Mumford & Sons
  7. P!NK
  8. Sia
  9. Yoko Shimomura
  10. David Guetta

My rather strange top ten I suppose.


Seems pretty compact to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I like a couple songs from Imagine Dragons. I just got tired of Radioactive and It’s Time because everyone was obsessed with them.

I actually used to be a in band before I decided to focus on writing. Would anyone want to hear a short track I made?



Yeah those and Demons were overplayed. I’d love to hear the track! Hearing fresh music is always a treat


@Samuel_H_Young Yes, I’d love to hear it as well.


Yeah, definitely.

Okay, I’m gonna try to post it. There’s only guitar and vocals. We were gonna add drums and turntables, but I stepped out of the band before we got any more of it done. There was also some piano, but it was drowned out so much that you only hear one note at the end xD

I’m aware of the title, but I’m in no way meaning for it to be offensive. It’s called “Communist Weed Faggot” because we’re mocking what much of America seems to be afraid of. I’m on vocals.

I’d love to post it, but I’m having terrible trouble taking it from Facebook and posting it here. I tried to save it, but it saves it as an image xD. Yes, I’m a noob…I know.


@Samuel_H_Young MusicalBasics(only)does piano music,though a lot of it is high speed, intense music(which is why i love it)


Well I love piano.

I’ll try to post the video, but it hates me -_-


didn’t notice the post earlier,but i would love to hear your music.


Record labels:

Spinnin Records


Imagine Dragons
Maroon 5

That’s about it


Well, I can’t save the video from Facebook so I’m gonna see if my friend will send it to my phone. Then hopefully I can save it and post it here


cool,hope it works.


•Lynyrd Skynyrd
•The Police
•.38 Special
•Derek and the Dominoes
•Tommy Tutone
•The Eagles
•Bad Company
•Billy Squire
•Pink Floyd
•Donnie Iris
•Big Country
•Cry of Love
•Damn Yankees
•Def Leppard
•Led Zeppelin
•Ted Nugent
•Dire Straights
•Diamond Head
•Eric Clapton
•Steve Winwood
•Golden Earring
•Gary Hoey
•Guns N Roses
•Jimi Hendrix
•Van Halen
•Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
•Jefferson Starship
•The Knack
•Matchbox 20
•The Offspring
•The Pogues (Irish Band)
•Quiet Riot
•Ram Jam
•Red Rider
•The Rolling Stones
•Skid Row
•John Cougar Meloncamp
And Many Many More


A lot of classical rock, I see.


The good stuff


@Doctor good list