What a Brilliant Existence! (WIP)


@DevilTheCupcake @Pigeon Thank you so much! I’m glad people seem to be enjoying this :slight_smile: And I agree, I love it when games give us the choice to little details like that. The MC is an (understandably) anxious person, and the tics are a way to channel that. It’s not like they could have any vices anyway haha
@Jethrone_Powers thank you! If there’s one thing the MC definitely has, it’s emotional baggage :frowning: Weirdly enough, I’m glad Celeste ticks you off - that’s how the MC has felt their whole life lol


I really like what you write and the way you wrote it, not to mention the content
You did a great job

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I am so in love with this game already!

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I’m really enjoying this so far and am curious to see how the MC deals with their mother in the coming chapters. I’m also interested in seeing how you play with the stats you’ve set up and how they’ll affect gameplay. Other than that, I love how most of the next buttons are actually contributing to the story!

I think the only thing I was actually confused about was the Medallions, since they were mentioned a few times and I didn’t actually realise they were a type of drug until about halfway through.

Good luck with the rest of it! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this story plays out.


@Olivia_Murrell Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That’s so sweet

@FantaPop Playing with stats might be one of the more interesting, if challenging parts. I’d like to let the player have agency and not feel like they have to stick to one type of MC for the entire game while still having different interactions depending on how you’ve been playing.
Thank you for the kind words and the feedback! I hear you about the Medallions. My intention was to keep it a bit mysterious in the beginning, but I’ll definitely reread what I wrote and see if it comes across as more confusing than interesting.


So far, the game seems really cool! It’ll be really fun to see where this goes. I like the player character a lot- they aren’t just some blank slate we can fill in, but a character all on their own that we can change, and their character is written pretty well!


Thank you! I’d like for the players to be able to play as they’d like while still remaining true to the MC’s personality. They’ve been through a lot, after all. I’m glad you like it so far :slight_smile: I think MCs who aren’t blank slates aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve always preferred them. It makes things much more interesting.


You know I usually have a really hard time connecting with characters who come from financially privileged backgrounds but I slipped into this one really easily! Great job! I know what you mean about black slate MCs, but this character felt very substantial to me without me feeling disconnected. Like I could easily play this as a crafted character or even just as “me” and I think that’s a cool thing to be able to accomplish!

I really liked Sydney and Dani too! I’m looking forward to meeting the others. Also, I’m a sucker for Sad Character Learns the Power of Friendship lol I am here for it. And excited to see where it goes!


what got you to make What a Brilliant Exstence


Thank you!! I am also a huge sucker for vulnerable, sad characters learning the Power of Friendship lmaooo If you’re curious, I did a post on Tumblr a while ago about the other two LIs, Max and Alex. I’d recommend taking a look (shameless self plug lol) The MC will definitely be changing a lot over the course of the game, and of course all the characters will play their part. It’s very fun to write, and to conceptualize too.

@Takashi_Shin I’ve wanted to make an IF for a looong time now. When I started writing, I had the basic concept of “lol playing with elements is cool”. I spent very long writing different chapters and concepts before sticking with a slice of life game; whenever I had no idea where I was going, I’d try to remember what I like playing in IF and what I’ve always wanted to see. And then this game came out of it!


I’m really exicted about this WIP. Like REALLY exicted I love slice of life with fantasy stuff. Thats amazing pls keep up this Project.

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Thank you! I also love slice of life so I can only hope to do the genre justice. :slight_smile:


I really like what you have so far. I’m curious to see how the MC will go forward after being rescued from their mother. The concept of Medallions intrigues me and Dani seems like fun. Sidenote: the nickname “Dani” is usually given to girls (short for Danielle) while “Danny” is for boys (short for Daniel). It doesn’t really matter as a person can call themself whatever they want, but I just assumed Dani was female until I got the option to choose the gender.

One thing that really did bother me was the Sydney romance. The MC is a sheltered eighteen year old who went through some serious physical and pyschological trauma. Sydney is supposed to be the MC’s caretaker/therapist and is described as having “more than a couple years” on them. Sydney is in a position of trust over a vulnerable individual so any sort romance between them between them just seems wrong to me.

Now of course, I’m just basing this off the first chapter and I have no idea how you plan on developing the romance. I’m just voicing my concerns.

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how life going for you Sky

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Thank you! I agree, Dani is very fun. Well, maybe also a bit crazy, but mostly fun.

Yep, I’m well aware. Dani is Brazilian, and that is a very common nickname here no matter if you’re a Daniel or a Daniela. Male!Dani has gotten used to people thinking their nickname is odd, however. He thinks it’s mostly funny.

That is an excellent point, one I thought much about when I started developing the Sydney romance.

First of all, romance (no matter the RO) will only start much later on, when the MC is more mature and healthy and able to carry on a relationship. Of course, this doesn’t mean the MC still isn’t in a vulnerable position; but I thought this was relevant enough to mention.

Sydney is well aware of the possible power abuse going on, and they feel very guilty over their crush on the MC. They’re not a manipulative person in the slightest, but they know they need to be careful here. Your concerns will be talked about during Sydney’s route.

As you’ve said, it’s still a short demo. Hopefully you’ll change your mind when romance starts. I’ll be happy to hear more feedback once it does. :slight_smile:

@Takashi_Shin Hey there! It’s all good. I’ve been too busy to write this week, but I write like a madman during the weekends, and it’s been super fun, like always. How have you been?


Eh I’m sorry but… Exactly how old is Sydney again?


Thanks so much for addressing my concerns! That really does make me feel better.

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From the tumblr Sydney is mid to late twenties and MC is around 20.

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Thanks a lot!


I have feeling mommy dearies coming back get oc

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