What am I doing wrong here? (Stat page name display)

I’m having trouble with getting the name of a relationship stat to display correctly. I’m using a variable of “some text” to be shown as the name of the percent-meter (the name of a character, depending on their gender). You can do that, right?

The error I’m getting is: The name not displaying correctly, in the box it says Name name%:

My code looks like this:

*if (meet_idren = "true")
        percent idren $!{idren}

This has me stumped for some reason. I’m working in CSIDE if that matters. Thanks bunches for any help! <3

Get ride of the $!(idren)

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But how can I? It will display either the male or the female name Idren/Ida, depending on the players choice of gender attraction. Is there no way to have that? Hmm. Maybe I might try different if statements instead…I just hoped this was a simple solution to this. Is there a reason it doesn’t read the variable correctly?

Thank you though :>

It’s because you are asking it to show a text variable as a number.

You say: display the variable ‘idren’ as a percentage bar.
But, that variable is set to the text “idren”, so it shows ‘idren%’.

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Ow, my head. I’m still so new to this. The way I understood it is you can do

percent variablename VariablesDisplayedName

and not needing to input any numeric value as it is set in the *create variable 0´´´ in the startup - just, like, aesthetically changing the name of the displayed variable. There has to be a simpler way than having multiple *if "variable"´´´ messing up my clean code! >:(

Thank you!!

Edit - good god I’m not familiar with the formatting here either, please excuse me lol

Yes, and that is all true, but you need a different variable to keep track of the value of the bar you want to show.

‘idren_name’ set to “idren”
‘idren_relation’ set to 50

And then you write:

*if (meet_idren = "true")
        percent idren_relation $!{idren_name}

and it will give you a bar saying:

Idren: 50%

and the percentage will change when you change the ‘idren_relation’ variable during gameplay.


OH MY GOD. Thank you. I had messed up the id_rel (numeric val) with idren, which is supposed to be the changeable name variable. GUH

I’m an idiot.

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